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  1. I do not think Woo Jin was frivolous (I think a cold person would not have achieved such a sad result). On the contrary, he was a person accustomed to suppressing his feelings. (You see him doing that when he stops to kiss SD, or when he submits to his father's demands every time). He learned to suppress himself since he was a child, from the death of his mother and having to accept his father's new wife. (And was not that why he loved to write? It's the way he could release and vent his feelings) To this is added a controlling parent who wanted to dominate his life. It was as if the father wanted to perpetuate his life through his son. He forced him to marry someone he did not love, to study what he wanted and to work for his business. Woo Jin did not have a life of his own. Another point: Woo Jin was a person who had high values such as honesty, sincerity and loyalty. (values that came into conflict when he fell in love with Sim Deok) THAT IS THE INTERNAL STRUGGLE THAT JONGSUK REPRESENTS VERY WELL. And is not that conflict of values what leads him to make that tragic decision? Both were intelligent people, but their moral struggles were a devastating burden for them.
  2. Happy to see and hear that Jongsuk continues to garner excellent reviews for his performance in Hymn of death. There is a very nice article here. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=465&aid=0000003702 And in the meantime an Ig account has been created to support the DVD. I hope they get it. HOD is a genuine gem.
  3. Netflix releases trailer of ‘Hymn of Death’ starring Lee Jong-Suk Cr: https://pop.inquirer.net/67268/watch-netflix-releases-trailer-of-hymn-of-death-starring-lee-jong-suk
  4. awww these images together with that beautiful music is simply magnificent! @immorethant thanks for sharing!
  5. My feeling of "Death Hymn" It is true that it is difficult to portray in three hours the intense and sad story of two real people. But in this mini-drama, we talk about such serious issues as: some cultural customs (parents who decide the life and future of their children), political oppression, adultery and suicide. But I think they have done it with great delicacy, sensitivity and great respect. They showed us their pain, their anguish and frustrations, but in a realistic and balanced way. In short: for me, "Hymn of death" used the correct dose of anguish.
  6. I read the full naver article. But Google's translation was not very clear. I am very grateful to you for your post @frozentundra I am so happy to see that Jongsuk's hard and excellent work is duly recognized and valued. I loved the depth of his character. And yes, his voice is wonderful. A balm to my ears.
  7. I totally agree with your thoughts @frozentundra I feel so bad for them. They were slaves of their families who selfishly put their desires and benefits above the happiness of their children. And as for the performance of Jongsuk, it's just amazing! I applaud her performance energetically.
  8. Finally I could see the subtitled Ep2 (I also saw the Ep3, so I'm waiting for the subtitles) At the beginning of the episode, I felt so upset with WJ because he did not reveal to SD that he was married. I felt like a dagger in my chest when I saw his disappointment when he discovered the truth that way. I saw WJ so cowardly. But then you see that both were sadly slaves. Slaves to the wishes and needs of his family. WJ's last words struck me. Then you understand (although that does not mean to accept or approve) because they feel good being together. Could they be heard by their families? They expressed their thoughts and were ignored and even reproached. This drama leaves a lot to think about. *I am standing here applauding and cheering the performance of Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun.
  9. We know that the result is inevitably sad and tragic. But I was so surprised by the writing and the direction of Chapter 1 that I think that its ending, even if it is very sad, will be done with style and delicacy. I like how poetry expresses the deep feelings of the protagonists. Besides that, the sweet and calm voice of Jongsuk and his way of expressing poetry is so nice.
  10. Questions if I saw it? I saw the drama live, then I saw it subtitled in English and finally in my mother tongue. LOL I love drama. I felt excited when I saw him without understanding what they were saying, but my heart was deeply moved when I could understand it. The performances are great, very natural. I love chemistry with Hye Sun. Aww when they exchange looks or share smiles! I'm super intrigued by how the story will unfold. Hye Sun is not committed. Then will they be separated for a while? What will make them meet again? Oh and I want to see them dance together !!!!
  11. Aww I am really enjoy all the videos of Manila FM. Thanks for all the updates. I am happy to read several articles that speak so positively of the performance of Jongsuk and the strong impact he has left there. I wanted to share one of those articles. Loving Lee Jong Suk November 23, 2018 | 12:03 am FacebookTwitterLinkedIn Font Size A A A EXCITED fans get up close and personal with Korean actor Lee Jong Suk. By Cecille Santillan-Visto Fan Meeting 2018 Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting Tour — Crank Up in Manila Nov. 18 Araneta Coliseum, Cubao, Quezon City THE Araneta Coliseum can be a daunting venue even for the biggest of stars. With a seating capacity of nearly 10,000, even foreign artists know how difficult it is to pack the Big Dome. Among Korean actors, only superstar Lee Min Ho was brave enough to stage not just one, but two fan meetings at the Smart Araneta Coliseum — first in November 2012, and again in August 2014. Both sold-out events were free for fans who met the minimum purchase requirement of a local clothing brand. Over the weekend, another K-celebrity tested — and ultimately proved — his crowd-drawing power. The difference in the fan gathering of 29-year-old actor Lee Jong Suk is that his audience was made up of paying customers who shelled out between P2,500 and P10,000 to get the chance to see him in the flesh. Prior to Sunday’s show, his Filipino fans were worried that it would be cancelled. Two weeks before the Manila leg of the Crank Up Fan Meeting Tour, Mr. Lee had a similar show in Jakarta, Indonesia. Reports have it that the producer failed to correctly declare the show’s gross receipts, resulting in the remittance of lower taxes to the government. The model-turned-actor and his entourage were detained at the airport for two days until the issue was resolved. “I am glad to be here for the last leg of my fan meeting tour,” he told spectators. However, he hinted that he will be enlisting in the military — a requirement for all citizens in South Korean — in 2019, noting that “we might have a break from each other next year.” The I Can Hear Your Voice star’s visit was a long time coming but he made sure that the fan meeting would leave fans with memories enough to sustain them until his next Manila stop. He sang three songs, played the piano, and gamely interacted with six lucky fans on stage. The Wheadliner also had an extended question-and-answer portion with comedienne Giselle Sanchez, who hosted the event. He talked about his family, shared some of the best (mostly kissing) scenes from his blockbuster dramas, and disclosed that due to his heavy workload, he expects to work even on New Year’s Eve. Mr. Lee delighted the fans when he sang “Come To Me,” from the official sound track of While You Were Sleeping, a romantic comedy with Suzy Bae as his leading lady. He was obviously off-key and his voice cracked early in the song but the crowd did not mind. He is, after all, an actor and not a professional singer. When he later took to the piano, he played the instrumental “My Soul.” He had to repeat the song from the beginning when he committed a mistake after a few bars. The Pinocchio actor likewise hesitated mid-way but was able to finish the song without stopping. “It is not easy,” he said, heaving a sigh of relief, but he continued to wear to charming smile throughout. Undeterred, he followed it up with “Do You Know,” where he again stumbled only a few seconds in, but quickly recovered and said “dashi” (again). For his last piece, he sang “Only Then,” a Roy Kim original. He was again out of tune and his voice cracked but fans encouraged him by shouting “gwenchanayo” (It is okay.) Known to be shy and unassuming despite his fame, Mr. Lee was very charming with his Filipino fans, many of who devote hours to watching and re-watching his TV series. He gamely accommodated requests for hugs and handshakes and was visibly amused by Ms. Sanchez, who was a self-confessed fan. The audience was slightly disappointed that he did not dance, as he has in the other fan meetings. Many were expecting him to dance Psy’s “New Face” but since he has left YG Entertainment (the same agency as Psy) early this year, he may have deemed it inappropriate. The main fan meeting segment lasted barely two hours but the fun extended to the high-touch and photo sessions that followed. Lee Jong Suk has certainly come a long way from that gay musical prodigy he played in the Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won-starrer, Secret Garden. Imperfections aside, his impressive acting has made him one of Korea’s most sought-after artists and commercial endorsers. Manila was lucky to have a chance to see him before his inevitable two-year hiatus. But having already established himself in the Korean entertainment industry, his followers will surely — and patiently — wait for his return. As for his Manila stint, he has certainly set a fan meeting precedent that may be challenging for his Korean contemporaries to follow. Actors Park Bogum and Lee Joon Gi are reportedly due for their respective fan gatherings in the Philippines next year. Crank Up is a tough act to follow. https://www.bworldonline.com/loving-lee-jong-suk/
  12. @frozentundraI agree with you. In my case, this would also generate an interesting degree of stress. It is a difficult and important decision. But I really admire this guy. I love that he shows consideration and respect for his fans. I like him to put the interests of his fans before his own. I also wish the best for him and his fans and that they can get nice sweet memories.
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