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  1. Hahahaha, we have pretty much the same level understanding with you LOL. Usually Thai Fans are more diligent in translating videos. But after that we have to ask a very difficult request to @mei2018 LOL. Yeah our obsession forever are watching him singing with guitar and speaking english LOL I really LOVEEEEE the 11.11 Robot Vacuum advertising!!!!! Like a movie called Groundhog Day, which the character doing things that happen over and over again. GENIUS!! and cfy's act really natural love love love
  2. Hi! So happy we have you here now! Welcome! Must be tiring reading two threads with hundred of pages! LOL! Thank you for the links! Especially the Abominable one, i missed it... Finally another english speaking!! I think everyone were amazed and surprised with him, he suddenly translated that first question, since they never saw a translator standby on the stage LOL. About back to field, i think someone has posted the english subbed ones in here? No?
  3. How gorgeous he is... I wonder where he was, the place is like for ancient series's scenery...
  4. Ahhh thx u so much @caranita for the review, same faith with @lynne22 will never watch it in Indonesia... *crying* He has been so busy these couple months, and i really really like his appearence in Paris Fashion Week for Loreal, together with the screening of My Motherland movie at the same time, somehow he really just show to everyone, he is an actor, he can be anyone, you can see him in every shape. Seriously! You are not kidding! LoL how come !!! I am happy for your saying about their natural interactions and chemistry as brothers. I have seen the Motherland's BTS, how i wish i can see more of them, but i think it is all since the movie is short, yes? About cfy and oynn, they really keep it so low profile, which make me on and off for shipping them LOL, but an LDR for two young hot star? Really? Dont know for how long it has been or gonna be, so either they are friend for these years or they really are an LDR couple (which really make me amazed and give them standing ovation LOL).
  5. And it is time for collective individuals turn to show up, then it was only on the back, now on the both side, so gooddddd!!! I wonder about the symbol on his sleeves
  6. Working with dad which a perfectionist director...
  7. Yeah i saw that LOL, meanwhile he was so carefull holding the rope ahhahaha
  8. This is so funny! He was somehow looked like try to remember somethin, while his fingers keep typing LOL
  9. Great News!!! Ever Night Awarded by International Film Festival Awards! 【《全职高手之巅峰荣耀》《将夜》中加国际电影节获奖】 https://nb.mbd.baidu.com/x5h1bqq?f=cp&u=1b844b28e85d73c6 "The Glory of the Full-time Master", "The Night", the International Film Festival Awards Oriental Network September 17 news: local time on the evening of September 16, the fourth China-Canada International Film Festival ended in Montreal, Canada. The film "The Glory of the Full-time Masters" and the TV series "The Night" are two TV series works from China's online literature, which won the "Best Animation Award" and "Best TV Drama Award" respectively. The film "The Glory of the Full-time Masters" was adapted from the eponymous novel of the same name by the platinum writer Butterfly Blue of the Reading Group. It tells the story of the top player in the online game "Glory", Ye Xiu, returning to the peak after being expelled by the club. s story. "The Night" is from the hands of another Platinum writer in the Reading Group. It tells the story of the sudden loss of the turmoil and the numerous disputes among the young people in the city, and finally set off the story of the great responsibility and the destiny of saving the people. It is worth mentioning that "Full-time Master" and "The Night" have taken an important step in the development of IP full chain. The animations, TV series, and movies, which were adapted from "Full-time Masters", have received quite enthusiastic response. The first season of "Full-time Master" animation has exceeded 1.1 billion in the whole network after the broadcast, and won the domestic 2D. The first good score for the amount of animation playback. After the same name was changed to anime on the line, the score was as high as 9.5, and the number of viewers exceeded 400 million. The TV series was once praised as “the conscience of popularity and word of mouth”, and the total number of broadcasts exceeded 1.6 billion. The China-Canada International Film Festival is a large-scale international professional event with the theme of Sino-Canadian film culture exchange. It has been strongly supported by the Chinese and Canadian governments since its establishment. After four years of development, the China-Canada International Film Festival has become an industry festival for cultural industry exchanges and cooperation. The "Full-time Master" and "The Night" can win awards on such an international stage, not only the performance of the works themselves, but also the strong evidence that Chinese online literature is going to the world. Luo Li, senior vice president of the Reading Group, said in his award that he hopes to use online literature as an opportunity to let more exciting Chinese stories go out and further promote them to be loved by more people around the world and promote global cultural exchanges. Mutual knowledge.
  10. Love the atmosphere! https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4417204154731573/4417204227118738
  11. Old time pics at airport, love his hair!! This is before he started to shoot LoA. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/92711446.html?weibo_id=4417526433767088
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