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  1. So do I. Bless his heart. He looks out for our boy Ae where it counts. Call back to the same episode when Pete picked it it. I was so grossed out at the thought of him touching Pond's dry DNA Yet at the same time it was so funny as hell with Pete wondering why the hell there is a random balled up tissue there. He can be so innocent. IKR! All I could think was if Ae was on Pond's level, Pete's V-card would have been turned in by now. And I feel like he would have been smooth as eff. Like the hot eyes and the sweet touches. I would have thrown my card at him if I still had it...
  2. Ok I really think this was the best cavity episode ever. Just saying... The only thing is, I feel like all that mess in the dorm room belongs to Pond. It's like Ae beats on Pond so Pond makes him clean all his messes. Brings me back to episode 2 was it? Pete brought the shrimp soup and Ae told Pond, "when will you learn to clean up after yourself?" It's cause Ae has been doing it for him lol
  3. Lazy's subbed clip is here and I can see why Can got a kiss. He was asking for it... lmfao. About to go watch the episode again.
  4. So far... This episode should be called coitus interruptus (... even thought they didn't actually do it)... lmfao. I need to watch it again properly after work. Will be back later
  5. I just love that he buttoned him up. Saint as Pete is all, "Cover up sweetie... This right here is just for me..."
  6. I was also expecting the start of the series. Still the pilot ep was good and it gave me a great concept of what's to come. I do agree with you about Yiwah. I feel like Korn and Knock life together was so interesting to her because it was constantly changing and evolving before her eyes and she wanted that for herself. However she has an ideal type that she likes and Cho never fit that type. I feel like Yiwah may have focussed too much on making him fit what she wanted rather than accepting him as he is. At least that was the feel I got when I first watched Bad Romance. I am looking forward to the continuity of both series in Next Chapter and I will admit that shirtless apron Knock is drool worthy and what drove Farm to do a masquerade that led him to Bright? Oh this is totally worth my giant mug of hot chocolate.
  7. You know, up until this moment I had no clue what Gentle Monster sunglasses are... I've seen them but I don't wear sunglasses so I naively assumed that one was just the same as the other... I really should know better...
  8. That's actually so awesome and cute. My bestie and I share a love for BL. Dee just enjoys the results of my love for BL and my family... well they are a typical Caribbean family. I'm like the black sheep. I don't believe in barriers of the mind or body but for them everything has its place and if it can't fit in a slot then they don't know what to do with it. I don't really fit in a slot but they tolerate me because at least I turned out to be strait...
  9. You know that will never happen on the show right... Lol we are heading into Po rn territory here...
  10. Oh you said it. I used to enjoy watching the videos and reading the comments on youtube. I don't do that anymore. There is always someone from another group who feels the need to comment or someone sexualizing the idols in a creepy way or something annoying. I just stop reading the comments and listen to the music. Can you believe people were mean to Shinee when they came out with Good Evening and accused them of trying to capitalize on Jonghyun's death? If they wish to grieve through their music, that is their choice. "Fans" really are a nightmare as you said.
  11. Now this is interesting and explains a lot. I always assumed they knew Pete from the couple of times he had come by. To think Ae actually went this far in the novel... Wow
  12. I listened to the speech and I found it to be very deep. I personally bias RM and Jin thought I try not to get involved in all the fan wars because I stan quite a lot of groups. I just think the whole competition thing is quite ridiculous. If you listen and you like then just enjoy otherwise move along... On the LBC front We may finally get that carrot scene... I'm looking forward to it So the kiss was the shut Can up eh... Lmfao what a waste of a first kiss but I'm still excited about it!
  13. Are we ready for the love and the angst? I wish I could watch it live. I think I need to get some hot chocolate on my way home so I can have a big mug of it when I finally settle down to watch this one. I'm going to be chugging that stuff every week.
  14. Holy shitstorm Batman!!! How did I miss an entire preview? No seriously. I was on after this was posted and I didn't even look at it. I must have been really tired. I can't wait to see the conversation Ae and Pond are going to have after that question is asked. Pond is going to richard simmons a brick. Heck, I'm losing it too because I've done my research. @Kim Soo-Lee I hear research on KKxNo will be out by Friday. Not sure whose Friday though since this person is in Africa. I can't believe Pond would out Ae in front off Can like that either. Can was like really? I wonder if he even knows what Pond is talking about? Probably not. I would dearly love to know what Ae has told his family about Pete. They seem really tight like Pete and his mom. I hope Ae is also clear with them as Pete was with his mom. Now I'm hype for the TinCan kiss. We've seen Ae and Pete cover first kisses and sexy kisses. It's someone else's turn now.
  15. Here is the first episode. It's on Dailymotion. You have to look up Engsub BL Because of meeting you and you will see the episodes. Click on all episodes and you will be fine. Or you can use Deltos link above lolol
  16. So I've finally read up. I love reality based BL shows. But I also love the fluff and the glitter. They each have their place depending on how one feels at the time of the show. I know I'm going to feel anxiety just watching Next Chapter and I'll have to use LBC to help me recover and keep the balance going. I don't mind age gap relationships. I'm two years older than Dee and that's not much but I'm immature for a chick and he's very mature for a dude so we strike a great balance. With Farm and Bright, I want them to get back together but I don't want it. Or at least I don't want it if Bright will slip back into old habits, or if the two of them will have an open relationship. I'm not too keen on Farm keeping him new habits either. I wouldn't mind them being together if they decided to start from scratch and build a healthy relationship once they have cleared the air and reached a place of mutual respect. I can deal with that. I was never invested in Yiwah and Cho. I wasn't even that interested in Being and the other girl. I simply liked Korn and Knock. That didn't mean I didn't enjoy the show, it had it's funny moments. I just hope if Yiwah does leave Cho, that its for someone good because that guy could be a richard simmons and I don't want my girl Yiwah to have regrets and then have to run back to Cho simply because she was wrong about the other guy. That just feels like stringing Cho along because you don't have a better option. I just want my KornKnock to survive this and come out of it all better men with a happy life together.
  17. @Harunacamelia you have said so many of the things I want to say but I'll still touch on them in my own way. Things that stood out to me in this episode: -Type was soo central today. I truly think that it is because Type and Tharn went through so much as a couple that Type is able to see and speak to everyone in a way that makes things so much clearer. He saw the way Ae and Pete were heading and he decided to give him a heads up in his own way just in case these two don't realize the road they are heading down. Then he told mother No to check on his son (Because I wholeheartedly agree and had the exact same thought), then he went to council Tarr. This guy has a lot of work to do. Which brings me to a side note: "Moaning pleasurably every night instead"... DEAD! -I love the relationship between these friends called Type and Techno. I honestly don't think they have given up on Tum. They are simply waiting for him to get over his anger and come back into the fold lol. -Can and Tin are heading the way of Type and Tharn. That's all for now because I covered everything in my post based on the Raw version. I just have one question thought. Who the hell is Tin's dad? Did I miss that somewhere? Well I can just watch all the episodes again -Am I a freak because I don't see step siblings as related? Like I get half-siblings but a marriage does not make you blood. I feel like I might just be looking at this wrong or something but being step-brothers doesn't mean you can't fall in love with each other to me. On another note, I now understand Tar's reaction and the emphasis on Tum holding his hand. After that experience, it's great to have someone you can feel safe with and in his own way, Type is trying to help them figure things out. Type the therapist. -May we all bless Pond so that he and ChaAim may have a long and beautiful relationship... I love this guy. Like Type he was all over this episode but he was just so bad in such a good way. The text message, the comments that revealed the new status. The frankness about his feelings for ChaAim. Here is another straightforward guy but he has so many more layers than even Ae. It's what makes him so endearing. -Which brings me to AEPETE! Oh my goodness. Jealous Pete is King... Queen... Take your pick. With just a cute face and a stutter, he had Ae under his thumb and sank those English lessons like a pro. I actually liked that Ae went to Chompoo not because he couldn't resist Pete, but because he don't want to overwhelm him. It led to that perfect moment. Though now, after the locker room, I'm not sure how Ae will be able to focus. I also liked that Ae didn't just show up out of nowhere to save the day. You know how sometimes the Seme just shows up and you wonder where the hell he came from but the resulting hot scene after just makes you overlook that huge plot hole? All three were converging on that spot at that time and we knew it so Ae storming in wasn't that hard to see coming. I'll skip Tin here again too because I already talked about that. I love the moment during that long kiss where it went from desperate and hasty, to bright lighting, to sweet and hot.It took me not being all excited at the moment to notice that shift but when I did, it just melted me. Then Pete was giving Ae that come hither look and It all went uphill from there. Ae asking Pete like 10 times just so he could be sure was also sweet. He wanted that status so bad that he couldn't believe it when he did get it. Things that wrenched me this episode: -Ae asks Pete to lean on him but he has to lean on Pete too and I think that's where there will always be an issue. Pete naturally has more while Ae has to work for it. Even if Pete has to support them financially, doesn't mean Ae can't offer support in other ways. Ae wouldn't see it that way though because he is conventional and single minded in what he feels is right or the right way. It will be up to Pete to help Ae come around with some manipulation and I really do mean that. Pete has the layers and 'over thinking' personality needed to maneuver Ae and I just wish they were a real people I could watch like a fly on the wall lmfao... I also want to comment on that ending scene too because that was one hell of a psychological punch. Tin really understands guys like Ae and he knows how to hit where it hurts. But unlike Ae, Can is even more innocent and too sweet and loyal to manipulate like that. I do feel that crying scene was because he tried to teach Can this 'lesson' he's been planning and it backfired so bad that it wrecked him instead. I feel like Can destroyed his walls without him even knowing so when the blowback happened, he didn't realize how truly defenceless he was. But hell, I could be so wrong there too and his brother made him cry. We will just have to see. Either way I am looking forward to the evolution of Tin.
  18. I looked up Because of Meeting You and I found every other show but this one. I like the actors though. They are very comfortable with each other like MA and they could easily pass as a rl couple. I like their videos but I can't grasp jack sh it.
  19. Thanks. It's an interesting show but they frustrating me. I want them to get together already lol. I think I'm in for at least 30 episodes.Seems only 20 something of them are out now thought. I also realized that My Tee is done so I can binge watch the last 5 episodes. I'll just wait for the last one to be subbed and then I'm good to go.
  20. Does anyone here know Because of Meeting You? I just found it today and binge watched up to episode 20. The couple is Ha Sinh and Vien Truc. What language are they speaking? It sounds like the one from My Monster in Law but I'm not certain and when I look it up, I'm finding other dramas so I am hoping someone here has seen the show lol.
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