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  1. Omg me too, I've been hoping for MMM to make a comeback and hear Eric talks about them in his podcast too, but seeing how they've been keeping everything about them very lowkey, I have a feeling he might not talk about them. But either way, I'm contented enough with them supporting each other privately too Omgg, I went to watch the vlive after reading this and tried taking a screenshot of the blue band he was wearing and it really does look similar to the blue band on the instagram post @ddunddun20 shared If Eric really did went to support them right after he came back from Japan, it really said a lot about how nice and supportive he is as a person and a friend
  2. @ddunddun20 Haha, no problemmm. I didn't know about this too until I came across this ddongie account on ig called "loveddongie" and she shared an audio of him talking about wgm on the podcast. Ahhhh, when he said "oh this could potentially work." parts of me got really happy because we're not the only one who thought that way while watching them, he also felt that He also mentioned that the girls addressed him as "brother-in-law" which was nice to hear, because now we all know they're not totally awkward with each other
  3. did you guys know eric was recently guested on this podcast called "sooo many white guys" and they asked him about wgm and he said they kept in touch once in a while (this is just recently and after the it's okay to go a little crazy show) and that he bumped into yongsun's members a lot and enjoyed catching up with them (he addressed them as "those ladies") ahhhh
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