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  1. hi everyone! been long since i posted something here haha but i do keep up with some of the updates that you guys have diligently been putting up so thanks for keeping this thread alive! i know it's sort of a taboo(?) to speak about who's ryota/tao is following on ig but i promise that what im about to say is not something ill i was scrolling through my ig tl and stopped by mei nagano's post (been following her since hnr) and what caught my attention was that it was liked by ryota aw! and thats when i realised that he has just started following her. im a fan of mei so im actually happy tht hes bonding with his new 3A cast! also i just realised that tao acted in cheer dance with yamamoto maika who was also in hnr with mei and alan. so add in masaki suda, ryota and tao's mutuals are all coming in circles haha
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