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  1. OMG where can I find this show? He is just beautiful. Will I need to do like @deltos and get a vpn? Ugh there are way too many shows I could be watching that I don't get to because I live in the Caribbean. I need to consider moving to Asia...
  2. My first gay anything was actually Okane Ga Nai and I stumbled across that bad boy at 18 while looking for another anime. I was traumatized to say the least but I was also strangely fascinated. You know that experience where you want to stop watching but you just can't? I haven't ever watched it again but that's when I began looking for bl anime. I realized there were very few but I could find bl mangas everywhere. I read good ones and terrible ones for months. After a while, I stopped reading the mangas, then years later a friend introduced me to a book called Angel's Evolution by T A Chase (read it if you get the chance though I'm not sure if it's still being sold). I was hooked. I now have a huge collection. I don't read that many bl mangas anymore but I do still watch anime. And I don't care what anyone says, Yuri and Victor are a couple and currently in my top 3 favorite BL anime couples.
  3. Actually this might be it because Pete in LS was actually Peach. However when written in subs I would always see Pete. So for a long time I thought it was Earn and Pete when really it was Earn and Peach... Heh interesting.
  4. I have recovered, barely lol. I was quite upset that I didn't get to see it live... again. Dee got to see it and while I was in a meeting he text me and says... "I'm pretty satisfied. So is it Friday again tomorrow?" He's lucky I just ignored him. My thoughts on this episode... - If only Can had told his sister exactly what happened she would have been the greatest comfort he ever received. And bless Can... Another gay for you but you know what, I don't care. The dude is a special little snowflake, bless his heart (as the Texans say. I swear that phrase covers everything). I still think Tin stole his first kiss on purpose but I also think Can might be Tin's first kiss as well. I mean, he is so cold. Did he ever even date before Can came charging into his life? I also find it interesting that Tin also still had the kiss on his mind. The fact that he commented and said it wasn't so bad was an eye opener but to still be pondering it by the end of the day proved he was affected greatly as well to me. It's also why I wonder if it was his first. - If that's Trump's info Tin just threw away, that could become a problem in season 2 leading to that ending mentioned some time back. I already saw a post about a poll of whether or not fans would watch season 2 if it had more angst. I totally would as long as it's well written. - Boy Tin, you sure don't beat around the bush as we say. Straight to the point with Pete. And I applaud you Pete. You defended you man with everything you have. I felt like when Pete called Tin's name, there was so much he wanted to see to him. But I also felt Pete knew it was a waste of time. Tin would never believe. That's why he didn't bother to say more. It wouldn't have mattered at that point. - I love that Ping felt he needed to rap Pond on Ae's behalf. That was too funny. The look on Pete's face said he wanted to be anywhere but there (I think I saw that somewhere up in the comments but I haven't read them all yet). Vitamin Shampoo to the rescue. If she only knew she was the deciding factor that made Pete accept Pond's help. Poor thing... - And since we're here I will mention one or two criticisms. >Pond feeds Ae's insecurities a little too well. I get that he's trying to get Ae and Pete moving but just kicking him out for the Porn Party might have been sufficient. He didn't need to get him worked up about Tin as well. I do understand why it's being done but I also don't find it that necessary. >We get that Ae in the novel isn't an icon of manly handsomeness. Sometimes when Pond talks about Ae in those terms, it feels more like talking down than stating fact. it could simply be me over thinking or it could be the words from the translation but I'm getting that vibe... On a side note I hope Pond cleans up the tissues before Ae comes home. Imagine having to clean that stuff up. Gross I also want to know what Pond texted to Pete even if it is just saying the plan is a go lol. - I need my very own Ai Good. He's actually starting to look like a cute sloth to me... Poor P'No tried to comfort his pet monkey and only made it worse. And you know what the irony of it all is? All the people Can should be safe to discuss his problem with keep showing up in his way and the poor guy doesn't tell them anything. I just came back from the dentist and I already have a batch or new cavities. Ae crowding Pete on the table, Pete's half finished sentence which I'm dying to now what was left unsaid, Ae checking his bag and being uncertain, but best of all the sexual tension leading up to, during, and after that kiss. Jeez, I was making the same face as Pete when Ae ran away to the bathroom. I was so ready to be deflowered... err.. hem hem, I mean to watch Pete be deflowered... I love how they had Pete gripping Ae's shirt to convey his need. How Ae said, "I need this," because he is so straightforward. I swear I wanted to cry with Pete after he ran away. - I henceforth say goodbye to my teeth and embrace my new dentures... Because for real it was just about perfect... except for that strategically placed comforter. I noticed someone mentioned that yesterday. Otherwise kudos to Perth and Saint, you guys did a great job. And the snuggle position, the spooning which I also love and the teasing. Just perfect. Just one observation. I have never looked that styled after some awesome, sweaty sex. Just saying... - I also didn't miss the fact that they went from something beautifully sweet and consensual to something horrendous and horrifying. The two faces of sex are portrayed here with such impact. I hope Tar tells Tum soon. He might be a bigger comfort to Tar that he expects. This is also the first time this couple has really reached me. I'm still not completely invested but I sympathize with Tar and with Tum for having to cope with this trama. - Boy Sompob's new song is beautiful. I've been listening to it since yesterday. Goodness. - I was so very interested in that partial view of Can's face. It's interesting how a slight movement of the eyelid can convey so much. He went from shocked and stunned to possibly interested or at least highly affected. It's no wonder he is consumed by the memory. - And yet again Pete is hauled around, this time by Can. I'm actually agreeing with Dee on this. Pete does have a slow response time but I also think he experiences culture shock. Ae and his friends behave nothing like Pete and his group. It's almost like Pete is constantly overwhelmed and since he takes so long to react, they just move him along... I don't think Tin is actually a homophobe. I think Tin is a people-phobe. He tolerates Pete because Pete is comfortable and behaves acceptable. He tolerates Can at the moment because he is always in his way but he is like a harmless, hyperactive puppy. Even though he hit Tin, he doesn't really give off any danger signs. Besides Tin has plans to teach Can a lesson. Everyone else thought, is up for insults and disrespect. How can they be trusted? They will only hurt Tin in the end. Yeah!!! Carrot scene is coming next week! And is Can pulling Tin around this time? Lmfao, these Thai Programs just haul these Kun Chai's around like crazy . So that's it. My breakdown for the week. I typed as I watched so I could cover everything I wanted to mention and so I could watch it again of course lolol.
  5. I was supposed to drop in earlier but I left work late and Dee and I are meeting okd friends... I may be slightly drunk. Ok I'm pretty sure I am. So I'll wait to sober up tomorrow and then watch again because why the hells not and comment. Have a great night ya'll and stuff,
  6. I need to watch this episode like several times before I can comment. See you guys when I see you
  7. But self publishing is a thing... What if the English publisher says no... It can happen... 2Moons still hasn't put out their novel and I heard they were working on a publisher too...the year before... I suddenly feel concerned. I actually really want to read most of her books.
  8. Your not the only one actually. I can't eat any seafood from a shell. Not even clams or conch (lambie) which is very popular here too. If your a sad Korean, then I'm a pathetic island girl
  9. IKR!!! I'm totally with you on this one. I might even catch it live this week because last week I was all set up and I got called away. Never plan. It always gets messed up. This week I'm just playing it by ear.
  10. So Tin/Can last scene has been posted and while the translation is rough to say the least, the scene is actually quite touching. If you can get past the terrible translation, I would recommend it.
  11. I thought some of you might like this spoiler from Love By Chance International
  12. How did you know I needed this in my life? Buddha bless you.
  13. The moment I saw this, I died laughing. From what I have read on twitter, there is no hope about it, the shrimp will be unwrapped. It's a pity I'm allergic to shellfish but I get the feeling this is one shrimp I can enjoy It's like 2:30 pm here on a Wednesday so I have less then 48 hours till the new episode. Now let's just hope nothing crazy happens like a crashed laptop or something. Crosses fingers and toes. Now to watch TWM the new episode. I can't even comment on this show. It's so heavy but I love it.
  14. Oh God. No. There's only one episode out. He'll really drive me nuts every week now. Is it Wednesday? Is is Friday? No, just no. I can't lol. And the worse part is I secretly agree with him because I feel the same way. The only difference is I never drove him crazy about it. I usually just come here lmfao. I would tell him to join but he's the lurker kind. He'll never say a word... Which reminds me I should check to see if he's already lurking on here. Dee's the type who might like to read comments of me talking about him...
  15. Ugh I think I've created a monster... I never should have let him watch the episodes. Dee has the patience of a Cheetah on steroids. It going... gone. It's only tuesday and I'm like, I'll just set up the live for you so you can watch it at home while I'm at work. It will be Friday before you know it. "Friday is too far away. I want to see it now. What else can I watch? I'm bored." Like are you three...? Then if your bored clean the freaking garage like I asked you for the past year. He's driving me nuts. I can't wait from Saturday after the subs when he realizes he has another week for episode 10... I'm going to kill him in his sleep or send him off to see his mom in Florida. He has vacation days coming. He can take them early... Jeez tell me about it. I just found out my neighbour two doors down watches K Dramas on netflix. If she weren't such a prude, I might have introduced her to BL dramas... . She could do with a dose of all this hotness...lmfaooooo
  16. Only when I'm paying close attention that I remember this stuff. Otherwise, I'm so lost. And why the hell are vegetables so expensive? I also agree... Despite the popularity of LBC, if the investors aren't pleased, it's never going to happen.
  17. The following conversation is recreated to the best of my memory... Dee - Babe, why didn't you tell me I was watching the latest episode last night? Now I have to wait for Friday to see the next episode! Me - Oh? I swear I told you. Well welcome to the club. Dee - Whatever. There better be some sex this week. All these hot eyes from Ae is just obvious. The dude is jonesing for Pete... Me - Welllllll, rumor has it the director may hold out for another episode Dee - The eff you say!? Thats some bogus sh it. I did not watch 8 episodes and join the crew of suffering to get no sex. We need to blast his twitter account. The eff is this. Me - Ummm, I was not expecting this response. Well TWM Next Chapter is out. Watch that one to help you pass the time. You liked that one. Dee - How many episodes? Me - ... one? Dee - Don't even try that sh it. I'll wait till its done. After breakfast and I wanted a guy's perspective... Me - So babe, what did you think of Ae? Dee - What about Ae? Me - You know, his jealousy and stuff. The way he dragged Pete around. The locker scene. Dee - Are you talking about this now with your online crew? (Suspicious look) Me - Maybe... Ok so I just wanted another guys perspective. Your bi and you've always been a top. From one top looking at another... Dee - Well I didn't really think anything of it. Ae's young and a bit rough. Shoving Pete around didn't really surprise me. Pete can be slow to react and Ae moves quickly when he sees something he doesn't like. He wants Pete away from Tin and Pete is just frozen in surprise. He moves him along because he's an action guy. Now the locker scene would be rough on Pete because he's soft but I think it also get's Pete's juices going. These kind of situations get the adrenaline pumping and if your with someone you like, it's either run from them or tear their clothes off. I'm a basic kind of guy too. I'd be tearing clothes. Me - So you don't think Ae was wrong? Dee - Wrong? Didn't Pete tell him to wait? I didn't hear stop. Those are two very different words and there's a grey area. Pete is saying give me a second to calm down but Ae's not calm and he doesn't want Pete calm either. He wants the heat and the flash. Everything inside of him is raring to go. They need to be careful now because no means NO and that's it, point blank. Me - So in other words state your position plainly. Dee - You know it babe. I took the day off today so I could get some things done. These kinds of days always go by fast because I never get all the things I want to do done in time. Case of point... I'm here when I should have gone to town to do the damn shopping. Ok Later guys...
  18. Not. I totally agree on this one. In the book, Noh said Yuri declared herself his gf and he just went along with it. I blamed Noh a bit in the beginning but by Bang Saen, he made it clear that he had no feelings for her. I didn't feel sorry for her t the end of it all. I honestly think that Noh thinks he is straight. I also think that Noh has messed around before Yuri with girls because that's what you do. But I think that even Ohm is more aware of his own sexual orientation that Noh is. When I read the book and watched the show, I felt Noh was gay from his head to his toe. It's nice to see someone else say it. I am totally on board with you. Dark characters aren't necessarily wicked or evil. It simply means they operate in the gray areas of life. It's why I like KK despite what he did to Techno. He loves him and he used whatever means he had to get him. I don't support his means but I do understand him... Besides what he did has us talking about it. Also, it's because of what he did that certain events happen. Is it then ok to change the scene simply because we don't like it? What impact will it have on the story line and on us being able to discuss it? I actually like the way this troupe is done here and the way KK twists things. It may have happened this way in another novel but I've never read it. Ugh there better be some sex in the next episode or there will be a rebellion... Jeez. I need this sexual tension to dissipate and it's not even mine. I actually roped Dee into watching this weeks episode with me and by the end of it he was team Ae. He said he would be pissed and frustrated with me if I was ever that shy and soft. His words. He also said Pete had the "nice guy reflex" which is to smile even when he should be upset. He liked Pete best when he told Ae to get his own PJ's and rushed into the bathroom. He thinks Pete needs a spine transplant. I could go on but at least I got him to watch from the beginning. Now five episodes in and he's off to work with his tablet so he can watch it on break. I'm sort of surprised he's interested. He only ever liked TWM because he reaped the benefits of Korn and Knock (aka my sexual frustration). He doesn't even like LS which is my personal favorite.
  19. I hate it because I can get carried away and not everyone understands. I get so excited that they think I'm trying to push my opinions on them which is actually not the case. I also like when people don't agree with me and it becomes a great debate. Ahhh! I get so excited about it. I think because of that people are turned off and so I started to hate that about myself... Isn't that true about BL thought. I agree with you too. Only I started focusing on the characters themselves because I love analysing characters and their relationships. Most of these characters have traits in common but so do all of us as humans. I love it when the author builds a great character that I can deconstruct their actions and traits. LS is what got me into looking at the social aspects of a BL story. They were the first one to push into unknown territory imo without being a completely reality focused BL like TWM or GayOk. It's why, when I found out it was the same director, I looked forward to watching LBC.
  20. Lol, I try not to get too deep but it's my Literature background. I analyse everything about the characters because that's my favorite thing to do. And it is all about how I see them, I admit that freely. Still, I try to focus on the fluff because when I start digging too deep, I drive myself crazy. It's why I only have an associates degree in the stuff. Also I tend to 'argue' for lack of a better word when someone doesn't see something the way I see it even though it is stupid because we are all different. I drive Dee crazy and when he sees me getting my back up about it, he reminds me that it's just my perspective. It's a trait about myself I hate but I can't seem to help it. It drives me nuts...
  21. I guess I would be a novel/drama fan... I love to read so I always end up reading the novel and appreciating that. If there is a movie, I will watch the movie but I usually have no expectations because to me, novels and movies represent different things. The novels tell us the emotions behind scenes we may not be able to see in a movie, and the movies show us the actions that can only be described to a certain extent in a novel. I think that's why I usually read the manga and watch the anime. It just makes sense to me to do both. My feelings on the current episode: - I really don't have anything I didn't like about this episode which is a first. I can usually spot one thing that stood out to me that made me cringe in a bad way. I even got the Tin/Can scene despite it being so abrupt. - I have to avoid anything sweet this week, my sugar levels are currently off the charts. The looks - jeez these boys can smize as Tyra Banks coined it. Their eyes were saying a lot in this episode. Ae wants to eat Pete and Pete is hoping he will. Ae really is going through a period of uncontrolled lust and he knows it but he can't help it. Pete is much more controlled but Pete also has some experience with liking someone and may have had secret little crushes even before Trump (this name still gets me every time) so his control is a little better. And Pete is also good at holding thing in unlike Ae. I also think this lack of experience is what makes it so easy for Ae to expose himself to Pete because he's still thinking 'we're both guys so it's no big deal' while Pete gets all revved up. I love the shock then the rush to the bathroom. Pond's serious face when he's talking to ChaAim so just too smexy. This guy means business and he looks at her with such intensity. Her response was faster than I expected but I'm not surprised that she said yes. Though if they make it far she has her work cut out training him to clean up after himself. Tin's Mean look (I couldn't help it! Forgive me) after he kissed Can and liked it gave me shivers. He stole so much power over Can in that moment but it's only temporary Tin... He's going to claim it back and Tin will be his sucker soon. - Nong Yim is the best. She is like a cute little doll and because of her, Ae swallowed ice in one gulp so he could cool down... Bwahahahahahaha. But on a serious note, Ae should use this as a lesson to help him be careful. He can't always let his emotions run amok like that. I loved the lesson given here. Another thing, with Nong Yim, I can see Pete and Ae being awesome daddy material. Pete would spoil the children and they would shower them with love. It was such a sweet scene. - Oh wait I found a critique but only a little one. Sometimes Pond overreacts to Ae's questions. If he just responded lightly, he would get so much more out of Ae. Still, he's doing a great job as is. - They met each other's parents!!! Lol I love it! Ae's mom was very impressed with Pete and I liked that she didn't hesitate to put him to work. I see that Ae has mentioned Pete but not to the level Pete has mentioned Ae. I am not surprised. Despite loving his family. Ae keeps his own council. I am also not surprised that Ae hasn't told his parents yet. I think it is too soon and I would prefer that they spend time with Pete before he tells them. Like softening them up kind of. I don't know but they make me nervous although they could be just as cool as Ae was when finding out Pete was gay. I love that Ae's mom didn't hesitate to give Pete a job to do. I also like that Ae didn't try to stop her because Pete doesn't know how to do something. He doesn't baby Pete and that's great. - Considering that Pete's mom secretly knows about Trump, Ae is like a breath of fresh air. I like that she overheard Ae telling Pete that he needs to take care of himself so she wouldn't worry. It shows that Ae has Pete's best interest at heart. Also with Ae there, she doesn't have to worry. The hot eyes over the lunch table was hilarious and when Ae dropped his spoon, I just died laughing. Serves him right for undressing Pete with his eyes in front of his mom. Not that Pete minded. He was doing some undressing of his own. Also the shrimp references. Ae admitting he wanted to undress Pete. Frustrated Ae... All of it... I feel faint. I think I'm heading for a diabetic coma. I need to rewatch TWM and balance it all out... Later
  22. Honestly... I've seen weirder things happen in real life. In terms of the novel... have no clue. The series is known to change things so this could be a changed scene. The kiss didn't feel like it came out of nowhere to me. I can see the progression. Tin kissing Can is a result of a corruption of his feelings and thoughts. He might have preferred it was Pete but here is the only other person that affects his life in anyway. Can is the only other person that is close to Tin right now even if it is in an antagonistic way (which in itself is very sad). Can and Tin have been building to some sort of emotional climax from the start. Yet despite Can's physical response (the punch), Tin has never responded to Can physically but emotionally (his conversation with his mirror). This shows that Can has managed to breech Tin's walls (thought I truly think he is not aware of this as yet). So when faced with Can's verbal assault on a sore spot in his life, Tin retaliated as he always has. Sure a kiss is physical, but in this case it is about what that kiss represents emotionally. Tin is just another type of casanova, the cool/cold one. He doesn't need his fists when his words have power. Look at Ae, decimated by him in just a couple of sentences. He really hits you where it hurt the most. This would hurt Can because it is his first and he lost it to the person he hates the most. The kiss he has been saving for the girl he may one day love... given to the boy he hates. If that isn't revenge, I don't know what is. And it was served so cold too. All Can could do was fret... Poor baby.
  23. Well My Accidental Love is about Ae/Pete and Tin/Can. We were lucky to even have the other couples at all. The fact that Ae?Pete is all over this makes sense. Hopefully season 2 (crosses fingers) will show us more of the other couples. Sadly there is a great debate over whether it was rape or not with KK/No. Because No recognized KK and then asked him to continue makes some people think this was consent. The fact that he doesn't remember in the morning is also an issue and he as as naive as Can and easily fooled. I believe anything you allow under the influence is not true consent. Your judgment is impaired... point blank. I still like this couple thought for some reason. LMFAOOOO!!!! IKR. I lost mine right around his 5th birthday. Oh I totally agree especially since he made that comment after the kiss. I read that immediately as he had been thinking about doing it, most likely with Pete, but since Can was conveniently there, why not try it with this idiot and shut him up one time. He wanted to kiss someone or he wouldn't have had that reaction. Now we just have to sit back and enjoy where that kiss will lead... Anyway the English subs are up now so I'm going to watch those then make my official comments about the episode. See ya in a couple of hours cause I'll ned to watch it twice.
  24. I totally agree that Tin knew what he was doing. This could very well be all part of his, "Prove Can Is Wrong" plan or whatever he was telling his sexy reflection in the shower... I really want to see this one play out and I hope it is Can that affects him so badly that he had that come to Jesus/Buddha cry in the shower. Hahahahaha. I had to go look again because apparently I missed that so thanks. You really made my night
  25. I can understand why Can went at Tin. It's like when you see that person that gets under your skin and every time they are in your vicinity, you just have to take potshots at them. I think Tin's reaction stemmed not just from Can's digging but also from his feelings over the phone conversation he was having. Can was like the icing on crap cake and Tin reacted in a way he felt would shut Can up and get him to back off. He wasn't wrong because Can was too shocked to do anything but at the same time it's not going to stop Can from coming at him completely because now Can has to revenge his stolen first kiss lol
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