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  1. They look so good together. It would be awesome to see them again in some light happyendish romcom as main couple. Light happyendish romcom about vampires - sound promising))
  2. I love this crack drama o(≧▽≦)o so glad i found it. ( btw if you interested in ori webtoon - can be found here - don't know if eng translation exist) Also the moment when President Jung pied pipered all these kids to his rival supermarket was just so hilarious. And now I am not happy at all discovering that they will only have one episode each week (and only has 12 episodes)
  3. I sincerely hope so, LJH deserves all the difficult and challenging roles he want to play)) Even if i want to see him 24/7 main-leading in romcom But this dream sequence in The Lies Within - it was uncalled for.. yes yes i know it's OCN and dark and suspenseful drama and all but - You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one)) it was almost too much, and my poor shipper heart demanded it to be real. And that cliffhanger at the end ... Oh well.. Anyway - I found a goldmine ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ And some of this photos i've seen for the first time
  4. Thank you @triplem and @AC95 - never heard of Lies Within before, but i usually like OCN dramas (with rare exceptions) Also Lee Min Ki in it . sigh.. my plan-to-watch list so so long - so many dramas, so little time.. Oh yes - it's a feast for the eyes, really)) So.. a little bit more of this LJH aesthetic debauchery))
  5. Oh i hope so too. Sweet romance or comedy would be nice.. And a little bit more photo from Busan Film Fest
  6. Wow i'm now much better, ty)) Indeed! Thank you @triplem and @AC95 for the links - my mood skyrocketed after this)) There never gonna be too much LJH red carpet pics))
  7. @AC95 ty for info Yes Lee Kyu Hyung and Kang Ki Young get Male Excellence Award. Btw Korean Drama Award 2019 was aired October 2 and already on youtube, and here red carpet photos but it seems LJH didn't attend. So i'm a sad panda, coz i was hoping for his red carpet shoots :/
  8. Woohoo! Well.. He is indeed excellent actor, so this all absolutely deserved. But! Lee Kyu Hyung, Shin Sung Rok and LJH in this one nomination?! I mean, come on! Just rip my heart out and stomp on it why don't you KDA. How i supposed to choose whom to cheer for? Well then...i'll gonna cheer for all three of them))
  9. It seems like Secret Forest season 2 finally happening!
  10. And the whole vlive was again mostly about LJH listing all his favourite foods - nachos, burgers ect.)) Well and praising his colleague. He’s precious, really precious. Protect at all costs)) P.s. also his attempt at winking it's just p.p.s - Also this ratio kinda impressive -
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