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  1. I hope Ryota will be successful. He deserves all. I will support him forever even when he won't be with Tao. And Generations, LDH artists too, I really like them. I think there are many close scenes, we should accept it. Honestly I feel jealous a little bit. I don't hate other actresses, they're too young and too beautiful. I can't hate those girls. I'm sad since I feel too difficult to see RyoTao again. Maybe never? I just hope people won't forget that they used to work together. Talk about Kanna Hashimoto, she has the same birthday with Tao. I'm quite surprised. So I think Tao and Kanna will have the same characters (Aquarius girls) so Ryota and Kanna will make a nice couple. I will wait to see it.
  2. Ryota and Kanna Hashimoto will be a couple in "Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight"
  3. I edited. Ryota said "I was defeated since I liked you", the meaning isn't much different from what I wrote before. Hayato asked "Are you a repeater?" Ryota said "If you don't date me, I won't graduate...something like that..." Director: I think she will be sad (since you can't graduate). @liemmeciau I watched it, Ryota cried too much. I can't remember why, so I will re-watch it and read fans's posts again. I will tell you later.
  4. I edit something. Tao said she likes “Layla” unexpectedly, she feels like it talks about herself. She also listened to it this morning. Ryota also choose “Layla” to talk about himself. So both Ryota and Tao like “Layla” and said it talk about themselves.
  5. Tao came to Meguro River Cherry Blossoms festival. Ryota liked this post. The fact that LDH (Ryota's agency) is located in Meguro area too. I used map, Meguro river is quite near LDH's building. You can see Reo (Gene's member) posted a picture at the same place. T he letters on paper lanterns in Tao's pic and Reo's pic were "Megurokawa". Of course Ryota knew this festival since it was near his agency and Reo posted about it. Did Ryota go to the festival on that day? He didn't have public activities on 4/1.
  6. Tao said the song "Layla" of Eric Clapton affects her unexpectedly. When Ryota was asked about "Which song would you choose to talk about yourself ?", he answered "Layla" of Eric Clapton. Hm... both Ryota and Tao like "Layla" of Eric Clapton at same time. Tao feels like it talks about herself. She also listened to it this morning. Ryota also chose “Layla” to talk about himself. So both Ryota and Tao like “Layla” and said it talk about themselves. I just wonder... Ryota likes this song so Tao knows this song. Or since Tao likes this song, Ryota likes it... Haha Ryota and Tao have same favorite songs: Sora, Canon in D, Layla.
  7. "Congratulations on your graduation. I forgot to say this thing till now. I couldn't say it. In fact I really really really like everything about you. I've totally fallen for you. I've been defeated since I like you (hm...) I still can't graduate aaaa" Feel free to correct me Hm... Can't believe a rational man like Ryota could say he was defeated in love. It means he's deeply in love with that one, crazy about that one, burning for that one. Ryota really has lovey-dovey side. Honestly, I didn't understand why Ryota screamed "he still can't graduate". But after read some posts of Japanese fans, I think I can get it. We know Tao won't wear uniforms anymore, she is no longer a school girl on screen. People and medias say she graduated. Transition posted that Ryota said in his recent interview that he wants to get mature roles like lawyer, etc... I think he wants to graduate too (but he can't...)
  8. Video: https://twitter.com/riii__tao/status/1111496059606360064?s=20 A show listed "Top 10 pigeons (easily fooled)" Tao was no.7. The male host suggested this person always gives people a feeling of "a try-hard" Actress Haruka Furuhara made a smile resembled Tao's. Taiki Sato answered "Tsuchiya Tao" Taiki is the youngest member of EXILE and also the leader of the Japanese group Fantastics from Exile Tribe, LDH with Ryota)
  9. @Transition ah so Tao misspelled it. Haha I remember a scene in Anikoma, Setoka misspelled some karaage fried and Onii helped Setoka "fried chicken". About Selfie trip in Taiwan, Tao said if she has chances, she will study abroad like her mother to improve her English skills and learn everything. If I'm not wrong, Ryota want to study abroad too? He used to mention it since Anikoma promotion? She said her mother loves orange that's why Tao loves orange too. Tao really wants to marry (now? I can feel it *Cough*) She said when you've lived with your partner, nothing will change after marriage. But there're some feelings you can just experience after marriage. Tao said a love without marriage is boring (even when Tao really loves freedom and wants to be free). Tao said if she can't live longer, she won't choose to stay with family. Instead, she will work until she die. Because her relatives are familiar with her work life since she was very young and work makes Tao know many people.
  10. Ryota commented on Tao's IG post. He fixed her mistake. I read late so I don't know what Tao wrote. I guess Tao used wrong hashtag so Ryota helped Tao. I'm happy to see their comments. It's like a brother and lil sister haha Some pictures of Tao. Ryota and Tao still press "Like" every post of each other.
  11. Tao went to Taiwan for a 2 day trip. You can watch full trip here. They're 15 episodes, about 5 minutes per ep. She's so beautiful in red. Tao visited a shrine and made a wish about "marriage". Hm...both Ryota and Tao often think about marriage at age 24, right? They really want to have their own family.
  12. @Transitionthanks for your translation. Of course I want RyoTao to be a couple in real life but I wanna see them together again too. They're still very young, they should appear together in same projects. It's really bad if they avoid appearing together all the time and people will forget they used to work together. Ryota's ideal girlfriend is really related to Tao. And the way they let everyone know they still meet without pictures of them make me feel they are real.
  13. Did I post these pictures here? I can't remember haha I just miss my RyoTao so I want to share them
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