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  1. 190615 Depart from Beijing to Sanghai Credit as tagged.
  2. Dont know what is this, maybe his preparation before the show https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4383438896346250/4383476092323344
  3. Clip part from Happy Camp tonite. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4383499155927000/4383554902997429
  4. Back to Field Preview, from Ren XianQi's Fans Club https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4383496991345613/4383497680956071
  5. Give my big thx to your friend for the link! Ah there is also Wu YiFan, i wonder if Cfy get to meet him at there, since many people said they two are so resembles each other. Have to spare time to watch this. Awwww that boy, already more than half journey to finish but he just took it back the confessing sigh... Ego ego ego... Drama drama drama LOL
  6. What is this? https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4383422089508777/4383422157749497
  7. Awww so sweet of him... Maybe he is wondering what is with his wife lately, crying by looking at her cellphone LOL. Ah yes i found the line, the highschool time was YH's best moment, and current is GG best time, hopefully the future will be their best time forever. It is not CFY's version, it is more like Silence Wang's voice, dont know though but definetely not CFY's.
  8. Haahahahah yeah,just remember that my friend also like that, she is a quite and a nerd but she like someone that soooo different with her, so far my idol are like Richie Ren, James McAvoy, Liu HaoRan, and now FeiYu, well i dont know whether three of them have the same personalities more or less, or not.... Hmmm to think of it, i once have a crush on my highschool senior whom tall, very smart and can play basketball (same like Yu Huai), and a lecturer (not a professor yet) in my college. Not that random preference yeah? LOL. Hahahaha that was why there is news that he once refused this one right? He knew the risk is too BIG, after EN n MBS, those film are quite sensational! But i am happy he is success in those two films. Ah never thought about that, i once read that in EN2 forum and felt like come on DW fans, you are too underestimate FeiYu by saying that! They said about dare to say DW will be so much better bla bla bla, oh ok i realize it now, although i dont think too much about that anymore, well still a lil bit i think LOL! But i am happy after reading your POV! FeiYu has proved that he can act, by portraying someone that really and so not him naturally, that is what an actor do! Of course i wont compare both of them nastily even pick a side which one is better , because i know two of them are talented, and like i said, i believe that they are really succcess in interpreting their own understanding of YH, of course with the help from the author and directors. I really love their both version of YuHuai, but since i have only watched LHR's version, i think his YH is more selfish, although he always want to help GG, but still he always prioritize his thing first, like he doesnt want to join the class choir because he want to study for the competition, and another (i forgot) for basket thing, something that always make GG upset for his selfishness. Dont know about movie version.
  9. I think i will be crying watching this section, if i have watched entire movie from the start. http://n.miaopai.com/media/d5pE7LiaBOSmkcl6QRUJTPIdvaPuV1rx
  10. More previews for tomorrow Back to Field. 1. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4383244838492988/4383245074386812 2. So Cecillia Cheung also once hold baby FeiYu and he was so fat LOL https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4383245127901954/4383245372210456
  11. Ahhhh okay, i only remember in the drama version, YH's father was working in Dubai (i think) and YH's mom really spend the money only for education to get the best one for him. She never spend money for her self, that is why she wants YH to be focus on his study, and not dragged to other thing like crush on girl and make his study gone bad, and it was happened in junior high school, YH was affected with the girl once his desk mate, and his grade was falling. That is why his mom really angry when she found out that GG also a girl, YH lies to his mom, GG was a boy. So i think movie version's YH is more miserable than the drama version hmmmm...
  12. Yeah the same case like 最好的我们 on With You vs My Best Summer, i love Liu HaoRan and Chen FeiYu, so i will watch them both. I will understand for each die hard fans of actor, they will choose side for not watching the other actor's work. I was also very unhappy with the news DW become NQ, so many factors that make him not fit to be NQ, and like you said, his voice hmmmm. Yeah but that was back then, i even teased his height and skinny posture, my bad, my evil side suddenly succeed to type in Ever Night 2 forum LOL. I think once an actor try his best to understand his character, and of course with the help of directors and colleagues maybe, he/she will be able to execute it very well and produce his own character. But of course still has to in line with the novel, a little bit improvisation still acceptable. In the side of die hard fans, it will bias, but from novel reader it will be more tough to please, so just finger crossed for DW. That is why i am so happy that MBS has a huge success and very well reception, they both drama n movie version are doing great! This is phenomenal and become a huge appreciation to the novel and August ChangAn the author. So i really hope EN 2 will also success maybe better since they have learned something from EN1, so it will be a great appreciation to the novel and MaoNi the author. Maybe with the success of EN2, more people attracted to see what the story before, which is EN1 yeahhhh!
  13. Yeah i think teen movies like coming age are considered for new comer, young rise idol or actor something like that. So maybe two of them have the chance to get best new comer on prestogious movie award (the real movie award like golden horse or academy, in china). Ah ic, so YH's family was broke, i have to rewatch With You for this, i dont exactly remember the timeline when his family issues broke and his mom is sick, whether after he went to U.S or on final test at highschool. Actually i am kinda surprised for this this can happened since DW n CFY are two very different character, so when ones like DW how come they like CFY? Well although i have to admit they both have slight similarity when you see them. But then after notice some times, you will realize the different. I also attract to DW when he rise first time in MG (a mega blockbuster drama in asia), but since i dont that into teen drama esp MG so.. I just passed it back then, but i know how he really really famous after in MG, well aren't all Dao MingTse's actor get really famous, no?
  14. Suddenly i feel there is a little hope after reading your statement about the showing in U.S is discontinue because they are going to start showing in Canada, maybe Southeast Asia will be next after another continent? Please? LOL, at least in Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand maybe? I will try hard to go there esp Singapore, the closest one. Yeah you are so so right @caranita, larger fan base in here, but maybe they know the south east asia also more into K-ent these days than into C-ent, so larger fan base doesnt mean will be good for business sigh... There are more k-movies that has screening in here than c-movies, only c-blockbuster movies will be showing here. We are more hollywood and k-movies base camp. Yes, hmmmm maybe award for cfy n hld for best new comer or best actor/actress? Hmmm sorry, but why would YH get tanned? Since he works as blue collar worker? I agree dont push it, you have saw it once, that is enough, just watch for another time in youtube with me and other southeast asia fans LOL....
  15. Hmmmm maybe better you watch on sat noon? Yeah so random! YH only grab one beer can, he only holding it without saying words and suddenly GG saying that if he cant drink, means he cant protect her? And if he get drunk, GG will carry him LOL! totally random and cute! I think from the clips so far, i can say the film will make you smile and laugh not because of their literally comedy, but because of their innocent, ackwardness and like you said clueless. Love can make someone become stupid or smart LOL. But dont know whether it is true or not. Just my shallow opinion from the clips #desperately
  16. Throwback Thursday: some Ning Que stills from last day of shooting aka wrap up day. Credit as tagged.
  17. Yeah they were like doing a conference call or video conference or watching live show LOL, oh well that was the cool thing about cultivation yeah hahahaha!
  18. Hmmmm it will pass midnight though, is it safe for you? maybe you can suggest earlier schedule? Like 8 pm? Or change location nearer to your work or home? Awwwwwww i am smiling reading your review, really really they were in the age of clueless LOL, cfy looks so cute and handsome in that scene, YH like want to do anything for GG, but he wondered why GG asking something so weird LOL.
  19. What is GG n friends wanted from YH??? https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4382817053017158/4382817246558023
  20. Joseph Zheng and CFY were wearing the same shirt model
  21. ohhhh so the scenes GG jumps to YH is the one YH owes her? which only two of them not with their friends? you must go!!! LOL so the cinema is near your work office? you mean you just as go to work on friday and continue to watch MBS at 10 pm?
  22. Yeah the good thing is, cfy has proved he can portray 3 different character on 3 different film, not the same and repeat monoton one character. Same theme different characters. And he has developed his acting tremendously, he has learned a lot! Cant wait what is in LoA and the anthology movie!
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