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  1. Anyone in here know the instrument music in the beginning of episode 12? Please I want listen to it so bad
  2. What is thiiis? The writer keep make Human NS being evil jerks Please make some happy ending for human NS or kill him instead I'm so frustrated why the writer make human NS like this all the time Please writernim make human NS redeemed Sorry for my bad english
  3. Hahaha...me too Maybe I won't watch next week, only just read all the recap that you guys make
  4. I agree with you..I hate NS so much doing evil like that but I just feel sorry because I see in other perspective I know his mom love him so much but in his head full of thought that his mother (or anyone) doesn't love him I think at the first NS3 is made..the memory just good memory not complicated like human being I'm sorry if I look like defend NS to much...I just love NS and NS3 and I hope happy ending for all and sorry for my bad english peace @bebebisous33 It's just my opinion don't put to heart I'm sorry everyone
  5. I actualy feel bad to NS because he feel like he never loved by someone especially his mother and Ji also the people like NS3 more than him (yes I know it's because his behaviour but I see his behaviour like this because he never had someone to love and it feels like he never know what is love)..but I feel the same with NS3 How should I do? I love both of them
  6. Anyone know the background music (instrument) in the beginning of episode 12? It also played in last episode Thank you
  7. I want SB end up with NS human... in addition to his behavior and his ugly nature but he actually needs love from a woman and for NS robots let him to stay with them and live side by side because I love NS robot with his mother....That's the ending I want
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