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  1. @triplem I have not watched it yet! Probably have to wait till the weekend. But Oppa looks so good, especially with the baby!
  2. @triplem Oppa looks like he's going to be such a good daddy in the future! Anyway a quick translation of Oppa's HK fanclub's post. They were debating between sending a rice wreath for the press con or a coffee truck, but in the end decided on the rice wreath as they didn't want Oppa to have fewer rice wreaths than the other actors in the drama. They had the help of Oppa's official fan club in Korea, as well as the company which provided the rice wreaths. Oppa even specially took a picture in front of the rice wreath to show his thanks! How sweet is he!
  3. It's finally happening tonight, guys! I'm so excited! And @triplem, Oppa looks sooooooooo good!!!
  4. @triplem the Chinese article is more or less similar to the Soompi article you posted above. They did mention that the good chemistry between the cast members was very obvious in the videos on Naver. Sorry for not being able to do the translation properly. I'm just finding pockets of time in between other stuff to come here and cheer myself up! So looking forward to this drama! Counting down to 18 Sept!
  5. Oppa’s HK fanclub is still in the midst of organising a food and coffee truck to be sent to Oppa while he is filming.
  6. I'm soooo busy right now that I have not been watching any dramas! There are so many I want to watch but I just can't commit the time now. Hopefully things will get better in two weeks and I can finally relax a little. Any recommendations? I miss Oppa so much! Thank goodness September is coming around pretty soon! Can't wait!
  7. @triplem seems like Oppa's character is a professional baseball player who is also on a variety show similar to "The Return of Superman". His wife Jessica is a SNS star. On screen, they seem like the perfect couple and many people are envious of their married life, but off screen, they don't communicate with each other at all. Sorry for the late reply! I've been so busy lately and I haven't been keeping up. Have not watched any kdramas for a few weeks too! hopefully in just 2-3 weeks time, things will ease up a little and I can catch up. Looking forward to September!
  8. Loving how tenderly Oppa is interacting with the cute baby! He’s going to make such a good daddy.
  9. Caption says Oppa left a comment when JSM was live on IG, and that they were discussing good food. You can see his comment just below JSM’s face in the screenshot. They will take some time to translate his comment. Gosh I can’t wait to see his handsome face again!!!
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