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  1. Old pictures from 18th Birthday Present from Dior. Credit as tagged
  2. Article about Dust in the Flowers. 【《尘埃里开花》热拍,陈飞宇刘昊然双男神,两位四小花旦惊艳加盟】 https://ms.mbd.baidu.com/tdsuatb?f=cp&u=3201b451b6abfa01 "Dust in the flowers" hot shot, Chen Feiyu Liu Yuran double male god! Two four small flowers dazzled This year, the entire domestic film market has been sluggish compared to the first half of last year, and it has broken 30 billion box office one week later. There is no such thing as a domestic movie after the Spring Festival, especially if it is going to the summer vacation. The domestic movie competition this summer is far less than the previous years. However, there are still a lot of movies to boot, including the movie "Flowing in the Dust". Open Baidu App to see more picturesOpen Baidu App to see more pictures The film "Flower in the Dust" is a film about the story of young people's hard work. Several teenagers have experienced the key period of growth and development, in which they work hard and fight hard. After experiencing a lot of suffering and confusion, each has realized self-worth and has a deep understanding of life and this period of time. Although it is not a popcorn blockbuster, it is quite good whether it is a lineup or an cast. Chen Kaige personally took the guidance. As a domestic first-line director, Chen Kaige has always had a good position and directed many well-known works. Now the personal author "Flower in the Dust", such a big director's film, the cast is naturally not bad. The film was already on at the end of April and is currently being hot. The cast is quite good. The online exposure has Chen Feiyu and Liu Yuran, both of whom are sitting in the town, and two new generations of four small flowers have joined. Net exposure Chen Feiyu sits in town . As Chen Kaige’s son, Chen Feiyu’s resources are quite good after his debut. The first work “The Night” is very hot, and many stars have turned forward to express their support. Chen Feiyu is quite popular in the film and television industry, and his acting skills are also remarkable. Now Chen Feiyu starred in his father's movie, and naturally can think of it. Net exposure Liu Yuran starred. Liu Yuran debuted with his youthful work on campus, and he was very popular and his skills were good. Liu Yuran is one of the best performers in the film circle among the younger generation of actors, and the box office is quite high. And Liu Yuran starred in this kind of movie, which is very suitable for his personal style, and the youthful atmosphere. I am looking forward to the two partners of Chen Feiyu and Liu Yuran. Net exposure Chen Hong starred. As the wife of Chen Kaige, Chen Feiyu’s mother, this time also participated in the filming of this film. Chen Hong is very temperamental and very beautiful an actress, although it has rarely appeared in recent years, but the popularity has always been good. This time Chen Kaige Chen Hong Chen Feiyu's family is sitting in this movie, and the works of the whole family are indeed rare. In addition, there are also two new four small flowers, Zhang Xueying and Wen Qi, who are attracted to the network. As one of the four small flowers, Zhang Xueying has appeared in many film and television works, and his temperament is also very good, including the previous "Thirteen Dogs", "Summer of Bubbles" and the recent TV series "White Hair Princess". Zhang Xueying's resources are very good, and his skill is recognized by everyone. This time, he appeared in "The Flowering in the Dust", I believe I can learn a lot. Net exposure Wen Qi joined. Wen Qi is quite amazing among the actors who have made their debut in the past two years. In the "Tiankeng Eagle Hunting" starring Wang Junkai, the performance of the performance is amazing. The Wen Qi born in 2003 is quite capable in acting. It is also one of the four small flowers, this time to join the "flowering in the dust", so that the audience is very much looking forward to the performance of this little actor. In addition, the net exposure starred in the "Double World Pets 2", which is impressive. The entire cast can be seen quite bright, and in addition to Chen Hong, the performance of several other young actors is quite good. The selection can be seen as the strength of young actors. Of course, all casts are subject to official announcements. , online exposure Reuters is for reference only. Two versions of Yu Huai, two versions of Guo Wei appear in the same work, a lot of watching. Satisfied with this cast?
  3. Old interview. Credit as tagged https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4387049457779825/4387049912464271 Found a gem Correct! It was some kind of a quiz, i have posted some of them before in LoA thread, they will give postcard with signature from the actors.
  4. Agree!!! But i am more super happy for his career, because of this one will be like what you said as serious production with one of the best director in China and best young actors in China/Taiwan, that is all!!! Dont too much care about gossips and negative things, those will never end anyway...
  5. Someone posted it here before but no engsub, maybe only thai sub, thx a lot!
  6. Stills from previous Graduation Event MBS Credit as tagged.
  7. Thx a lot @mei2018! Yeah i remember it has the same title "The Flower in the Dust" like what @caranita has posted befofe couple days ago. Hmmmm i think this is really different movie with the anthology for the October China's National Day. Since we have seen the opening ceremony stills before and also the wrap up day for Liu HaoRan holding flower bouquet, and i think there are no Sophie and WenQi back then, and have more people like dozens crew, not like the current only few people. Aahhh how i really want to have Liu HaoRan n CFY in the same screen twice! One is a gift, but two is a miracle!
  8. Can you share in here? Ah i havent watched it, and i have downloaded "you know what" before it will be deleted, tonite i am gonna finish them all thx a lot @caranita ! Although i am feel very sorry for... I am so happy reading your review @caranita and @Lbpg about the movie and cfy's acting deliberately, you two are passed to be a movie critic LOL. @mei2018 let us watch it! Let me know your review!
  9. Old pictures from Dior Spring Show 180329 Credit as tagged.
  10. Another long clip from MBS Credit as tagged. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4386285373035421/4386285689171097
  11. Yes yes he is so relax and enjoying every seconds in there, although he was sick from flu, and must be tiring for working at field like a farmer like that, but he really really enjoy it. I really like how he responds about the talk about his mom and dad, and so funny how he like to impersonate his father's super deep voice LOL, the one with HLD and Peng YuChang had to reenact the almost kissing scene in MBS, arthur said "Dont move, dont move" while he positioning PYC's head It is too bad there is no eng sub yet, i really enjoy watching their conversation. So scary knowing they are all connected each other in something and someone LOL, Richie shot with Chen Hong in Condor Heroes in 99, and the other works with Chen KaiGe, and others were with Song YiRen. Wow the Production Team really had done a great job bringing them together. Have i reviewed the MBS's long clips? I am more admiring arthur, how can he can be so different in expression, the same Yu Huai, but become two different character, at the beginning, he was a proud and confident boy, and has a bright eyes, but after his mother sick, and they must sell their house, i feel that Yu Huai become melancholic, unconfident and has a sad eyes. So i think maybe in a night, Yu Huai become a grown up man, facing all problems, falling from the heaven to hell, well not really a hell was it? Hmm back to Back to Field LOL, I wonder if Huang LaoShi in Back to Field ever watched Ever Night, i think he never mentioned about arthur's previous work. I wish he can watch EN and MBS, so he knows how potential arthur is, and hopefully he will teach arthur in BFA. I also love HLD she is so funny and natural, arthur really like teasing her, and she can play guitar yeah? I keep laughing when she was playing ABCD game with Peng YuChang, she totally in lost, while everybody know the answer, and she is so helpful, i feel i want to fly there to help her bringing the radishes. At first time watching her in MBS first event, i thought she is a serious and calm person like arthur, but totally wrong LOL. And our Arthur once again showing his power LOL, such a strong boy! I really like this kind reality show, how stars can be like a family and have a warm interactions in the secluded area. Love how Cecilia Zhang PoZe and Richie Ren XianQi took care their juniors.
  12. Another cfy cut longer version Credit as tagged. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4386110730647301/4386119187634238
  13. CFY cut in Back to Field https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4386020116857935/4386020638054413
  14. I think they should be screened in HK, since they also have a roadshow in GuangZhou, which is near HK. But like u said, there is any news about it.
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