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  1. Oh TWM is this week!!!! Yasss! Sh it 8am your time will be too late for me. I'll already be knee deep in work. I''ll just have to wait. Darn it
  2. Hummm I don't use a VPN and I get it just fine. It doesn't buffer or anything. I'm saving this link though since I've been looking through for it. LBC comes through roughly around my lunch hour so if I set up on Friday and time it, I can watch it live so I don't have to wait for the line links. I'm happy about that. At least, unless I'm interrupted and called to do something else. That would suck so bad.
  3. Hummmm, research says there was some heavy making out and hands and mouths in interesting places but that's about it. Ugh now I want to go researching again lol. Considering how slow and confused I was in the beginning, I think Ae is doing better than fine. He's the type of guy who knows what he wants and doesn't cut corners. He walks a straight path. Pete stepped onto that path just in time and caused him to stop and assess this new obstacle. He choose to allow Pete to walk his path because guys like Ae aren't that great at stepping off their path and onto someone else's while guys like Pete flow like water wherever they land. I hope you understand my analogy. Really!? Is it only My Accidental Love or they will do all the novels? I hope all because I am so ready and willing to buy them all. Holy richard simmons! I'm so happy.
  4. OH hell yes! I haven't watched Takumi Kun in a while. Now that you've mentioned it, I can see it. My current thoughts on the RAW side of things lmfao... -Tin does not have romantic feelings for Pete. I truly feel that Tin thinks he and Pete would be perfect for all the wrong reasons and it has nothing to do with love but with status and position, money and power. Besides, like Chompoo, he was being a vitamin today. Without him, there wouldn't be a Kabedon, some BDSM and 50 Shades of Ae, ay ay lol -Can doesn't know it yet but he has marked his territory on that car and stalked him claim. Tin can't be with anyone else now lmfao! -I enjoyed seeing Techno but by God if they leave out KK again, I'm sending that director whose name just suddenly slipped my mind, a really detailed set of tweets about why I love the show but hate him at the moment... -Can and Techno were hella funny because of the guys looking annoyed behind them. -AePete cute moments are just cavity inducing. Just the way I like thiem. Ae touching Pete's heart and calling him his fann is so damn heartwarming. Also the cheek pinching is back and Ae played with the hair again! -Why is Tarr meeting Type when Type's bf is the one he should really be talking to? I guess Type is being a mediator because Tharn isn't ready to see Tarr? So lost with these too and I have to agree with @deltos CTL did it soooooooooo much better with the step brothers. I was rooting for them as much as Zach and Fandy. -There are sooooo many conversations I want to know about... Damn it. I wish I was good at languages!
  5. So I'm finally home, I've been good and done all my chores, I know I have pages of comments to read but I need to watch this episode then Lazy's subbed clip and I'll be back with my two cents...
  6. I'm being a bad girl right now. Actually the links to the episodes show up about midday my time. I'm in the Caribbean. So I get the subs about this time on Saturday.
  7. Don't you mean Sunday? I can't watch right now!!!! I just finished my lunch break. Now I have staff development!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
  8. Oh... Well this is interesting. I did like Kimmon and Copter. MingKit is my jam. I like Tee and Tae too. Tee, I think, does the jealous act very well for the fans.Or is it Tae... Gosh I don't really give much attention to ForthBeam so I can't remember the names for the actors.
  9. LMFAO I do... Those pretty fish made me so sad then I read the book and found out they swam twice! I was even more heartbroken . This time I refuse to be sad about the fishes. I say bring them. I have my imagination and some research of my own to fall back on.
  10. Says the person who did research lmfao. I'm so excited for tomorrow and I don't care if there are two damn goldfish, cats, or penguins, I just want to see the new episode. I hope I'm as desperate to see TWMNC and not depressed at what's happening to my number 1 couple ever. I love Korn Knock but I'm depending on LBC to keep my spirits up now. I'll need it soo. I just hope they at least make the first episode happy before they drop the cannonball on me.
  11. I know right. Sometimes when I read Lazy Subber's comment section, I'm just like give it a break already. I mean they get that you like their subbing but if they don't have time then they don't. If someone tells me no, I'm not going to keep begging. I'll be hopeful but I get it. And some people really are rude.
  12. We are lucky as it is to get the subs in like one day. The fact that we have to wait until Sunday will not kill us. I've waited weeks for subs. I don't think it's a big deal but I can only imagine people asking where is the subs on Saturday.
  13. Found it lolol I actually got caught up in my own history. Found a story I wanted to read again If you want a little back story to all the novels, this is it. It was quite insightful.
  14. Oh I assure you, I did not miss it. Watched that gesture about a million times already. I would watch the episode and then run that part back. Also in the ending when Ae and Pete were talking and Ae played with Pete's hair.... Just too sweet. So I actually encountered a wattpad post that describes the link between the LBC Universe. Apparently there are like 15 books already that are connected in some way. I never saved the post and to find it now I will have to dig into my history so when I find it, I'll post a link for interested parties to view.
  15. Saint dancing was so awkwardly sweet for me. He sort of reminded me of Seok Jin. When Jin is dancing on his own, he just looks so damn cute and makes me feel better about myself because I have to work hard at dancing too. For a Caribbean woman, I have rhythm but I lack pinash lolol. But I do make a great wing-woman during carnival
  16. They were so cute na lol. I do hope they show us that again too but since there will be an upgrade in the touching... We may never see Ae's innocent moves again.
  17. Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll... Twiddles fingers... Haven't gone to the Addicted thread but I have found you on Wattpad... If it helps you any, I'm there too.
  18. Actually I do like the drama but I hate the book. The drama is still in my top 3 and I think it's mostly because of sentiment. It is my first Chinese BL and I haven't seen that many sadly. I wish I had a good site or something. Anyway I saw the drama before I read the book and I regretted reading the book because I never saw it coming. I went in blind and hopeful. This did of course tarnish the drama for me so I decided to just watch the drama alone and left the book. I sort of isolated the drama from the book in my mind.
  19. My mind has been firmly in the gutter for days now but I've been in denial. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem so I'll embrace my gutter mind and see where it goes from here. Though I'm told the only way from here is down, down deeper into the madness...
  20. Lol I still prefer the books by far. Only watched the movies once just because. We all knew it was going to be Edward anyway... First impression was Pete finally punched Ae in the gut and started walking away after Ae came on too strong. Then the brain kicked in and I thought this is the "Locker Room Scene" and the research I did made me think they just got off and Pete is still wobbly while Ae is staggering to his feet so they can go wash off best orgasm ever.... And now the brain is in the gutter with Kim Soo-Lee's and I think I need to find the exit because this is a bad place to dwell. I'll be too distracted at work lmfao.
  21. Lmfao I can just imagine these kids realizing they have been discovered. Oh my goodness! I hope they weren't too embarrassed or did he even call them out?
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