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  1. I went hunting for it and I just came back to post it only to realize you already did lmfao. And you see that smile Ae had after he just rocked Pete's world. I'm driving myself crazy. I need to stop this. My health is at stake. There's like two whole days to survive before Friday gets here. Whyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. Really? Where was I for this? I need this scene in my life stat lmfao. I can't wait to see this. Bwahahahaha
  3. I'm really hoping he actually means Lube... cause oh damn, I feel like that's gonna hurt more than help.
  4. LMFAO this whole statement cracked me up. I needed a laugh. I'm actually not Buddhist or that would have helped me understand myself. I was 20 and still a virgin and wondering why I never liked a guy before. I thought I was gay because I wasn't attracted to a guy or anyone for that matter. So I tried dating girls but I wasn't attracted to them either though I did give it a good shot. I never could figure out what was wrong with me and I even went to therapy. Then at University I met D and I guess he rang all the right bells because we've been together ever since (Even with a couple of breakups). That was roughly 10 years ago and I attended Uni late. I never quite figured it out but I've since been attracted to other people and dated others when D and I had broken up. I just figure I'm slow to rev lol. It's why I like Ae so much thought. We're different but I can connect to not ever being interested in anyone sexually. I also admire the way they've executed the connection between Pete and Ae. It's not forced or too abrupt and you can tell it's happened over some weeks rather than just a couple of days. I feel like there are off screen conversations that go on and the transitions of time are so smooth. I really respect this director.
  5. Welcome I'm with you. Seen all 4 episodes again today and I have to go watch something else now because this is like torture. Friday can't come soon enough. Now that I have watched all the episodes again and having watched LS more than 10 times, I truly understand what you are saying here. I remember that scene because I came across it by accident and the information said it was cut because Captain's parents felt it was too mature. The setup of the cameras were pretty much identical and I love that moment in the episode and in the book. However that kiss was a parting, while this one was a discovery. The contrasts here is also quite appealing. Sigh. I love LS. It's in my top 3 with TWM (because everyone should have a Yiwah) and Addicted as well. I hope this BL continues into a season 2 so we can see what else this Director can do to push the limits of a BL drama as tastefully as he has.
  6. OMG And we have to wait another week to watch this?! I have never been so impatient for a new episode in my life. Not even for TWM and and I LOVE Korn and Knock. Like whyyyyyyy! Now that I got that out of my system... Well this is actually not what I expected. I love how this show is just going with it's own flow. It seemed like Ae was the one jealous and frustrated and it made so much sense. On the other hand, Pete being the jealous one is actually great. Someone was saying before that they wished he was more assertive.To me, this is a step in that direction. I really look forward to see how this plays out. I also need to find that link to Line TV live so I can see how the pageant goes. This will be my first opportunity to see a none US/Ms World/Ms Universe pageant. I want to make sure I catch at least some of it.
  7. OMG yes! But the predictions and the laughter is all in the fun isn't it? I personally agree with this theory. I can see Ae struggling once he consciously focuses on his feelings for Pete because I really think up until ep 4 he was acting instinctively or subconsciously on his feelings.
  8. Hummm I can't say it's all one sided because there are Western authors who have their books translated into several different languages. Of course, like with everything, these authors are popular but that makes sense. Why use money you don't have to translate a book where you are virtually unknown? That doesn't guarantee sales. On the flip side of this, the LGBTQI community is now widely acknowledged if not always respected. With such a large community out there with supporting 'cast', why wouldn't you want to reach it? Were I an author, I would work to make my novel internationally accessible as humanly possible. I see many sides to this argument like baw72 and we could keep this one going forever. Either way for me personally, I'm that person who usually holds a digital and hard or soft copy of any book I like. I could run a library but I'm selfish. Even if I read it on Wattpad which I'm seriously considering doing, I would still buy it if it came out in English. I would buy it in Thai except I'm not sure I would be able to get it translated because I have zero affinity for languages.
  9. I've been reading the comments and it seems he is doing it on request of his followers. If that's the case then it's definitely not with permission. That is unless he intends to seek it out. He wouldn't be the only one I'm sure. Love By Chance is highly requested now. I often wonder how many translators on Wattpad are doing so legally? I need to look at copyright laws because are books the same as a piece of art and if you acknowledge the owner and make no claims to the novel does that make it ok? I'm always confused about this.
  10. Some of you may be happy to know that a Wattpadder is planning to translate Love By Chance (I forgot the original name of the book) on Wattpad. He's only put up an intro page that I saw. Some of you may know DarkLord or ChrisSakett. He did some translation for 2 Moons when it was airing.
  11. I think it's because their eyes are closed that it's tough. You can't see anything that's happening and you just have to trust the director and everyone involved.
  12. Ae was jealous about Tin? Really... I thought it might be Pond but why Tin?... Ugh now I really hate that we will miss an episode this week so I can get my answers that much faster.
  13. Actually I was talking about Can, not Tin lol but that's ok. In fact, Can might even be a little better off than Ae. If a girl approached him, he would be ecstatic. But not so with Ae.
  14. Actually while browsing on YT, I noticed another series with Saint in it. You have to realize that this series should have been out since April (or something like that). I don't think Saint is trying to avoid the promo stuff, I just think he has to focus on his new job. The last time I saw Deltos and Kim Soo-Lee was 2 Moons. Lol I just checked. Then I changed jobs and my life got hella hectic and I was off dramas for a while though I did make some time for Together With Me because hello, it's Korn and Knock. I love these guys and just the way they vibe on screen. Anyway I spent this entire summer binge watching all the shows I wanted to see. This is the first series I am watching again weekly like I did 2 Moons and OMG it has me way more invested. 2 Moons was cotton candy fluff and I needed that at the time since I was going through a hard period. LBC is real in its portrayal of the internal conflicts of first love and saxual attraction. It suits the current me just fine. Though I'm a girl and strait, I did go thought a period of sexual confusion. I wasn't attracted to anyone and as I became more aware of different sexualities, I wondered if I was a lesbian. I started looking at women in a more sexual light and I even experimented but while it felt fun and exciting and new, it didn't hold much appeal past that, and the sexual feeling I was looking for, never really came to me. Then I met my D. and he was it for me. All the things I was looking for, he evoked in me and the odd part was we were primary school friends who separated to different secondary schools and hadn't seen each other in over 5 years. I can connect with this confused Ae. No one has rocked his world or made him pay attention until Pete. Ae seems to have a White knight tendency and Pete just appeals with his damsel in distress demeanor. However Pete is no damsel but quietly capable which makes me respect the character even more. He may cry for a while but with encouragement or purpose, he buckles down and does what he needs to do. I also do agree that Tin is gay and at least out to himself. I would love to know who called him that time in ep 2. Could it be a past lover? I also think Can is like Ae in that sense. What is the saying? Birds of a feather flock together... Or is it those who resemble, assemble? The point is, they are innately alike in that sense of being in sexual hibernation until these two cum around . Not to mention I am now wondering if Tin used to have a crush on Pete. I don't think he does currently but I think Pete is dear enough that he pays some attention to what or who he is doing And boy this is a long one and my brain is done thinking lol sorry
  15. Hummm... Why is there now new episode next week? Just curious...
  16. I just have nothing to say... I'm so giddy it took me a hella long time just to come up with "I have nothing to say..." Like I can't stop grinning and sighing and smiling and sighing... Oh wait I said that already... And when Ae said "Sorry I sucked..." Well I'm a girl so I'll just say I was a guttergul... Does that work? Like my brain is so high right now on this perfect scene that I can't even. I need to go do something boring so I can relax... Or I need to just watch this episode over then scream into my pillow. Either one works cause jeez!!! I am loosing it...
  17. I think I understand after watching this why Ae would be frustrated in episode 5. You've shared at least 2 kisses (accidental or otherwise), you were holding hands in the movie theater, and you have even gone so far as to seek advice about your feelings... Then the person your falling for pushes you towards someone else. I'd be pissed too so... If this is the storyline they are going for then it explains a lot to me. Also I sense that Pete is feeling like this is all too good to be true. He could very well be acting out of self-preservation when he pushed Ae away using the girl (whatever her name is). Or he could simply be trying to protect himself because he subconsciously thinks that he can never be loved due to Trump's psychological games. Or I could just be over thinking this and it's a case of flawed writing to heighten the drama lol.
  18. Ohhhh now I regret passing by here cause there is news and Friday is like days away. Jeez! And we get an ep 5 preview? Does that mean 2 eps this week? I can dream right? Ugh!
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXLRh_ipyHc This is in Thai and then in English. I found the last Chance encounter very interesting... Like how many times did this happen? Because I know someone said it happened like twice. I need this book in english because languages is not my strong area and my Thai amounts to about 6 phrases. Also nice to see another Caribbean national. I come across so few in the BL category. I'm from Grenada myself.
  20. OMG It's been so long since I've passed by this forum. I believe since 2Moons completed. My life hit the roller coaster then and I fell behind but this summer I caught up with a lot of BL and K-dramas I had on my list. It's been crazy binge watching shows after shows. I couldn't ask for a better vacation I love MT but like others it's mostly for Monk. But with LBC I was hooked on all characters. I do agree that Pete isn't feminine. He screams sheltered and protected to me. I think Trump (What a name choice) was like the spike that punctured the protective bubble and Ae came along and popped it completely but not in a bad way. I also agree it was love at first sight for both couples but I also think Pete is more romantic than Ae. He's aware of his sexuality and is willing to explore a sexual relationship. In this way he is much more mature than Ae. For Ae though, it wasn't on a conscious level and he moves more instinctively and at a more basic level in some ways than Pete. I also understand the person who said Ae may be demisexual. It may very well be that Ae was not aware of anyone on a sexual level until Pete but I also think he is a bit thick and it will take some time for his emotions to catch up with his basic natural instincts. It may help that he is the protective type too and Pete seems to need protecting a lot. I am actually most interested in Kengkla (I think) and Teckno or Technique? That little high schooler is working very hard to get what he wants and I admire that but I get the feeling they will have the least screen time. I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. Anyway it's nice to see you again Deltos and I hope to be able to get back to posting again. This series really has me hooked :)
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