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  1. Tao’s new CM this is real Setoka. I know Tao always misses Setoka. Not only this CM, there are many times Tao chose same hair with Setoka (CM, magazines, shows) Tao wearing yukata reminds me of Setoka. I miss Anikoma TT Tao introduced it to Anikoma cast.
  2. @Transition thanks for your info. Ryota likes girls wearing long dresses and we can see Tao wears a lot of long dresses. I notice she doesn’t often wear short dresses like before Anikoma. Do you think so? Tao still uses that necklace, that’s why fans think it’s very important to Tao. And we discussed that Ryota wore the similar necklace on magazine last year. We talked about the Balanciaga bags, but I don’t remember if we posted it here. Ryota and Tao have same bags and they also chose black clothes. like we discussed many times before, Ryota and Tao uses same brands (clothes, shoes, necklace, etc...) and we use to talk about Tao isn’t a fashionable girl, her style was very old, she just changed her style after Anikoma.
  3. @Transition @bk2001 Hello, thanks for your posts. Im sorry, recently I’m lazy to post here, I can’t give you any hints of RyoTao. I’m too busy and I need time to rest, to think about many things that’s why I became a normal reader haha This is a special gift from Chinese Toffees. We knew they did similar thing on Ryota’s birthday last year, but this time is really special. Not in China, it’s Time Square (New York City). So proud About Aug29 from TaoRyu, I saw some fans noticed it too. It’s really weird when they celebrated anniversary on Ryota’s bir5day, 2 years & 1 month since the day TaoRyu became a real couple (July 29). Weird, right? Why they did not choose 2 years but 2 years 1 month and became the same day with Ryota’s birthday. Another gift from Chinese fans, they did the same thing last year.
  4. Partissiers scenes in MV “DREAMERS” of Generations and drama “Mare”. Ryota and Tao also have scenes with wedding rings. A cute scene. Ryota really wants to get married, right? But he’s too young to get married TT Full MV “DREAMERS”. We can see Haruka’s and Setoka’s mom appeared in this MV. I miss Anikoma so much. “Brand New Story” is a great song of Generations.
  5. Tao is very beautiful indeed. Finally, she knows how to take good selfies haha Do you think the way she takes selfies is similar to Ryota’s? I mean their style...
  6. The drama “Alice in Borderland” started filming yesterday in Kanto and Kansai (Ryota’s hometown area). Since Tao confirmed that Kento is like her comrade, there’s nothing to talk about their relationship. So this time is Kento’s turn to talk about Tao. Maybe Tao avoid talking about Kento so she didn’t say anything about him. I heard the filming will last about 5 months, so long. I respect this friendship. Everything will be okay, at least Tao’s descriptions about her ideal boyfriend/husband aren’t similar to Kento, but more similar to Ryota. Let’s remember what we translated since the first page. Tao did said Ryota is like the ideal boyfriend who will take care of lover, very loyal,...
  7. So the rumor is true. At least it’s not shoujo. I heard the story is very excellent and Tao’s role is more interesting than her girly roles before. Let’s wait to see it. I feel so jealous. I miss RyoTao. Read more: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-08-04/kento-yamazaki-tao-tsuchiya-star-in-live-action-alice-in-borderland-series-for-netflix/.149684
  8. @Transition Hm.... I don’t think they will. I think you should delete it since we are not sure.
  9. Tao posted her white shirt first, Ryota liked her post. 2 hours later, Ryota posted his white shirt The colors of pictures are similar too. Generations ‘s new MV - Dreamers Ryota becomes a Partissier. His role and the scenes remind me of Tao’s popular role, Mare - a Partissier Another coincidence? Ryota just likes eat, doesn’t want to cook, so why he chose to be a Partissier Many fans notice Ryota’s ring.
  10. @Transition haha maybe Ryota talked something about Tao to his friends. Remember on a show during Prince of Legend, Nobuyuki Suzuki (LDH, close to Ryota) answered Tsuchiya Tao-san is the typical Japanese girl even when he hasn’t worked with Tao or meet publicly. Yes, Tao eats well, she doesn’t care about weights like other females stars. Tao is really strong and very sporty. There was a scene like that in Anikoma BTS, when she didn’t need napkins from staff because she still wanted to eat more, Ryota was there too and he laughed. Hm...I don’t know why some Japanese fans thought Tao doesn’t live with her parents anymore. Maybe they know something? Remember it? She said it’s her home. She was very surprised to see a lot of flowers when she went home.
  11. “The little prince” Ryota is too handsome, too cute. Fact: Hokuto Yoshino (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE) said in an interview that he likes tearjerker movies based on true story. He watched and liked “8 Nen goshi no hanayome” (Tao as main role) People say Ryota and Hokuto are like twin brothers, they’re very close and Ryota said Hokuto is his favorite/close kohai recently, they drank together at Ryota’s home. I mean there are many people around Ryota watched and liked “8 Nen goshi no hanayome”, we discussed before that some E-Girls’s members, others in LDH. and watched PLUTO stage play of Tao. we just know Ryota watched PLUTO and took a picture with Tao, but I think he watched “8 Nen goshi no hanayome” too. Remember he sang along 8 nen’s theme song (Mabataki by Back Number) during Music Station Remember we discussed Genetalk played theme song of Tao’s drama-Cheer Dance and Ryota used to say the sentence which is Tao’s role trademark in Cheer Dance at the time that drama just started. I mean everything seems to relate to Tao, Ryota and people around him care about Tao. I think too much?
  12. Ryota’s Weibo reached 2 million followers. Unbelievable... Congratulations!
  13. @bk2001 Welcome to this thread! I’m glad to see new member here since it’s really rare to have a new member. Feel free to read and comment here
  14. @Transition I love Anikoma and Onii since It’s the best role of Ryota for me. Onii is just a normal boy, not a perfect prince like Kanade or Kaede. no one knows if Okiss will be more successful than Anikoma or not. people say the visuals of this movie are wonderful, plus a lot of romantic scenes, I think this movie will be very popular. We can’t know what will happen tomorrow, just hope what we did for RyoTao can protect our couple.
  15. @setokaonii welcome back! I’m glad you’re still here and read all. I know you’re busy, don’t worry, @Transition and I and everyone will keep this thread active. Hope you can comeback soon. I hope you guy will be happy to see RyoTao. I really miss them.
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