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  1. Eun Woo just did a Polham fan signing event! Saw this clip and found it to be really funny.. Our sweetie was going to shake the person's hand but his manager shot that person down But in all honesty, if I were the fan I'd be super pissed he got in my way lol! Manager always there to make sure no funny business goes down... so protective of CEW lol
  2. @icyphoenix It would be nice if one or both won awards too!! But in any case.. even if they don't win, it's an opportunity to see them dressed up looking really good!! Hope ISH can also join
  3. So happy that he is getting more and more recognized for his many talents!! Love seeing him in so many ads so more people will know his handsome face I loved hearing him speak English at the awards too. So cute!!
  4. OMO he would look so handsome.. not that he doesn't look handsome in anything.. He could wear a garbage bag and still look handsome APRIL IS SO FAR AWAY!!
  5. LMAO omg. Poor Sung Hoon!!!!! I loved them together in New Tales of Gisaeng. But I mean.. CEW is like a newer model of a car that wins in this case! Can't wait to see what other fan edits may come out after they air their Mexico travel show!
  6. I know what you mean.. I'm gonna be disappointed not with his acting, but with the lack of screen time he has LOL. I want more!! haha. Still, I will probably end up watching and supporting his work! He will probably play a chaebol at some point.. He definitely has the looks and can pull it off! Also, I would love to see him challenge himself in an action role.. or a bad boy and kill us all with his smoldering look.. lol!
  7. I'm excited to watch this (miss his face haha) but I think it will be interesting because some of his role probably resonates to himself in reality, being an idol and all. He's the second male lead but they sure do keep showing him (he's chosen as the thumbnail for so many videos) and they show him quite a bit.. they should have made him the lead if they wanted to give him more attention like that CEW might be worried that it won't meet the expectations of viewers, following the success of MIIGB, but fans should support him anyway! He works hard trying to build an acting career too and show us many of his talents. His efforts should not go unnoticed (which they haven't been, as he has won some awards!). I'm excited to see him continue to reach his peak!
  8. @icyphoenix Wow! Que bueno! I was just thinking that I need to make a trip to somewhere nice and sunny like Mexico for my next trip and brush up on my Spanish XD He sure is travelling a lot!! Hope he has fun during the process! Sucks because I think he's missing the ASTRO performance at the Busan One Asia Festival because of this.. Hope his team members are supportive of all his other activities! Must not be easy on the team to have to cover for one member, and I'm sure lots of fans will miss him! He's so handsome in these ads!!
  9. So handsome and fashionable as always!! Some of the close up HD shots of him shows he's got a few blemishes.. I hope he's eating healthy and sleeping well so his skin can recover and glow!
  10. Wahhh he is being pulled in all sorts of directions an events now that his popularity has skyrocketed! Hope he stays healthy and fans give him lots of love and support to keep him going! Looking forward to seeing more of him as his exposure increases exponentially!
  11. @monica63 I hope they both get some good relaxation and fun time!! And I hope we get to see at least some of it, but fans should understand if not, since it is their vacation after all! Especially CEW, he's been doing concerts and appearances non-stop, and endorsements.. I'm happy he is becoming more well known because he is so talented and the world needs to know about him haha. But also hope he slows down every now and then and enjoys life too since he is 21! Gosh he's young but could fool me since he's mature in many ways and well spoken. @kangminjae thank you!! I love all the songs on the soundtrack too! I even heard some stores playing songs from it!
  12. I went to a kpop concert and ASTRO performed!! CEW is so handsome in real life!!! That was the fastest 15 mins of my life and it was a dream to see him Next time I visit South Korea I'll have to time it so I can see him more (there were actually several events that he attended during my stay--about 5 of them spread across S Korea--but tickets were all gone by the time I knew about them!) Visited the Music Korea store in Seoul and saw this!!
  13. I went to the World Friends Music Festival today (pretty proud as a foreigner with minimal Korean speaking skills to travel 2 hours on public transit to attend it.. but that's besides the point!) and OMG. The whole concert and ASTRO's performance was just electrifying!! Eun Woo is so gorgeous in person... He stands out the most just being himself and I'm so happy I got to see them while I am in Seoul! I missed the Romance Festival one because of a major flight delay, but turns out CEW wasn't able )to attend that one.. They were at the Get it Beauty Con and I had no idea about that one (coincidentally, I was shopping beside the stadium when they were in there lol!) and CEW will be at the Youth Night Market event and ASTRO will be performing at the SBS Kpop Concert this weekend (sold out of course, otherwise you bet I would go!) He and his group work so hard to show up for fans.. If I lived here I'd be so happy getting to see him so often lol! Anyway I posted some videos and photos on my IG, so feel free to have a look! I was filming on my phone with one hand, and taking photos with a point and shoot using the other LOL. I'm happy I got some clear ones of CEW (it was quite the struggle and it was the fastest 15 mins of my life). I'm a bit annoyed because they said no DSLRs on the website but everyone and their mom had DSLRs with fancy lenses... I would have brought mine too then! My seats weren't terrible but there were lots of bodies in front of me filming too.. as you will see... Enjoy!!
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