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  1. 101% By the as PMY said "I usually don't drink much, but it upset me so much that I ended up drinking last night" ... Park Min Young ssi who's with you last night?
  2. I agree with you both @BINGO_O & @parkparkloveu THIS THREAD AND THIS SHIPPERS PARADISE FORUM IS FOR DELULUS. As long as the doing "DELULU" is not a sin and it will not hurt anyone I will continue to follow my instinct that something better will happen in the future especially for all of us. Both our couple are known for being a straight forward on their past interviews. They never much elaborate on the question if it is not TRUE. After reading both interviews yesterday and today and all the comments from different people ... 1 thing I'm sure off in my "delulu mind" they are both protecting/cared for each other side. And you are absolutely right @parkparkloveu !!! If the benefits you gain from lying is for the good of most people you love and cared about, why not to do a white lies? Beside it's a traditional in their industry
  3. Ladies, if all the woman who drunk last night would be look so fresh, stunning and beautiful like her.... I will always drunk every night Her glowing now are different compare to all her interviews after all her drama. Yes, she is beautiful as always but all per pictures that came out today....WOW I am look like PSJ who always open mount while staring at her. I'm really fascinated with her since then like PSJ. But PSJ is more because he was captured by her beauty since High Kick (PMY debut on TV) as he said in the presscon and me I started from I AM SAM. My daughter said, wow mama she is really beautiful like me...hahahahah
  4. About the BTS that just upload by TVN All I want to do is to sing.... LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... LA I LOVE YOU I just happy except on 1 thing..... PDnim why did you cut the video? They haven't finish it.... why? because their hugs longer than the BTS that you uploaded???
  5. We are on the same boat @saved2K I don't know why but there is really a special touch with this couple compare with previous pair of PMY. I like her since I am Sam until now and she's 1 of the 2 actresses I like/admire in Korea. And I'm really praying for her happiness cuz she deserve it. And Today, I admire PSJ how he answered about the dating issue we may never get what we wanted to read yet he keeps the door open
  6. I am 100% agree with you @psjpmylbn... Let them enjoy this moment for the success of their 1st drama together. Let us not take it to seriously and don't expect that they are going to confirm it. most importantly, he never say NO or NO WAYT like what he said from his previous dating humour and for that I am happy. Let them enjoy what they have right now. If you are a fan of PMY, she always hoping to love deeply without being caught (like before).
  7. Do you think you @eva21? yea my heart says it not me To think that it happened in just 1 night? then the whole instagram/twitter /naver/soompi are flooded with so many evidences claiming by different people. That is why I just follow my heart. And to thick all these in positive way, it is really "FATE/DESTINY" to both of them. Only God knows the truth. So everyone, lets continue with our delusional min to this couple...as he PSJ ssi says we cannot predict the future. Besides they already made/done the wiser move the future did get what I mean??? hmhmhm
  8. Ladies I am in my working station doing my estimation job and while I'm making my quotation...the word I wrote was "DELULU" what the heck is going on with ME!!!! This is all your faults...DELUSIONAL GANG
  9. Good day beautiful ladies I don't know but while I'm reading all you comments there is a smile in my face. I really enjoy reading all your post/thoughts/delusional conclusion to every detail About the rough translation of PSJ ssi interview regarding the dating rumour, I'm impressed! He never deny nor confirmed the news but he gave a profound message to everyone. And yes it is really quite disappointing for the whole team; that instead people would talk about how beautiful and refreshing the drama is it was diverted to only HIM and PMY ssi which supposed to be a month later (sorry delulu mind strick again). (Adding to my delulu...) But vice versa it was also a relief for them...why (I will let your delusional mind answer this)? To make it short... he is a smart and reliable man!
  10. Woahhh... It looks like our dear PMYsshi answered all the question very clear, profound and straight forward! To add on it, she's so happy and at peace. She really strong enough now. It seems all the write-ups does not affect her anymore. Well, she has a Nampyeon now who is always there to protect and walk by her side no matter what Bubi couple fighting!!!
  11. Our Yeoja is trying to hit the fire!!!!!!!!!!! She's making everyone screaming in this thread And giving a message to all her haters.... saying sorry guys VP LEE IS MY NAMPYEON
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