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  1. 18 hours ago, deltos said:

    And of course Friday...and tomorrow at  9 PM BKK time....the 6 new moons will be announced. ...So there's enough to keep going for the next few days...I'm sure there will be wailing, thrashing, and/or celebration for the announcement of the final 6

    Wailing and trashing might be an understatement... I am just curious personally. Knowing who it is may influence my level of watch interest but I know I'll end up watching it anyway. I wouldn't be able to help myself. I just hope it doesn't crash and burn. 


    18 hours ago, deltos said:

    today's TWM3 episode.

    Dee and I have some time off for the holidays so we're going to binge it. I'm only 3 episodes in and he's just watched 1 so we'll start from the top. From what I'm hearing this will be a really bad romance... I can't wait but I suspect the prequel will remain my favorite of the 3.


    We also have to watch My Dream. I've only seen episode 1 and the boys are at least cute.  And of course Our Sky. 


    18 hours ago, deltos said:

    Twitter ought to be smokin'

    I was more thinking on the level of California right now but I like to exaggerate so the reality is actually bearable :lol:

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  2. 1 hour ago, dramaandfood said:

    #AnythingForLeeMinHo except BOF and heirs Lol

    Oh... I thought I was the only one who disliked Heirs... 2 of my favorite KD actors in it and it was a mess. I watched every episode of BOF and only liked the section where he 


    Got amnesia and remembered her after she fell into the pool for some reason... 

     Flower Boy Ramyun Shop remains my favorite of the entire Flower series.

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  3. 15 hours ago, deltos said:
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    this one here...watch for it 2019..already has 1.6m trailer views...this cpl is funny as hell - good established actors and I think it will be a big BL drama for GMMTV and get this, nobody is in engineering school and it's a comedy...:joy: 



    IKR!! It's number 1 on my watch list. Also the one with Ohm and Singto even though I can't remember the name right now. These two are top of my list until I see more trailers...

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  4. 3 hours ago, deltos said:

    If there were 4 more episodes...all the storylines could have been completed.


    Like did you read my mind or something? I was just on LBC Twitter to see if there was any update on the book and to just generally read comments. Everyone was moaning the whole TinCan thing and I was like, in about 4 to 5 more episodes, everything would have been over and we would have all been satisfied. 

    Then I started thinking about all the drama that went down behind the scenes and I was like, maybe it's good that he ended it here for his peace of mind. And anyway, I just want to get my hands on her books. Please. I hate to be pushy but... translate faster.

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  5. 5 hours ago, dramaandfood said:

    I think now is the time for us to play the game. Everyone please participate (you get a shrimp or carrot or even a goldfish as you wish Ha)

    1) The 2nd episode is mostly "The break it or make it" point in a series. What made you reach out for the 3rd episode?

    2) Best personality in LBC?

    3) Most Handsome/Cute in LBC?

    4) Most memorable/touching scene in the series?

    5) Most funny scene ?

    6) Best kiss ever ?

    7) Best couple (Only one please Heh) ?

    8) Did you ever think "This scene could have been better"  while watching ?

    9) If you get to choose your boyfriend/just-friend :P among LBC characters who would it be ?

    10) Did you ever cry during any scene ?

    11) Favorite actor in the series (going to follow anything and everything he is in, after this..) ?

    12) Will you recommend LBC to anyone ? If so, how will you introduce it (a few words) ?

    I) Actually I don't have a make it or break it episode when it comes to BL's. I have actually watched every episode of every series I sit in front of, good or bad. I don't know what that says about me. Diehard Fujoshi?


    2) Pond because I just think the show would have failed without him. Yacht did such a great job and his moments were stand out.


    3) Oh hell... Mean. I'm sorry but he does it for me on all levels. I can't even look at Perth and Mark even though Mark is 18 now. Saint is a sweetie but too sweet for me. I like edge and I feel Mean has it. At least until Mark hits like 20 and I don't feel like a total perv. Oh wait. I just remembered Earth (Type). He's a great option too. 


    4) Most Memorable - The Punishment when Pete covered his mouth to stifle the moan but wait, I'm not done. Touching for me was Ae running through the rain to get to Pete after Trump beat him up, and my special favorite is Can kissing his hand and touching Tin's lips. OMG his sweet face... sigh. The boy hit me in the feels.


    5) Most funny to me is when Pete came to the dorm for the first time. I'm always amused by how neat Ae's bed looks and the storm of Pond that lays around everywhere but the worst part was when Pete picked up the used tissue next to the computer. I was equal parts grossed out and amused.


    6) Best Kiss? Hummm. Has to be the Locker room. Specifically the moment where Pete stops resisting and looks at Ae with such need. That's my all time favorite.


    7) It's impossible for me to answer this question. Noh and Phun? :P You never specified the show. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


    8) Ummmm, the one that comes to mind is the Shut Up Kiss. I mean the build up to it happened over a series of episodes but the execution seemed to come out of nowhere especially when you have to wait a week between episodes. 


    9) Just friend would be Saint. He just looks like a reliable guy and like we'll have a lot of fun. Other option would be Plan or Gun but Saint first.


    10) OMG I just need to see someone crying to cry so definitely the scenes when Pete was crying.


    11) Can't pick an answer here either...


    12) I have already recommended this to the few people who like BLs that I know. Kind of hard to do where I live. 

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  6. 42 minutes ago, winetart said:

    The writer has to be the most inconsistent writer on the planet to write rape as a love story while also making it a point of angst IN THE SAME STORY. Watching Kengkla rape a drunk Techno and then seeing the next scene where Tar cries about how he was drugged and raped, was jarring. I'm glad we won't be getting a spin off of them since New hates the agency that the actors are from.

    Last I heard, it wasn't a no,  just a not confirmed. Though I'll accept it if I'm wrong. And anyway. He never said he hated the actors. If he still wants to work with them, he can do as he pleases. I don't see why he has to ditch the actors simply because he disliked their agency. If I did that in my work, I would lose out on meeting some great people.


    12 hours ago, deltos said:

    In US footballl there is a play called  "Hail Mary pass, which, is a very long forward pass  made in desperation, with only a small chance of success and time running out on the clock.  I think P'New did this with the No S2 announcement. I'm hoping that there is a ( producer/tv station etc) down in the end zone to catch this pass - let's be clear, there is a lot of money at stake. Never the less, hopefully the novel wii be translated and the international fans can read what happens. And yes, TinCan do have an HE...

    I am so ready for the novel In fact, I am ready for all her novels, even the controversial ones. Lets do this thing Mame!


    As for the Hail Mary Pass, I'm hoping someone will catch it and I hope when they do, they will use the same actors. It will be disappointing to not have P'New but I am willing to give it a chance. I am always willing to watch BL. I'll even give the new 2M a chance.


    6 hours ago, aniola said:

    tumblr_phq5eoPWZS1xrofwko3_250.gif<-- definitely one of my favorite scene from "OffGun"-trailer.:D

    OMG I am so ready for 2019!!!!!! Just get here already! :D:D


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  7. 5 hours ago, deltos said:

    I'm thinking that we will get a LS/MIR season1 type ending... visually at least maybe even the same music. I think it's more than sponsors that stands in the way of S2.

     You said it. To me, it's like some people ate the bread before it was finished baking and pissed of the baker on top of it. They never gave the bread a chance and just got all greedy.

    Why is it the great BLs (In terms of popularity and following) always seem to have some kind of drama involved? Imo LS missed the big stuff simply because it was the first. Maybe everyone should just go to GMM. They seem to be able to avoid the extra drama even if they are watered down to the extreme. Or at least they are pretty good and covering it up if they have any.


    Ugh I'm just tired of it all today. I'm going through girl blues. I'm sad LBC is done and Khun New is so upset that he is considering not doing a season 2. I wish the book was out so I could just read it and lose myself in something distracting and I just want a certain part of my body to go through it's next stage early even though I'm 32. I mean do I really even need kids? I couldn't even enjoy watching the raw last episode. I just hope I feel ok by the time the extended version comes out. Ugh!

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  8. 20 hours ago, tiny06 said:

    You mean sword art online?


    The first seasson I watched only a couple of episodes, then it deacresed the quality of the history and got fast-paced so I droped

    I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin wich is an anime I extremely recommend. I like almost all kinds of anime, but I'm more into shounen. 


    Yep. I like Gun Gale Online. Not the new one they just did but SAO s2. I thought season 1 had a lot of potential but the pacing was shite. Attack on Titan is good too I let the new season finish so I plan to binge it over the christmas holiday. Um I also watch My Hero Academia and read the manga. I used to watch Black Clover but I just can't deal with the shouting and the animation quality fluctuates too much. If you haven't then you should watch the 2 seasons of Bungou Stray Dogs. It's one of my all time favourites.  . 


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  9. 23 hours ago, deltos said:

    Ha !  Those are the introductory 101 courses...:tounge_xd:  Here ya go..when you can reach the top 25...you can graduate and note there are some that didn't even make this list -

    It's sad I've seen 80% of this list already. Am I running out of BL dramas? And I have to lol at myself because I don't know how but I didn't see Takumi Kun on the list and I was like what the frack is this richard simmons list! @deltos are you serious right now? And then I saw it staring at me in the face and I was like you are so blind. It's no wonder you wear glasses.

    23 hours ago, dramaandfood said:

    Edit: The poster for Red wine in dark night looks good. But the tag says extreme violence. I am going to try watching.

    I actually didn't like that one... And that's all I have to say.



    Ok so my usual breakdown is a little late. I almost didn't do it but then I decided, what the heck cause I usually write these as I watch and I just can't resist watching again so here it is:


    - That moment when Tin is trying to milk Pete and Pete is being as vague as he can possibly be is hella awesome. I just love how frustrated Tin gets and Pete is so sweet that I can't tell if he's drawing it out on purpose or if he really didn't know what Tin wanted from him... I love it. And Pete you kept your promise! You didn't give Tin the number! Shinanigens are about to begin!


    - "I don't want him to be mad at me". Oh Tin I just want to hug you! But he is going to be mad at you for something at some point anyway so prepare yourself.


    - "Keep fighting Tin". Pete you are my precious (Said with Golem voice). Pete killed me with that smile. You see him falling don't you and you just nudge him a little so he keeps going down.


    - Ok so maybe I'm more than a little in love with Good (Sorry Dee) lol. He is such a cute little sloth and I would be Good. I love working under pressure for some reason. I would be studying till the very end then go do the test. Once I selax then I don't remember richard simmons because relaxing means sleeping and I love to sleep. And then Good ditches Can without remorse. LMFAOOOOO!


    - That was a low move Tin, threatening with the full name like that. Good boy.

    "You are the cutest stupid." I don't know why but this line kills me. These two are just giving me all kinds of sweet feelings right now. But don't misunderstand me. They are not the same as AePete. Tin may be sweet on Can and Can may be innocent but there is a sharper edge to them that AePete just don't have. It's the hate to love path I'm thinking. It just gives them a zing. They still give you cavities though. Another trip to the dentist has already been booked.

    * This is a weird detail but I like how Can just walks through the restaurant door and doesn't bother to hold it for Tin. It's casually rude and puts Tin in his place without even trying. 'Just because I'm having lunch with you doesn't mean I like you enough to hold the door'.


    - "I'm begging you... na" Tin I think you might have worn him down if you had just held back on the full name and that's some finger action there Can. Are you showing Tin the length so he can measure it? Maybe some sort of comparison? Are you telling him you can do just fine on your own with your finger there? Ok fine, I'll stop lolol

    Is this Tops at War? First Tin, then... Um. I'll save that for later. By the way Mean, If you can't finish that, I'll help you. Just pass it here friend. 

    Your adjectives were great Tin but you could always expand on them. 

    "I start to like cantaloupe now." WHAT DID YOU SAY?! 

    That poor boy just saw his life flash before his eyes when you said that. I have to applaud you Tin. Once you go for it, you go all in.


    - This scene with the gifts is a killer. We could go down so many paths and into so many discussions with this one.

    Can's an idiot, those were brand name gifts.

    Tin was just trying to be nice. 

    Then the big ones. Are you using you wealth and status to 'buy' Can?

    What kind of life do you live Tin, where a simple lunch affected you so much that you went so far as to get gifts? You could have brushed them off. You barely saw them for an hour and anyway Can insulted you. Did they really have that big an impact on you?

    And did you really think you could use that kind of bribe on Can. He does love his mom and sis but at the moment, he hates you more.

    Holy richard simmons! Go for it Tin! We got your back! Ask him as many times as it takes to make him believe you. I'll even help you. I'll tweet him.

    Did you just have another conversation with yourself Can? I just find this so fricking adorable. 


    - Why it's Tum and Tar. Where were you guys for the past 3 or so episodes? Goodness. Nice to see you again.


    - Bow and Pring are life. They are 2 peas in the same pod.


    - It's just my opinion but I think this has got to be the most erotic love scene that AePete has had so far. "I want to make you moan s they can hear through these thin walls" And Pete covering his mouth to hold it back has got to be the most sexually beautiful moment yet. Even the damn thread didn't bother me. Congrats LBC. That scene would make anyone jump on a spouse/significant other... hem... anyway.

    Thank you.


    - Pond, you have great timing. At least you showed up at the end and not at the climax.


    - I will say this again. Ley is my spirit animal. Is that self explanatory enough?


    - At least Can is seeking advice of some kind this time around. You have reached the right person Can even if she is currently sailing the wrong ship. Pete's sailing the right on do. Since being hired by the Cupid Agency, you have been doing your duties well Pete.


    - Ae why don't you just have Pete go with you already! He doesn't even give two sh its about Ai'Sun. Your being an a$$ again. You know you want him with you. 


    - In the beginning, I wondered why Tin looked around like that while talking to Can about dating him. Then I figured it was because he was rich and rich people are always watched. But after Can came back from the restroom and ran into those guys, I got the bigger picture. I get it Tul. I don't know your pain but I get it. Still, you are such a di ck but it isl because of you that Tin was able to meet Can and find the person who means the most to him so continue being a di ck if only to be the vitamin these two might need. 

    Thank you Can for being the person that you are. Tin can tell you anything and you will never doubt. Just make sure you don't take advantage of that blessing Tin. It's the best trait. Unfailing trust. 

    Just ask him for the kiss already!

    My first thought was, I wonder if Can will kiss back, and then I wasn't surprised that he didn't. Can has to graduate from preschool first. 

    I am so in love with the fact that Tin is more in love with Can right now than Can is in love with Tin but I think that's a great thing. 


    - OMG KK. Can you look at No with any more intent? So you are being saved for the spinoff. "Not now but soon." Ugh!


    4 hours ago, tiny06 said:

    Sorry If i'm talking things out of the main subject of this thread. But your talking about series made me think about other kinds of series, like the american series, from super heroes or not.  What are you guys watching? Me, I don't have Netflix otherwise I'd have watched many of the series from there. I'm watching at the moment Vikings and I'm a fan of GOT. 

    I'm currently rewatching Shopping King Louis. I recently rewatched my first Kdrama, Your Beautiful and for Anime, I'm watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, Magical Index 3 and I'm considering SAO Alterization if only because I actually liked the potential that was in season 1 of SAO and the Gun Gale Arc. Has anyone seen the US version of the Good Doctor? I saw the K version a couple years back and I think I'll watch that again but I'm just wondering if it's worth it.

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  10. 12 hours ago, tahkotin said:


    Idk what I see in TinCan haha. The relationship seems very peculiar and wouldn’t really happen. But also, it’s something that seems predictable in a sense. I think it’s because of Tin’s background and how much he needs someone like Can makes me love their relationship. 


    Will definitely check out your recommendation as I wait for the next episodes of LBC. I started a week ago and finally caught up yesterday :(

    I suggest you also watch Love Sick. It's two seasons and you can find the BL cut on Youtube. It's hard to find the full episodes in english sub for me. Don't know if anyone has a secret account they can give a link to. I always recommend LS because it's like the best intro to BL there is imo. Just the right balance of fluff and angst with  the BL couple as main. Most shows have them as side couples. 


    Um, Together With Me season 1 if you want to graduate. My Tee and Kiss me again is good for middle ground. These are just the Thai ones. The Entire HIStory series is good imo. So the season 1 which has 4 episodes in each and the season 2 also had Right or Wrong which is my personal favorite. I like that they are making a movie for Crossing The Line because it felt a bit unfinish to me but it was still great.


    If you want fluff then the original 2Moons is still good. Thought the drama that's going on with it right now is a mess. I'm trying to think of more. Um Advance Bravely thought they made that a bromance and Counter Attack though same situation. 


    Oh! My Bromance the series and the movie. Water Boyy the Movie is way better than the series. Um and SOTUS, both seasons. That should keep you going for a while.

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  11. 52 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    With only 2 episodes to go, we better have a season 2 or some of it will feel like unfinished business. I need to see "Shampoo" find out about Ae and Pete, or it will feel like an itch i can't scratch. 

    You said it. I was like maybe they should have exposed it in the parking lot a couple episodes back and be done with it because for frick's sake, she needs to lay her heart to rest on this one and I need to see her do it :naughty:


    28 minutes ago, deltos said:

    Are you willing to wager your Fujo card on that ?:joy:


     cross-over...beach was also the final scene in MIR2...

    I love that scene with the 


    confession from Fuse and the way he and Tee finally became official. I also love that all their friends were there to help and that they came full circle. They were the first and the last. BookFrame and LukmoYok still beat hem back in declaring themselves official before they did. 

    As for betting my card, well my Fuji heart is pumping on this one. I truly fell they will leave us hanging for the spinoff but I want to hope they are going to bless us with a scene so I'm throwing my card in the ring. Damn it. Now I'm biting my nails...:fearful:



    25 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:
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    I read it and sad isn't what i feel at the minute. I'm really mad as hell with some of the nasty stuff that's being posted by some people about the show, the actors and now even the director. I really don't get the mentality of some people. I don't care if it's adults or high schoolers, they have the mentality of a 2 year old.  Correction.....a 2 year old has a better mentality and more brains. 



    11 minutes ago, deltos said:
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    Well it's not rocket science to figure out it's all about money. The managers lucked up and their clients landed a highly successful and highly visible drama  - everybody is benefiting from this.  Greed and the offers kick in...the brands want sponsors this is all about getting all you can get before it's over. 


    See that kind of thinking is flawed to me  because with this kind of show and the love that is being poured out to this cast, money will always be coming in some way or another. LBC is really setting up their future as great actors. The same couldn't be said for some in 2M and that show was still well received. Why would you damage a good thing with greed and such short term thinking? Think of the future of your clients and how you actions reflect on them. I feel so sorry for Saint and Perth and the rest because I am sure it is putting a strain on them in same ways. I've already heard that Perth's manager is making him work when he is sick. That can't be good if it is true. The rumors are too much and I've been trying to avoid getting sucked in like I did with the Captain issue but it looks like I'm caught again. I really hope it all works out and that everyone involved sees the dangers of what they are doing and how it affects the future.


    I could easily think I don't want to hire an actor who works for a problem no matter how good he is. There are always good actors and they wouldn't always come with bad baggage. If I'm thinking that, then so is some other casting agent who will overlook our boys and cost us the joy of watching them in some other drama because they just don't want to deal.

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  12. 26 minutes ago, Dali Nour said:

    Why the richard simmons did Ae Pete not close the door we need the 2 round :triumph:

    Tooo much goldfish and pond :D


    I always find myself saying this... Pond has a key. There's no real way to lock him out.


    47 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    @deltos is just ribbing you a little. We know you're a big fan of BL and Love Sick isn't a series you would have missed. I watched the series many many times and even i didn't notice those two in the episode. Well i did and i didn't if you know what i mean. I knew there was two boys eating ice cream, but i didn't really pay much attention to them. I'm going to take special care in future and take a careful look at all the characters. 

    Don't I know it lol. But I take my card seriously :joy: and I still missed that. I know Kimmon was in LS but It's kinda like how you said you did but you didn't. I knew, but I didn't know because I never looked for him. Still, Mean comes as a surprise. 


    By the way, has anyone noticed how Mean walks on his toes or at least the balls of his feet. I am obsessed with the way people walk because I walk on the outside edge of my feet so I can only wear certain types of shoes or they get easily destroyed. He always gets my attention when he walks because he looks like he's toe walking and it's so interesting. lol sorry but I can't help looking.:blush:

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  13. 25 minutes ago, deltos said:

    Are u public ally saying you have never watched or don’t remember lovesick? Give me your fujoshi card right now. LS is cannon :joy:

    I AM SAYING NO SUCH THING! Once I read @Kim Soo-Lee's comment and I looked at the picture closely, I remembered. But I'll be honest, I usually skip certain parts of this episode to like when they had to hide in the toilet and when they watched P and N in the heart bush exchanging the necklace so I wouldn't remember this at all. 


    Also you are so right when you said they cut so much of the series. We international fans are really lucky. They even cut TC kiss in the end. It wasn't as long as the line version. As for AP, I only saw the goldfish... Still I'm happy to have watched both and I enjoyed the experience of watching it live. 


    2 more episodes to go and I'm feeling like KT scene will happen next episode and the Beach scene will be in the final episode. I'll have to wait for subs to do my breakdown. Still very satisfying.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    Thanks. I watched that series again not that long ago and it just didn't register with me who they were. I'm sure i also saw Mean in another program. I think it was Waterboyy the movie and he was the character that delivered the porn movies to "Nam". I might be wrong and have to look again, but i'm sure it was him. 

    OMG That was him... Now I have to watch it again lolol.



    1 hour ago, deltos said:

    You know this isn't  Mean's first rodeo....here's a flash to the past...and look who he's with.  

    This is from >>>>>>> you outta know this drama...:tounge_xd:





    I never saw this or at least I don't remember but I'm pretty sure this is a show I've missed. Now I'm annoyed lol



    6 hours ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    Unless you know something we don’t , we don’t know who’s lying and who isn’t. In my opinion both managers are at fault in this situation. They should both have their heads knocked together and told to cut it out. 

    Why is it when there is a great thing going on someone has to spoil it? Look at the success of season 1. Tell me you don't want to continue that success and make it even greater? Perth is a great actor. He's not going to be defined just by LBC. I don't watch Keanu because of the Matrix. I watch him because I like him. Sure there were moves I didn't like but I kept going back because of him. I will keep watching any series with these guys because it's them and not because of LBC. If that's the manager's problem then they are dumb. I'm not going to taint my actor by making stupid decisions that will reflect badly on them. I hope Perth comes out of this ok.

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  15. 34 minutes ago, Harunacamelia said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    Hello fellow Caribbean! I miss my home country so much...:heartbreak:


    Oh gosh, I thought it was minor injuries...If he did pass on, I do hope everyone gets counseling, but I also hope his family gets help too. 

    So do I. This would be hard for anyone period.


    And I didn't know you have connections here (Or are from here) :relaxed:. Nice. It's hard for me to find a fellow Caribbean person into BL. 

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  16. 9 minutes ago, Dali Nour said:

    But the first time We have a lovey-dovey bl on screen and the drama off screen ^_^

     I have to admit I have been ignoring all the offscreen drama because the BL and all the efforts with the breadcrumbs and fun facts are just so cool and distracting that I don't really want to know about anything else.


    If they say we'll get season 2 then yeah! If the spin off is spinning on screen then yeah!


    It's sad about the car accident and I said a prayer. Very happy no one was terribly hurt or killed. Otherwise, I feel really 'chill chill' right now and I just want to keep it that way instead of sipping tea in the shade.


    Tomorrow is another new episode and I have the day off. :glasses: I get to watch it live for once even if they may very well cut it or give me fish. Finally. Not a living soul is to bother me at 11:25 Eastern Caribbean Time. That is unless they want to DIE... :blush: 

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