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  1. Bo Gum's flight back to Korea is in the next few minutes. So fortunate to watch his fanmeeting in Manila last saturday. Encounter feels were felt even before the fanmeeting started. Teasers were shown for its airing in a local tv station. And part of the teaser is the year end hotel party kissing scene. Though the teaser ended before the actual kissing. Three fans were selected to do reenactments of 3 encounter scenes. Filipino fans chose 3 heart fluttering moments of Jin Hyuk. They choose when JH removed his shoes, the lobby scene and the drunkard JH. I wondered why that scene was always chosen as the most heart fluttering moment. How can a drunk man a flluttering one. And Bogum sung Always be with you.
  2. I was there. So fortunate that aside from the hi touch, abled to see him twice when he passed in the aisle near my seat. Really a good day to see Bo Gum .
  3. @tlireal can u share how to go to gangneung, the seaside? And the metasequioa alley, is it far from the entrance? Wish to go there at the same season it was filmed.
  4. @ImAryaStark yes, you can buy it online. You can check the website of youngpoong bookstore and kyobo bookstore, though both are in Seoul. I see you as i see flowers can be bought through ebay and another one i forgot the name. Check google. Though more expensive.
  5. It's really sad to see the playground as a different one. Though everything around it remain the same. The cross that illuminates when they are in the playground is from the adjacent church. When i visited YP bookstore, i bought the 3 books featured in Encounter. Though i don't know how can i readit, well, for souvenir. The book I see you as i see flower is the 8th bestseller in the bookstore. The book If the wave is the job of the sea...you can check youtube of LTI Korea, and the writer Kim Yeonsu talks about the main character Camilla. (And the book SHK posted several weeks after, by the french author is the 29th bestseller). I want to post some pictures here, but sorry i don't know how.
  6. Ihwa mural village... The address of the cafe in the stairs....gaebbal museum and cafe 26 naksanseonggwakseo 1-gil ihwa-dong , jongno-gu The one with the painting on the stone seat.....57 yulgok-ro 19-gil road. The Namsan library is near namsan park and namdaemun market
  7. @tlireal in going to ihwa mural village. My starting point is changdeokgung palace, i took bus 162, on the 3rd stop which is korea national open university i get off and near the bus stop is an alley going there. or u can walk at the end of the street turn left and when u see mini stop store turn right. at the end u will see wooden stairs leading to the painting where they sit and imitate the girl and man in the painting. From there, few walks and you will find the stairs leading to the scene where jh propose to sh. i 'll give u the exact address later.
  8. @tlireal sadly, the playground is not a playground anymore but a parking lot. The stamp coffee is ep 14, before the bookstore date. if you will go there... take subway line 2, get off at hongik university station exit 1 or 2. Cross the street and there is a street there, donggyo-ro?(?). The bus stop on the right side of that street is for bus #5, (left side for bus 6, which i took going back to hongik univ station) get off at the 6th stop... stamp coffee is 1 min walk. Address is 240-4 yeonamdong. Google map is always giving a route which is confusing and longer walk. This is the best one. bus stops at the corner of the street of stamp coffee. The youngpoong bookstore.... take subway line 1 take jonggak station exit 6 and as u exit there is the bookstore. Going there is easy. its near everywhere, just walking distance. Can't remember the name of the stream near that.
  9. @tlireal the playground... 54-1 gyeongin-ro 268 beon-gil, dohwa1 (il) dong nam-gu, incheon. take subway line 1 to incheon. Get off at Jemulpo station. i can't remember the exit #, but i do not cross the street. As i exited the subway its just few steps to the bus stop. Take bus 2 ( hyoseong-dong donghwa) . Get off at the 4th stop which is dohwa IC. The street is around there, don't cross the street. But ...don't be surprised at what u will see...jh had warned us Have u been to ihwa mural village, youngpoong bkstore, namsam library, stamp coffee, chicken house where JH and his mom meet, the Raum but only in the outside ?
  10. @tlireal i use google map. It depends on where ur starting point...i took the bus 272, for i came from bukchon. Get off at the 17th stop which is the hongnamgyo bridge baengnyeon traditional market entrance. But just on the 16th stop, when i already saw the other paintings , i get off from the bus. The painting is just on the side of the bridge. Which ever side of the bridge you get off , if you can't find on one side, its on the other side. No need to walk far looking for it, its 4.5 km trail. The address is 695-1 yeonhui-dong, saodaenam-gu. I didn't go to ilsan park due to lack of time.
  11. The observatory deck at gaetgol ecological park at siheung. ...if you want to go there... u can look at google map too Take the subway line 3 get off at seoul national university of education train station, via exit 1. Upon exiting look for the bus stop for bus 3300 going to siheung. Its just few steps away upon exiting the subway. At the 14th stop which is jonggok high school supsok village get off the bus. Either you walk 21 mins to the park or take another bus from that bus stop which will.stop at dexville apt. It will save u 3 mins of walking. And then walk straight. U will see a walking path in the middle of the road, walk straight to the park, around 950 meters. From there u can see the deck, which u need to walk again that long.. For the painting and other locations like the playground, i will post it for those who are interested...thanks. Taking that bus 3300....halfway to the park, i was the only passenger left in the bus. If u are not used to travelling alone, it may scared u. And having a wifi is very helpful when getting lost.
  12. Hi, i was there last week..at siheung and the painting under the bridge...if u still need the direction going there, i'll post it. Sorry, i only read your post now
  13. Mr. Nam knew it from Mrs. Kim the head of the PR team. At first i wondered what's all those late night meeting of mr. Nam and mrs. Kim....one of the reasons i believe is they share notes on what's happening at the hotel...pr team and soo hyun. Surprised too that Kyo posted the fan art. She posted photo of that pose in her IG but she deleted it.
  14. When they say that the script is bland, i think in a way its true.Like what pd-nim said about the salsa. BUT......with shk and pbg, they delivered more than what were asked for, adding details and adlibs here and there. They don't stick to what the script calls for. I believe this is only one of the many. I wonder about the kissing scenes
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