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  1. Do you think SBS knows something will come out soon so they are posting things as well? making me go crazy!!!!!
  2. SBS just knows Suspicious Partner Fans are still going strong and we crazzzzzzzziiieeeeee. also they prob know what we want to know and likes to tease us hahahaha
  3. Has anyone watch the new drama that wookie is in? wanted to see if its worth watching =P
  4. Happy B-lated birthday hyunnie. wishing you had a good day miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. wonder why he was singing this song of all songs.....hmmmmmm......hmmmmm. heehee dispatch.....can you announce something.....lolol no...i take that back...i dont want to pest them with my annoying curious head...but oh i so want to know!!!!!
  6. @kkjoy i see the necklace but i dont see what it is =( you have good eyes im dying to see how the new drama is going to be.
  7. so many memories!!!!!!! i miss them. i wonder if and when Hyunnie is going to work on a new drama. missing them both
  8. cant wait for the behind the scene interactions in wookies new drama.....muhahahahaha you know ill be comparing them in my head *winkwink*
  9. is it me but when wookie was in the amry we had more stuff to talk about...now since he is out its sooo quiet.....ssshhhhhh i can hear my own heart beat. and hyunnie is not so active. i know she has school but its lonely here. =( she is at least "liking" pictures on insta. *tapping fingers* what to do ...what to do...
  10. i miss HYUNNIE wonder if she has any new drama she is looking into .....=(
  11. "regarding the fishing show" I guess me hoping for more talking on that show was my wishful thinking....heehee they really just talked about fishing a lot. maybe next weeks episode we can hear some details. any hint would be soooooooooooo nice.
  12. Finally im able to log in and type. I forgot my password and for the past year i been just reading nad screaming to myself ahhhhhhhhh.
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