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  1. Lol.... their open ending is making fans feel like writing a conclusion for them.... one in which Sunny ends up with either of Woo Bin / Wang-sik or Lee Hyuk... or Lee Hyuk finally get a chance to learn to love.... hmmm sounds like a fanfic challenge.
  2. I’m just wondering.... there is no flashbacks of Na Wang-sik was it due to contract restrictions? The contract signed was till 48 episodes, so maybe TLE production team did not put Na Wang-sik on flashbacks due to artiste image rights? It is strict in Japan, e.g. I have seen how some Johnny’s artistes images on promotional websites or posters being replaced by only words or not shown because of how the contract is worded. But am not sure about Korea. If that is the case, then I think it’s understandable why Sunny and everyone else was not seen remembering Na Wang-sik suddenly.
  3. You just read my mind... It was my immediate thought when I saw that scene... I was thinking "hmmm that's a second time a husband has to faint/die in her arms..." Ah... Wedding... I totally get you there, seems like we are from the same timeline~ There was a time which I have believed Jang Nara is a better singer than an actress... But to be honest, it isn't her fault because she was boxed in right from the start playing bright cheery simple girl role... Even though Oh Sunny grew to become an interesting role, she did start out as a naive lead which is exactly the kind of stereotypes Jang Nara is known for. Wedding was a good start of turn as she changed from a little girl image to a somewhat mature at the end. But it's still sugary sweet somehow, even with the crying... JNR, CJH, and SSR are no doubt outstanding leads. The script was in a tailspin heading nowhere at times, but it was the actors and actresses who hang on and guided it back to Earth. If anything, all actors and actresses have been outstanding, just that the limelight is more than often on the leads. I think Oh Sunny had Lee Elijah's Min Yura and Shin Sung-rok's Lee Hyuk fit a T when she said that they are the same, villains who won't accept their wrongdoings. But yet, in a way, I felt that they had both been somewhat touched by Sunny's and Wang-sik's righteousness and tried to redeem themselves not by admitting their wrongs (as what Sunny and Wang-sik would have rather asked for) but actions to help the two of them at the cost of their death. They are action villains who give no promise or empty words, so it only seems right to them to show their worth by actions in their moral compass. Min Yura knew Sunny would have been feeling guilty for her injuries and denied her effort of saving Sunny in a true Min Yura "I did it only for myself" manner. But if we observed, she became angrier when Wang-sik was mentioned. Lee Hyuk on the other hand, took up Wang-sik's unfinished tasks without saying sorry for his earlier wrongdoings. The only person Lee Hyuk had apologized to was Sunny. Even though his love was demanding and toxic for Sunny, it was undeniable that Sunny somewhat became his guiding light and strength. It was her words, near death saving him and Wang-sik's death which gave him the final courage to go against his mother. The only sad thing was Wang-sik's role is almost forgotten in the haste. If they had an ending shot of Sunny, Byun Baek-ho and Kang Joo-seung visiting his grave to say their thanks would be good. No loveline, but at least a mark of thanks and gratefulness would be good. It would be something Sunny would have done. It would have made Wang-sik felt less forgotten by everyone. But I won't be surprised that there is actually a scene like this planned but was cut due to airtime and filming schedules. It did feel that there are many scenes cut from airing when we look at the BTS images. Love-lines wise, it was perhaps most ambiguous at Sunny's side. She had us convinced that she hated Lee Hyuk at one point but at some points, she also showed eye blinking and gone moment of uncertainty such as when Lee Hyuk hugged her... She wanted Lee Hyuk to man up and fight against his fate of being a puppet and admit his wrongdoings. On that thought, it almost seems like Sunny was planning to give him a second chance. She fought for the fall of the royal family, for the royal family to be punished for their wrongs. But she never called for death. It was Wang-sik who wanted death as a repayment. But he changed after getting to know Lee Hyuk. There were many chances he could have killed Lee Hyuk quietly but he didn't. He went along with Sunny's thought. It was obvious that he cares more for Sunny and having to declare his affections more than once to Sunny and Lee Hyuk. But Sunny had never acknowledged it, out of concern of the rumor or Lee Hyuk's anger or her own uncertainty. She was never at a position to show her affection openly in her position only her concern for Wang-sik and to some extent even Lee Hyuk. It was almost certain that as long as she is the Empress, nothing should, can or would happen between Wang-sik and her. Not when everyone is targeting Wang-sik for death... and her out of the Royal family. It was perhaps the first lesson Empress Dowager taught her by stepping up that rumor between Chun Woo-bin and Sunny. It is sad in a way, that both Wang-sik and Sunny are so expressive of their emotions at the start of the series, grew to be wary and held back on their feelings towards the end of the series. Wang-sik might be stormy and cold at times, but in actuality, it was Sunny who was tied down and prevented her heart to feel anything else more than grateful and concern... Love was out of the question for her role as an empress and as an actress, she had thrown herself into the role with the Meisner Method... she became the role in order to act... ie since she is the Empress, there is no Oh Sunny at all. So ... with that thought, I was okay with ending... It did seems reasonable to me with few parts missing (namely Wang-sik) but the production team and actors did what they could given the script and changes... It has been a crazy 3 months ride and heartfelt thanks to The Last Empress team. They have done the best they could in face of the situation! Great job to all!
  4. Ok... I am kind of disappointed to learn that Na Wang-sik’s arc is over... or is it simply Choi Jin-hyuk’s part? But the fanfic writer in me thought of a possibility of Na Wang-sik’s sudden MIA... If the healthy Empress overslept after being in contact with the flowers and we know from previous witnesses that the flowers can causes headaches for simply breathing it in... could it become a factor for causing Na Wang-sik to be unwell enough to fast forward his remaining 3 months lifespan? Note how the Princess So-Jin noticed the missing of Na Wang-Sok and the Empress immediately and only to have Sunny run into the scene after it. Maybe we will get a scene later for Byun Baek-ho to inform Sunny that Na Wang-sik is missing and then discovered died due to his head injury... And upon learning Na Wang-sik’s death, it could be the last straw that broke the camel's back for Sunny and Baek-Ho to push forward with their plan to destroy the royal family completely.
  5. I am just wondering... The reason why the letter was not found before was perhaps no one was interested to find it? If we look back at the things kept in the box, it's everything related to Sunny and things the GED held dear. For that someone to know what are the things held dear, it has to be Hong Leader right? The one who has always been with the GED... She would be the only one who found it all and kept it. But before she could let it be known, she had to jump in to save Sunny and died. Because she knew it would have been what the GED wanted. Maybe she was instructed to hint to Sunny but didn't manage to do it due to all the attention on Sunny. Also, the things put in the box would have meant nothing to others as they are not treasure but to Sunny, it would be her shared memories with the GED... Hence she hoped that it would grab her attention and discover the hidden letters? The other could be the true copy of her will... The one which was previously announced but changed... The GED must have known that her will will be changed so she kept a copy to ensure that Sunny get it at the end of the day?
  6. JNR is always playful... To those who knew her since her debut, she has always been playful... But only to selected people who she has been with for a long time or knew her long enough. CJH is definitely one of them since they knew each other before he debuted (CJH mentioned it during FTLY.) But I have always thought of her as a very careful person, who would put space between her and co-stars once they finish a project. The close ones she maintains close relationships with are usually the females or supporting actors. But we can't really blame her for that since the Korean media or netizens have been eagerly pairing her off with anyone... XP But that doesn't really help much since she still suffers from out of nowhere dating rumors... Remember the Coffee Van incident during School 2012 with Kim Nam Gil? Also, of course, the Park Bo Gum marriage rumor in 2016 and 2017? In a way, she is forced to draw lines between people and sometimes too hastily... XP
  7. Maybe it's wishful thinking... but I have a feeling it's Min Yura and Wang Shik... The link which Sunny has mentioned previously could be a hint, about Dong Shik... (If the writer wants to save Sunny's betrayal for the last) Then again, it could be Sunny and Wang Shik coz the outline did say that the Lee Hyuk would torture Sunny because of his love for her. And for now, we have yet to see any madness from his love for her, only cuteness... The last 3 Episodes would be the great moment for his madness to come out. And that madness may just turn the audience again from their opinion of Lee Hyuk.
  8. Actually, she gave Sunny and Wonbin many lives and the unbelievable strength to withhold death too lol~ I am beginning to believe that she sent the two of them an Angel each or a reusable 'Get out of Trouble' card....
  9. Plus one, if anything, these two episodes actually shows otherwise. I don't think Sunny is unaffected by Won Bin's deadline, but rather it pushes her to act more. Think of it as a contributing factor to Sunny's sudden ruthless to her enemies. Especially to Min Yura. You can tell that they are both putting each other ahead of their selves, which is bittersweet because their love is forbidden. Sunny knows it well because she kept reminding people she is the empress and since she decided to enter the royal family on her own decision, she will leave on her own choice. People kept underestimating her because of her former innocent fangirl and petite cuteness... But when put to the test, she can really stand on her own. Woobin, on the other hand, is openly admitting his love to his enemy, out of the intention that he really wants Sunny out of the fire and into safety. They are both quite alike in some ways, very subtle carefully measured emotional reactions for fear that their reactions will cause trouble for each other. For those who can't see their love, it is because it's hidden between the lines and most of the time I feel that the script is not written but our Empress and Wonbin managed to lay it in with clues for the audience to spot them. Whether if there is going to be a Happily Ever After, I just want those who are suffering now to be happy.
  10. Yes, Lee Hyuk's recent acts are cute, funny and amusing. But it still doesn't seem like a redemption arc to me. He is not sorry for the other things he had done, simply apologizing to Sunny because he wants to earn her forgiveness and love back. For the sorry he uttered, it was not out of regret but more of the fact that he realized Sunny was angry with him for robbing her mother's chance to be alive. But he did not regret that he lives while her mother died because of him. He felt rightful so because he is the emperor. If it was another person's death, he would never have apologized. Only because the death was related to Sunny, hence he apologized to regain her trust, It does show that he is starting to love Sunny but is it the beginning of redemption for him? I am not sure. He still has his mean side out to play at times, only showing his kind side to Sunny. So I am still not buying that redemption arc for Lee Hyuk even though I do feel that he is getting to be more sincere towards Sunny. Being care and loving to one person, don't make a bad person turn good overnight. For all the darkness in a person, there is always a spot of light, and for Lee Hyuk, his current spot of light happened to be Sunny. But whether the light will cause him to change for better is still yet to be seen. We can hope but it would be too soon to cast him in a positive light now.
  11. I suppose our leads will only get to be OTP later on when they are challenged and feel beyond concern for each other. Now would be more of dealing with the mystery and mess with a dash of humorous tug of war in between for now.
  12. Hmmmm.... it could be just me but I kinda watched the new cheesy Lee Hyuk with dread in the past 2 episodes. As much as I love that dorkiness of the emperor, I am still very much reminded that he is the villain in this drama. As the story goes, I would probably expect more attempts to woo back Sunny but with failures. It would then justified his over the top possessiveness over Sunny reactions when he sees Won Bin and Sunny fall in love under his instructions in future. And something tells me he won’t take it too kindly to Sunny’s rejections and would even go as far as to force her into a relationship with him by threatening the lives of her family and others? That kind of boxed-in I’ll relationship would then make sense for Sunny to fake her death later to escape from Lee Hyuk, perhaps with the help of Qian Won Bin. And of course, the need to help Sunny escape from Lee Hyuk becomes Won Bin’s other reason to hate the royal family and desire to destroy them along with Sunny. PS: I think this is a double male leads coupled with one female lead series because of the way it pans out. Also, considering how both Shin Sung Rok and Choi Jin Hyuk were nominated and received the best male lead actors awards in the recent SBS drama Awards 2018, it seems to support that line of thoughts.
  13. Actually, I would think that the fact that The Last Empress lost because it's just half-way through the series... No enough material to convince the judges for a straight win I guess. We haven't really gotten much of Jang Nara's character growth yet as of now. But she has been showing hints of potential so far... If the drama was scheduled for 2019 Awards, then she would have gotten the Daesang for sure.
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