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  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary Suspicious Partner! Cheers ladies! Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.. Hoping for a wedding anniversary to celebrate with y’all in the future..
  2. Hello everyone! Here’s our Superman! 621 days!! Can’t believe it! Finally he’s back!!! Welcome back Wookie!!!
  3. Thank you for sharing HY and really glad that I got to meet you!! I couldn’t share this much detailed info coz I only understood “yeoruboon”, “changwookie Oppa” and “susanghan pateuneo” lmao.. Yes! Let’s definitely do another trip to Seoul again! Can’t wait!!
  4. Ok, now I’m thinking of going to Busan next month with my friends.. and eat some shrimps there too..
  5. Thank you for sharing @excitedgal! You got to see Wook not only 6 times during musical but also met him face to face, even got an autograph and it was during our 0917 mission. I’m so happy for you, jealous also but more on the happy side.. lmao..
  6. Oh, and if you wanna feast your eyes to some NamJi gifs, here’s my thread. I’m so proud of our babies.. 100 Days My Prince is doing really well. Hopefully, we will see our baby girl dancing to Ko Ko Bop soon.. like this.. And of course our captain, I wish I can watch his musical.. so sad that they don’t have any schedule on the days I’m in SK.
  7. Annyeong chingus!! It’s been awhile.. How are y’all? I miss NamJi so much that I’ve been making a lot of vids from the drama and the xcut, what I mean the dcut.. here’s the vid I made few weeks ago.. Ep 28 date.. So, who jumped ships? Definitely not us..
  8. Thank you for this @midorinokerochan!! I love it so much! You are jjang!! This post deserves millions of blue hearts or trophies. 10 more months and orabeoni will be out chingus! I can’t wait.. but first, seems like we have a lot of anniversaries to celebrate this month.. also, JiHyunyangie’s drama and oraboeni’s musical this September!
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