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  1. Old times intreview https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4474777939935246/4474782369885855
  2. MV about scoring Ning Que's Wardrobe, there are total of 34 set of wardrobe! The score are A B C and S dont understand the score definition though... https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4473768467169305/4473773136906840
  3. I have watched the trailer, looks interesting, so it is a forensic and detective story yeah? I have only watched one forensic drama Dr. Qin Medical Examiner, but it was modern drama, make me curious for this one! I found Zhou JieSong really different with her usual makeup for K-Pop Ent. I have to adapt with this natural makeup.
  4. Maybe it is a BTS of the New One's Photoshoot? https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4474160034807831/4474160266820404
  5. I think the girl also join the movie Youth. Another photo taken from IG Story of Abby Choi
  6. Interview with New One https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4474073028427794/4474073700309027 Brief translation Credit as tagged.
  7. Thx angie! Yeah i have been watching all his variety show LOL, he is very good at it, he has a good sense of humour!
  8. Hopefully next March! Finger crossed ladies! OOT: Yeah i also dislike his role in WuXin, well i dun like him back then, i prefer WuXin #ofcourse LOL. But now i realized how variative his selection of characters, no matter as a lead or 2nd lead, but of course with his current fame, he will always offered as a lead. Yeahh i do feel his body is very proportional especially for someone in his age. I also havent got any info about Mo Ran's character and description, i only know he will be both protagonist and antagonist, this is mainly what i most love and cant wait to watch!
  9. More images from Arthur Unknown Call for Bazaar Jewelery
  10. Arthur x New One https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4473710481178644/4473710960709557
  11. Arthur's character means in chinese character aka hanzi right? Ah maybe i will give it a try later LOL. Yeah everything in China is slowing down currently... Oh how much i want to see LoA . OOT: there is also one drama called The Fated General from Zhang RuoYun also stuck for sometime (read: years), how i wish that also will be aired due too this "slowing down". I think Arthur's muscular is small in natural, not the ones which -specially trained for and has to drink and eat a lot protein, to gain more muscles-, so in EN1, i think he wanted to gain muscles and made his body more solid not too skinny. But yeah i like his body in EN1 n My Best Summer, especially the "deleted scene" one, where he got wet on the beach oh yeah! LOL. Oh i wish he will not make his body back to skinny for HYX, too skinny like Xiao Zhan in Untamed, ah.. no good, pretty and handsome but not dashing or gallant.
  12. Apparently the hashtag #chenkaige still tagged in him...
  13. Thx @caranita for the news and rumours, i dont have access for that.... Really count on you ladies! We are expecting 3 upcoming projects from Arthur : 1. Legend of Awakening to be aired, it is almost March, end of Q1 2020 huaaaaaa... 2. Youth (movie with Liu HaoRan, Sophie Zhang and Wen Qi?) 3. Hao YiXing
  14. Lol @caranita we posted at the same time hahahahaha!
  15. Look at those eyes... He looks like a gangster or killer
  16. Zhang RuoYun n Tang YiXin couple donated disinfectant to Wu Han on Feb 14
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