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  1. Finished the drama recently and it's my favorite drama of the year so far and definitely among the best romcom dramas that I have watched. What I love about this drama is that it's not only about the love story between the leads but also functions as a loving tribute to sibling relationships, parental/familial relationships and friendships. Based on the drama you get a real sense that Qiao Yi cares deeply about the people in her life and greatly values the impact they've had on her life. The longing and regret for missed opportunities and time lost is also felt not only in the leads relationship but in Yan Mo's + mom and Wu Yi's + mom. In general, there's a deep respect for parents and single parents for what they had to go through. It's not necessary to shift the blame around, let's just make the most out of the time we can spend together. I had a couple minor complaints but all of the beautiful moments continued to add up to the point where I could easily overlook them. Definitely a drama that I will cherish and I am thankful the author decided to share her story with us. I should probably get around to reading the novel sometime since I enjoyed this so much..
  2. I think the government and SARFT are well aware of the negative reputation the fuerdai have since there's another drama coming out that also addresses this issue and are trying to show a more positive image for the fuerdai. It's called Stray Birds. Xiaoxiao is a great example of a fuerdai who eventually became self-reliant. But imagine if we only judged Xiaoxiao based on her early appearance in the drama. That's why I think we should wait before calling those changes set dressing. If by the end of the drama, the F4 aren't shown using their talents and abilities in any shape or form then it would be a fair criticism but we're only at the beginning of the drama right now. When Angie Chai and producers decided to make this drama in China, i'm sure there was a tacit understanding that they would have to follow the rules and regulations set out by the SARFT. Angie Chai and producers are probably confident that they can deliver the story and keep its essence in spite of having to making these changes. Whether or not they can, still remains to be seen. Yep, good discussion and have a good day!
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