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  1. @Kim Soo-Lee there is new research for you to delve into of the TinCan variety. Though apparently there is an issue here since the Wattpad page got mirrored by some idiot and Joel is rightfully upset about it. The Techno/KK scene may be a distant dream since they plan not to post research material until Wattpad does something about the situation. I'm pissed on so many levels because I hate when people steal someone else's hard work. On a more selfish level, I may never get to research my favorite couple because of some idiot...
  2. I am not accepting this from Ae now. I personally simply reacted to a sentence that stood out to me. Though to be honest I don't think Ae is an abuser. I don't say this because it is Ae but rather because of his previous actions. Abusers tend to be abusers throughout their lives, even as children. Saying Ae is an abuser is sort of counter to the nature of Ae as he is presented. He is high handed and tends to react immediately to something he sees but that is how his personality is presented. He is hasty... and yes, a bit violent to Pond but then I see them as brothers and to me they react the way brothers do. When it comes to Pete, I don't think Ae reacts to the words but to the tone. Pete says no but it's weak (for lack of a better word) and I came by this conclusion through research... He isn't firm and insistent but rather lets himself be carried along. He needs to also react physically. Jerk his hand back and do some push pulling of his own. I think then Ae will get it. Again I am just using my interpretation of the characters presented. Jeez this topic can get so heavy.
  3. But Ae is insuecure... I'm sorry that I focussed on this sentence but it is the part that leaped out to me. Sure Ae is more secure in himself than Pete is but when he compares himself to people like Tinn, he sees himself as falling short in more ways than one. He even said that he is not handsome. A clear indication of his insecurity. Is jealousy ok? No, it's actually one of the seven deadliest sins for a reason. It doesn't just stem from insecurity but from so many other things. In this case Ae finds himself lacking and it results in a physical demonstration of his need to be in power and to appear powerful. We can easily talk and say this needs to be fixed but everything has it's process. It's not going to stop by the next episode if Pete puts a halt to it. Ae is going to have to consciously try to stop over a period of time and Pete is going to have to remind him. I don't take issue with you but I just feel that what you say is not realistic. The fact that this whole topic is being discussed is also a good testament to the wonderful acting of our guys here.
  4. Bwahahahahaha!!!! I needed this joke. Just had a shitty day I actually have to agree with you here. I have three brothers who treat me like a boy... who I willing fought with. This is nothing. It's different now with two of them married and realizing that their sister is actually not a brother. Your should have seen their faces when I wore a dress at ball night. It was lavender and there was lace and shimmery cloth. I swear to you, it was like an alien had landed. But I digress. To me, because of Pete's mild manners, I tend to think of him in more feminine terms. I apply female feelings and opinions to him and that isn't actually a good thing. He isn't female and doesn't want to be. To me, it does look intense and very physical and male. In fact, it looks quite mild. I do not condone violence so don't get me wrong. I am simply saying, that I have seen real male on male violence with the intent to hurt or maim and this doesn't even come close. And I completely agree. I think it is considering the way that clip ended lolol oh were you talking about something else? Well I hear he's short but fat and chubby can be gentle...
  5. Things I Love about this episode: - Chompoo unknowingly being the straw that broke Pete. I have to agree with Lazy on this one. She really is the vitamin their relationship needed. - Ae's persistence. Someone might have given up on Pete. I personally sort of have a low tolerance for people with Pete's personality but I get that it's a drama and it works in this case. Ae saw Pete and he didn't let him go. He searched until he found him. - Pete trying to motivate himself reached me. He's trying hard and I love him for that. Sometimes the fact that your trying means so much more than the success. He's aware that his own confidence is failing and he's trying to boost it with a little pep talk. I just wanted to hug him. In Pete's case thought, I don't think he can do it on his own. - I find it interesting that a kiss is used as a threat... I'm trying to remember where this was done before but I keep coming up with het mangas and anime lol - The whole scene on the football field was beautiful and even though I saw the clip, It was much better because I saw it in its entirety. The last football field confession on the bleachers was cute and a turning point for LS but this one was so much better (I tried not to but I couldn't help make the comparison). The issue of the translation is just gone on me because I can't speak Thai so I'm just going to take what I get and run with it. Not to mention the Twitter says he is bi. So whatever. I'll take it. - Ae's hormones have found their source of freedom in Pete and they are exploiting it shamelessly. I love it. They have so much time to make up for. The dude is supposed to be 18 right? That's roughly 6 to 8 years of pumping hormones through Ae and getting nothing for it until now. They are racing to the finish line. - That supper cute awkward moment when Ae went to get Pete on the bike and they were both blushing so hard and trying to figure out how to talk to each other is just perfection. It was well done. - And VIP goes to Pond again. He is really shameless but he's right and he gives good advice to both sides. I also get his explanation of Ae because my brother in law and my eldest nephew is Ae. Like All Three would be found when you look up the word literal. Unlike Pete, they don't really see the shades of grey. It's all black and white with them. Drives me nuts. On the other hand, I also get Ae's explanation. People will exploit Pete for his gratitude. I mean look at what Pond said about the XBox. He was joking but if he had a chance to make it real he would and that's what Ae is trying to save Pete from. His approach is just shitty though and I wanted to give Pete another hug. His cute little face looked so down. - Pete and Ae both taking Pond's advice was actually perfect. Ae needs to listen a bit better and pay attention. Pete needs to speak up more and not overthink things. Without Pond they would be a mess. - Can's perfect swing was the icing on the cake. Way to go! And the hexing after then maneuvering his sister to clean it up just makes him such a sweetie and such a brother. They are disgusting creatures, brothers. I wanted to reach out a rap him like I do my own. Things I didn't like or found annoying: - No Techno and KK... Not even a glimpse - Ae dragging Pete everywhere. If that really is going to become a thing like someone said ^ it's going to get old for me fast. - While Chompoo serves her purpurse, he presence is still annoying. Ae's not going to tell her go away because I agree, she is a non-entity to him and more like a little sister than anything. Unless Pete says she makes him uncomfortable, she will be around for a long as Ae gives her hope. On a side note... Tin said that Pete and Ae's relationship was disgusting. For a second I thought he was being homophobic. Then I though, is it because Ae is poor? I also wondered if Tin thinks he doesn't need anyone in his life because they will just disappoint him. In the beginning of the series when Tin got that call, I used to think it was a jilted ex but I really think it was either his father or brother. He bases every relationship on their treatment of him. People can love without expectations but if he's never experienced it before, how can he blindly trust that the next person who seeks a relationship with him isn't going to betray him too? This is why he feels the need to prove to Can that his blind trust in his friends is wrong and why Can got under his skin so quickly. This is also why Pete is unwilling to tell him why he asked for information on Trump. Pete understands Tin and knows that Tin will judge him harshly. No one wants to be talked down too. Ae does this too but for the sake of teaching and protecting Pete. He has good intentions but poor execution. Tin, though, could destroy himself if he continues down the road he is on and I presume Can is his saving grace... Regarding the next episode and getting lessons from Chompoo, I think it's a matter of both issues presented above. Pete is a big distraction. Imagine watching him talk and having to stare at his lips then wanting to kiss them and so on. Ae isn't going to learn much in that state. I also think some pride is involved. So far he has had to teach Pete. Imagine Pete having to teach him. It's a strange turnabout that he may want to avoid because of how it would look. Chompoo just seeps safe in this case and Pete just needs to be clear: ditch the chick or we will have problems. lol
  6. The fact that something like this exist on YouTube makes me mind blown but I have to say it is on point. Besides I've had longer to wait for subs than a day. People are just spoilt.
  7. No your not simple minded. Your point of view makes perfect sense. It just depends on how you view the argument.
  8. Hummmm, in regards to Lazy's translation, could it be that he's considering all the times he may have had a random crush on a girl that never went anywhere? I've had random crushes that lasted a couple of days or a couple of weeks. It means he's capable of liking girls even if he's never acted on those feelings. I'm wondering. Could it be the repressed hormones kicking in? I mean if you see your chance go for it. This is their first chance to 'go wild'. I would grab it too if it were my repressed sexuality. Although is repressed the right word? Suppressed says he know it was there and shoved it down. Oh whatever. I need breakfast... I can't even remember where I was going with this now. Oh right... maybe this is a culmination of all the years he's missed his chance to have sex. The hormones are leading the thought process so he goes from a couple of kisses to sex... Where's the heavy petting and the blue balls? Those are all nice parts of it too. Ok I need to take my rampling as s a$$ and go eat. I'll try to be more coherent later after the subs.
  9. How can an episode have so much and yet not enough... ?!!! I'm satisfied and yet I want more. I don't understand a single thing and yet I grasped so much... Ugh!!!!! As Lazy said just use the butter already and jump each other. The tension is driving me crazy!!! What am I going to do when I finally get the subs? Lose my mind completely? Btw I totally agree Pond was the VIP here and jealous Ae was interesting to watch but how much manhandling can Pete take in one episode? He was literally dragged everywhere by Ae. I think Can was storing up that smash to the face. It was beautifully delivered and a far cry from his mock ones he was shelling out in his room. But what the heck was he trying to do at the house? Hex Tin? Or making an accidental love potion? Have any of you ever seen Were the World Mine? I immediately thought of that scene when Tim makes the flower. Anyway, I'm going to go calm down by taking Lazy's advice and jumping Dee. Night. I'm way to hyped and boy does he reap the benefits. He carries all that eye makeup very well!
  10. OMG!!! I will do penance... by watching my favorite episodes all over again. It's been years since I watched this show.
  11. I feel like I know what QAF is but I am too tired to figure it out. Can I get a hint? Lol I used to live in Texas for roughly 5 years during and after university. I was thinking Sam's Club but when I saw Costco I was like damn it. Why didn't I think of there! LMFAO!! I seriously doubt they will have these too... When I think of MIR and in the case of the book for LS, one or both of the persons were experienced. These two really are like the blind leading the blind as @baw74 said and I can see certain things not coming up or being glossed over. It's not the right thing to do but lack of these always somehow heightens the romance for the fujoshis... Oh this is so beautiful and just brighten my night because I had a hell of a day and I'm just exhausted. Yet somehow I managed to make this long post. The power of BL loooooove lol
  12. It's my understanding that the show has deviated a bit from the series so here's to hoping they will not disappoint us with this overused trope. It would be really frustrating.
  13. When I write a fanfic it is based solely on the characters from the novel, or if I can't read it then how they are portrayed in the series. Sometimes I even blend the two mediums and use scenes from both that suit me. Credits to the authors of course. It I'm using the characters based on the series, some of the actors quirks may come through but I never try to ship the actors for real simply because they are acting. When the lines between actors and their characters get blurred it says something about the mental state of you the viewer. In that case you need a reality check. I also don't like fan service unless I get spoilers for the series, in which case I watch them whole-heartedly. I can't help myself. Besides I've always been that person to watch a show or read a book even when I get spoilers or know the ending. It's never bothered me.
  14. I got so busy at work today that I just got here and as usual there are pages to read but there is one thing I'm sure of. I'll be so much worse with TWM than I'm being with LBC right now. Like WHAT!!!!!! TWM is in my top 3 dramas I love and I get a season 3? God must love me. And now I see an ad for a possible season 2 of LBC? God must really love me. I'm starting to look over my shoulder for bad luck because things are looking way to good right now. Damn. I really hope it is external and that they unite to face it and please let it not be a chick. I'll even accept family issues done right. Anything but the two of them fighting like they did in Bad Romance. I watch this entire series like once a month but I'm with you all the way.
  15. When I saw Ae crying, it made me unhappy too but I also wondered if maybe he is an angry cryer. When I get pissed off I cry and I hate it. It makes me feel like I'm supposed to be mad so why are the tears falling when I want to knock you the Richard Simmons out and your just like "Oh baby don't cry..." I didn't do it for the sympathy damn it! Lol Anyway Ae must be so frustrated at this point that he can't help it and Perth is so great at portraying that. And honestly i told myself I wouldn't come back here until Friday because I go nuts just reading and anticipating the new episode and here I am... back on Monday... Back at it again with them Soompi chats... I think I need therapy...
  16. KengKla and Techno are my number one couple so far. I'm just waiting for them to really get going. I like TinCan and AePete equally but I have to respect KK for wanting Techno and doing everything within his power to have him. Not only did I laugh but I did a happy dance lmfao. That whole scene had me grinning like a fool and the fact that he has Technique doing his bidding just makes me crack up. He's such a sweet bad boy. My favorite line of this entire episode was when Ae was talking about Pete and said that Pete is a nice guy but sometimes Ae wishes he were a little bad. Even the 'Seme' likes to be claimed too it seems. Here's to hoping Pete learns to love himself as much as he loves Ae. Then he can smile sweetly at girls like Chompoo and tell then to back off.
  17. The things I liked about this episode: -Insecure Ae. It's nice to see him have doubts and insecurities. It makes him even more endearing. -Jealous Pete because even the nice guy has some bad moments -Serious Pond even if it was for roughly 2 seconds. This girl has her work cut out for her. I mean that as a compliment. Also helpful Pond because he was a big help too. -A moping Pete and he does it so well too. It just makes it more clear how much Pete likes Ae and even though we know he's going to be chosen in the end a little angst does the heart good. -For some reason I like P'Money and the way he just goes for Tin even though he knows he will be rejected. It's like he feels Tin is a safe bet because he knows where he stands lmfao... -Hyper Can... I just think he's cute. For some reason my ADHD kids are always my favorites in school. -Ae and Can really do come across like younger versions of Type and Techno -Can's sister is my spirit animal -Pete and his mom have such a wonderful relationship. I look forward to the episode where they have dinner or lunch or whatever. Things I didn't like: -Chompoo's voice because damn girl... I see now what everyone means after watching this properly on my laptop. -The scene with Type and Tum though I mostly think it's because I don't quite grasp something here. Why does Type constantly need to confront Tum when they never dated? He now has Tharn right but was Type dating Tarr or was Tharn dating Tarr and why are there so many Tees because they are messing me up! lol sorry. Mini rant.
  18. I think it's because they have their own book... Someone mentioned there were about 4 or them? And I'm pretty sure I saw one for Type and Tharn... MAybe they don't want to bring him in now if they are planning his story for the future. LBC is successful right now. If they save his story and keep us in suspense, we may want to see it in the future.
  19. OMG yesssssssss! I was hoping it would be at the end of this episode but I don't hate having to wait either I really do believe that Trump has a lot to do with the current state Pete is in. Imagine giving your heart only to realize you are a bank this person wants to rob not to mention all the hateful things Trump said. I felt hurt and I was only watching. They really are very skilled actors. It's a testament to how much Ae currently feels about Pete that he didn't just walk away. I also respect Ae for letting Pete know exactly where he stands and how he feels about the situation. He is at least sure that he has some feelings for Pete and is willing to explore it.
  20. Usually Deltos delivers this but I thought i would this time since I usually pass by to read Lazy's opinions. This explains so much to me. Pete's feelings of being inadequate and Ae's frustration is really clear.
  21. I've read this a few years ago then lost track of it. I never finished. Jeez. Now i feel compelled to go read it again to the end. We'll that should keep me distracted for a while when I need it.
  22. Hummmm, it will be interesting to see Yuri as the "bad guy" in this show. I did like her character in LS. She was just a girl who liked a boy and tried her best t make that boy see her. Sure she was pushy and annoying at times but that's what a teenage girl is like when seeking attention from her special boy. I totally understand how hurt she must have felt and I was also really happy to see her try to move past all that and accept that she wasn't the one and that while Noh hurt her, he hadn't changed. He was still the good guy she liked from the beginning. Again another parallel is happening here where the original 'good girl' becomes the new 'bad girl'. LBC is really doing it for me. I'm looking forward to everything it has to offer to the point where I'm not sure I'll even be mad if Ae is 'gay for Pete'. I'll have to wait and see.
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