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  1. Like for real? The amount of national days you guys have... Barefoot day, this day, that day... Is it even necessary? Tell me about it... They were the couple I was really into from the start besides AP. You know things are bad when the ship I set sail after (TC) has passed them ages ago and already rounded the buoy like 20 times. Jeez.
  2. In all honesty, the only way to be truly satisfied (imo) is if we had 4 series in the same timeline that focussed on each couple with some connected scenes where they are meeting with each other in each series (for example the scene where Tin meets Pete at the field will appear in both series but the scene where Can punches Tin will be in their series because Pete and Ae were going at it in the locker and not there to witness that) and the showed all 4 series simultaneously. And I would totally watch it because it's a unique idea that no one else has tried. Anyway it would stop me from feeling like I just started watching a new show about TC when we're really close to the end of LBC. Which just proves that even great shows have their flaws. Still I'm enjoying it... Which just proves the saying "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" What I see will never be what you see
  3. Ok so before I get into my regular breakdown of this episode, I have to say this. I was a might disappointed in this episode. Ok not a might... maybe a bit... No maybe a whole bunch. I want to be kind about it bit I was annoyed for several reasons so let's just get that out of the way first... Now onto the breakdown...
  4. This was a verrrrrrrrrry interesting episode. My thoughts on it later but damn... Anyway next week looks even more interesting. I can't wait for that scene with Pond.
  5. Oh it can. I'm actually catching up with TWM because LBC is sucking my life with the fluff and I need some angst right now or I'll collapse into a diabetic coma. I still enjoy the show, mind you. I just need a little balance right now. It's like when I've listened to too much R&B or pop and I need some Eminem to just make me feel a little raw and grounded. Strangely I'm also at the stage where I need LBC to end because waiting every week is just draining. I feel like I'm existing for Fridays and I have so much work to do right now so everything just feels like it's dragging.
  6. LS does have a good balance in my opinion too. And maybe I need to watch it again but I thought My Bromance had a good balance too. It always seems like these dramas always lean too far in one direction and when you get the potential for a decently balanced drama like I feel AB could have been, they make it into a bromance. I'm usually pretty loyal to ships but then I rarely ship lol. Besides LBC now, I can only think of LS, TWM, WB the movie and 2Moons. I didn't even ship My Bromance and I love the movie and the drama... Oh wait. I do ship August and Bright in IAYK. This is like the most perfect statement ever. It's so true and if you're a glutton like me, you can just ship them all because even Tum and Tar is getting to me and Tharn doesn't even have a face but I'm shipping him and Type so hard, it ain't even funny.
  7. I just saw the Preorder Now part and I thought OMG THE BOOK IS READY!!!! Then I scrolled down lol
  8. Thanks. I couldn't find a thing about the movie. I hope it becomes a reality soon. Now I'm really excited. I've liked every History so far thought Right or Wrong is my favorite. I felt a bit unsatisfied with Crossing The Line, like it was unfinished. I needed more than 8 episodes so a movie is appreciated. Anything is appreciated really.
  9. As in HIStory part 2? The one with Zach and Fandy? I didn't know they were getting a movie. Is it just them or is Right or Wrong included in this movie making business? Also is it like a movie summary of the series or does the movie follow the events of the series? Sorry for the many questions. I am trying to look it up but I'm running into series stuff and nothing about a movie.
  10. The King's woman. viki.com. Can I get more drama's there? Haven't really explored the site. Was saving it for when I have a few days off or a long weekend. As a card carrying member of the fujoshi club and one of the elite at that, I can tell you skipping scenes is frowned upon.... Hahahahaha just kidding. I've been known to skip when I'm in the mood for story and not for sex. Even when I'm reading I can be like that with BL or het books. We all have our days, moods, or timing for certain things. That's actually one of the reasons why I asked that. I just finished catching up on My Tee this weekend cause I had 3 epis left to watch and I was thinking if GMM decides to support LBC, am I going to be getting a series like this? I would rather not. Besides isn't it on GMM25 now (I'll accept if I am wrong) and yet they took out the bath scene? We want the smut. Let's be real here. It's one of the reasons we keep coming back. That scene was quite sweet and tame. If 25 isn't showing it, how adult are we talking here? CTL? I feel like I know what that is and I just can't process it right now. What is it?
  11. If its not on LBC official twitter or FB, ignore it. Looks like tabloid fodder. Living it right now but it's working out because we already went through the drama, broke up and got back together. I actually decided to hold off on TWMNC too and binge. I'm really busy right now and LBC is conveniently on Friday so that works out. But I also work on weekends so I figure for the Christmas holiday, I'll catch up and and binge. I'm already noting all the new BL dramas out so I can watch them too. I caught a glimpse of My Dream. It at least has a bunch of pretty faces. Also I need to finish that Chinese Drama @deltos gave me and some Kdramas from my watch list. It will be a very satisfying 3 weeks. One thing I'm curious about though. Since MCOT (was it?) dropped LBC and they're thinking of doing a spinoff, is it with GMM? Though I figure at this point, wherever they go, they shouldn't be refused. LBC and all related shows that come after should be a big draw if they keep the current core formula.
  12. My feelings/Impressions of this episode. It's as long as usual and I remembered some folks have issues with the phone on long posts so I slipped it in a spoiler tag. Have a good night... er day everyone.
  13. Love by Chance Series - EP10 [EngSub by JayBL / KorSub by Haru] EP10-1 https://tv.line.me/embed/4245402 EP10-2 https://tv.line.me/embed/4245403 EP10-3 https://tv.line.me/embed/4245407 EP10-4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4245412 #lovebychanceseries
  14. Well even though 4 couples are in this series, technically this series should have only had AePete and TinCan if we go by the novels so maybe that is the rationale behind the thinking here. Maybe they are now trying to structure it closer to the novels. Or maybe the spin off will introduce TypeTharn who will then get their own series. Jeez, Mame really has a lot of books to cover. And the spinoff doesn't have to be long after all. A spinoff could be like 6 episodes or 8 even. We can see how KK fell in love with Techno and how they progress to the point where we met them and beyond.
  15. So once again, my hope of watching it live is foiled . Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I mean it's not like there is some planned meeting or trip or something. It's always some random unexpected event. I'm taking next Friday off just so I can finally see it live. Even Dee texted me, he's watching it and I'm just like, I don't want to talk to you right now. Ugh!
  16. My sentiments exactly... Oh to be a fly on that wall. It's like minutes to 7 on a Thursday here but I have faith I will see Friday morning. Will I finally get to see it live like I've been trying to do for the past 4 Friday mornings is another question...
  17. So I just did some checking and it's nice to know my fujidar is still working. I just cannot believe that people are attacking Perth right now. New and Art are a one of a kind situation. It's nice that the fantasy of them became reality but you can't expect that it will happen in every other BL from now on. Perth is Perth, not Ae. He can only be Ae for an hour every Friday and a couple of months from now he will be someone else in a new job. Are the nutsos going to expect him to leave "Pete" for his new bf then too? I hate "fans" who behave like this. I admit my fujidar wants to embrace Saint into my gay harem but that doesn't mean that he's gay or that he needs to be the Pete to Perth's Ae. That's just crazy talk. We need to start doing testing to weed out the nutty batch and streamline their viewing on tv and internet so we don't have to deal with them. (no offence to anyone) As for the reporters... I was rather displeased with the questioning. I liked TGSubber's translations. They really laid the traps and poor Perth just strolled on them but his answers were very nice and professional. I was impressed.
  18. Mine is more of a fujoshi-dar and it's definitely not beeping either. If you has asked me about Earth (Tar) I would have said mine was screaming. I don't really get anything from any of them. Thought Saint gives me vibes but half of me is putting that down to wishful thinking on my part. The other half just wants to embrace him to my bre... chest and hug him to pieces...
  19. You think I make sense? I'm not even sure what I was trying to say there. I haven't heard anything about a season 2 for GFB. I think I was trying to say I have hopes for one because I did. I've given up on the three I mentioned (thought 2Moons came through but I'm still not sure on watching it). And Yes I have to agree with you on GFB but I held on till the end and it does have one of the best KDrama kisses imo. The setting alone was just gorgeous with a hint of otherworldliness. The Dream thing has all the themes I like but I have zero interest. LBC and TWM have my full attention right now. I may get to it when LBC is done and I need something to fill the depression.
  20. The scenes in this are interesting... I'm just going to wait and see what happens because I really want a season 2 but I'll live without one just like I did with 2Moons (before this current mess they're in) and Gu Family Book, the continuation of her work by one of my favorite authors Sandrine Gasq Dion who passed away in the middle of 3 different series. My point is... No season 2 wouldn't kill me and I may be tipsy right now because I was out with friends. One of my besties made a surprise visit in for a week. I'm so happy!! And getting drunk on a work night. richard simmons
  21. - Accidentally Can pulls Tin to locker room - Accidentally Ae is in football game - Accidentally Ae+Pete are in bathtub - Accidentally Can is drunk - Accidentally Birthday of Pete's mother - Accidentally DayLi visits Pete - Accidentally KengKla appears Love By Chance International added,
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