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  1. At least it's just a piece of his tie this time .. for now Also LJH is trending now - everybody love this wiesel SDJ))
  2. Oh no. On the bright side - i'm so happy with Lee Kyuhyung cameo. i love their chemistry with BD and ty to Ace Factory for this bts. Also the rooftop scene - - Aren't you drawing these days? oh my...
  3. By the way interesting character development for Seo Dong Jae - What we always see - - excellent hair, top notch costumes. But SM know it's SDJ because of his old shoes - LJH right tho, SDJ is working hard to live))
  4. Woohoo! How cool is that I just hope LJH survive this one in one piece))
  5. Finally first episode is here i just want to say i love this cast and i'm so glad that they are trending now) and also i wasn't expecting that -
  6. "With a heavy heart I hv decided to part ways with Soompi . In recent times, the lack of communication by parent company with those in senior leadership , removal of our Administrators & many features without warning or consultation was really disappointing and disheartening. This is despite constant reaching out on the forum staff leadership’s part to them to open communication channels ." It's unfortunate to hear that, sad news indeed. Thanks for everything @triplem hope we'll see you in this thread and thanks @gm4queen for taking over LJH safe haven) ..anyway - from SF 2 press conference - LJH and Yoon Se ah - adorableness intensified
  7. Seo Dong Jae and "his assistant" Hwang Shi Mok i really can't wait)) https://www.vlive.tv/video/207263 - full vlive here P.S.
  8. So.. Dong Jae’s mail - seodj@spo.go.kr My fave weasel is almost back (hope LJH survive SF2 and will remain intact to the very end )) Also - - Hwang Shi Mok is it you (or my eyes playing games with me)?
  9. This is interesting, it seems our main theme in s2 will be fighting against status quo and corruption.. Can't wait for trailer.
  10. Behold - LJH faceapp (from SF2 script reading) I never imagined something like this, and now i can't stop imagine this)) (via 깐순 twitter )
  11. Ok, but those two... Where the 'drop dead' emoji when i need it most? Something like (❀✖‿✖)
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