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  1. 37 minutes ago, Regita M P said:


    you can check by ur self dear in spartace_korean_fan IG...

    And then u can check by ur self about the RM eps at that time...


    We always have different opinion, so it's kinda normal I think ...


    Before, I didn't notice about the snacks, I just notice they're talking toward each others & I explain about the body language (u can check my post about RM eps 445 last week).


    And then in SA LINE group, one of us sent about spartace_korean_fan IG about snacks.


    So, I just copying what spartace_korean_fan saying. Since that IG is private, so I can't attached it in here.


    I'm not sure that's true / not.

    I just copying their caption, their photos, their comments...

    Deleted, lazy

  2. Look closely on someone ig story about the scissor moment, it's indeed a good moment, at first i think she laugh because she doesn't need to eat the sour ice cream (?), but she is laughing and sneak a peek to jk, that's lovely and adorable,i think i remember seeing this kind of vibe before from jh, i don't remember what exactly, but she is turn into girly type when you have crush with someone when he do something to you, ya that kind of vibe. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, tiglon said:


    3) Notice at 1:20:35 when they were playing game of wits to decide who gets water bombed if you look closely you can see KJK is far away behind SJH.  In my opinion, I think it could be just in case she lost and have to receive the punishment he wouldn't want to be asked to be her black knight, which would stir up KJK-HJY loveline again which he is trying to distance himself from for so long. 

    Not agree with this, at first i think why both of them not joining the wits game, sick?, tired?, that what actually i think, it's kinda interesting if jk sick, because i remember 1 episode about steak, when jh ask a steak from him and that time jh sick he don't give it, but someone else also sick but jk give it/stay close(not totally sure about it). 


    After a while i remember they win the 3rd game, and i think both of them get exception card (production team don't give any explanation about the winner of 3rd game, correct me if i wrong) 


    Overall editing suck, and about distance, i don't want to comment much, every people have their own description for this, looking how jy is, she cling to jk for me it's just a normal things, because she is like that, let's just say extrovert person

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  4. I will be honest and i won't put it under spoiler, almost all people do this mistake, "not satisfied", eager to get more, and when this kind of feeling come, people intended to close their eye for any possibilities, not wrong it's human nature i also still do that. 

    Jk and jh have a super tight schedule around this time filming, tired is all over the place from opening from both of them, jk just stay back lay low, jh also tired even JS say it, and we all know her behavior when she have drama, we can't always expecting they always come out with happy face,lovey dovey and being touchy with each other, i am introvert i know this kind of people sometime need alone time replace their energy, they can super crazy and vice versa the next day, especially when they tired, if they really dating, i think jk do the right thing to do, give her space and time, i won't speculate more about this, i will just let it flow, putting all circumstances around them. 


    About tiny hat, maybe she help tiny to promote it but i don't know,but what i know she wearing jk hat brand in her daily life right not filming, so i am more happy then it should be


    About they have gap, i won't bother it too much, both of them do the filming sometime you remember sometime you forgot, and with that many people, i expected the outcome like this, but the fact they still beside each other is there, jk more closer to other girl, it's just camera angle and he reacting when someone talking, for me if someone talking i will at least facing them with my body, if not, it's looks unrespectable. 


    Being logical when your heart already choose something is not easy, it's not easy to see other things when you already focus on something, just open up every possibility, gather all information and fact before we make assumption, that's the right thing to do, at least for me.


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  5. Just prepare, i just have a hunch either it's family or jy, they still in MUD remember, like jk always say, even they are dating he won't say it until married, That's how it's work, don't hoping too much with jk reaction, lately watch heart signal, Sadly how people reacting with show like that, they just killing one person with their hate comment, since they not a public figure it's not easy

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  6. 27 minutes ago, Regita M. P said:



    KJK's insta story update.



    Anybody who is really smart english "purpose" word in that sentece reffering to what else except purpose = engagement ?

    And what the meaning for the a whole sentence. Thank you ...


    I don't want to delulu after :

    1. SA getting teasing in RM suddenly & endless

    2. Yeobo words suddenly

    3. SJH really happy recently

    4. HH - SJH = SIL & BIL suddenly

    5. Tiny oppa photo SA + Tiny oppa suddenly


    *some tanslate no mentioned about purpose but it still look like special day & for sure not for filming + KJK's fam really wearing formal outfit*



    Engagement is propose

    In that context, purpose word have same meaning with deliberately. 


    For the whole context, it's looks like they attending something important,and jk father shoes is from way back when jk bought it in 96, let's just say jk proud with his dad because still use it after 20 year+++



    And i think kjkjntl delete the purpose word

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  7. When one getting feed up with all bad comment out there, when one don't even know why its just jk being talk right know, when one don't know anything and trying being a long time lurker, why should talk about jh when she is super glowing and happy,even her fans say it, she is more active and lively with all of this, hey there is bad comment about jh let's go and make a ruckus there, It's just a comment same like your, you don't know anything kiddo,what ever you gonna say, it's won't change anything, trying to make a fan war?, not a single bit, there are more shitty situation then this, when getting more bash for being delusion, when there is an official loveline before,case close anyone else?, make a new id and make a more logical reason. 

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  8. 6 hours ago, tiglon said:


    I am inclined to think SBS told them not to share it so they can have another pre-text for another episode team battle. 


    But then I start to think, SA was the only all-member team in that episode and there was actually a very good chance a member-guest team wins the card. The chance is completely random since it's a roulette wheel.  What would they have done then?


    Which led me to think it might just be by chance and Hwanjin just improvised when SA won and came up with this fighting over the card thing.


    Would have been perfect for the two of them to use it to go on a trip to Europe or something. I remember hearing somewhere that KJK has gone to all sorts of places in the States and Asia with his mother but is saving Europe for his love.  A Europe trip would have been perfect for SA, I wouldn't mind even if the RM staff tagged along and used the footage for another episode like the one they did when Gary won a Europe trip.


    They just need make another episode when they battle for the card with 2 or more people inside, and for the guest the pd already say the member partner will get the prize, it's different with the final winner, that's why they explain again for jk and jh condition if they win the game, for only 1 people win the sbs card company, pretty sure you can buy a house with that hahahaha, and for member and the guest have the same prize such as sbs company card, i think it's a big prize for guest and it will be tangled and more complicated if they make a same prize for member and guest. 


    I am pretty sure it's already their plan to make another episode for them to battle about the prize, and suddenly the fire is bigger with SA win the prize and it's a big chance for the episode more interesting


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  9. 8 minutes ago, spartaceluv98 said:

    Based on next week's preview, SA decided to go separately for the SBS gift card. So they will compete against each other in ACE vs ACE teams. So whichever team gets chosen in the final roulette spin will win the SBS gift card.



    I can be sure this is scripted, RM is lack of idea nowadays, and with that big prize for both of them only, sure sbs don't want just like that,we can see like global race or any other project, when they just end the project like that, there is always a sequel prolong it, until people get bored

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    44 minutes ago, tko4now said:

    Actually it's sound more like"i don't know the answer because i never think about it". 


    The blood related it's the same like what jk always say,the one that catching me is why she should add the last one, it's like you already answering the question but you make the answer sound untrustworthy. 


    It's same like i was wrong but i keep reasoning.

    You already admit you wrong but you give a reason to defend yourself.

    Something like that.


    It's also the same like when jk come to healing camp and being asked about 10 year gap. 

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  11. 31 minutes ago, sofiemarz said:

    It's not just tiny,  but some of his close buddies are there and even his manager gapjin was there.  It's like i cannot make it 'coz of some unavoidable engagement (icsyv thanks giving)  but i will send everyone as substitute!!! So who says she is not important??? ☺

    I think more like, if he come with his mom, it will make the reporter keep questioning about them and keep distrub them with the question.


    It's sad he not come and his mom also. 


    But it make me wondering why his mom not come, she have good alibi if she come, and it's more questionable if she don't come. 


    It's unnecessary move from my pov, she can come with other mom done, and i don't think her mom is super busy (i hope so). 

  12. Any other source for that article?, it's looks like there is two question


    First about loveline and the second one is about dating chance (source allkpop article) 


    About loveline jh answer it with saying "he is like family i depend on him a lot" 


    And there is some line that said "as for the chances of them actually dating, she laughed and said" no chance at all" and she added "i am grateful that many think we look good together, though" " (source allkpop) 

  13. 40 minutes ago, kookjong24 said:

    So maybe she’ll convert and become buddhist once she get married with kim jong kook ? We never know :ph34r:

    She is already buddhist, if i not wrong read yumi post, she say jh say to the one of kb member she is buddhist, when we all think she is Christian because what we read on google


    Who knows KB scripted or not?,i just get the feeling it is scripted, somehow jk and jh looks super similiar on doing the show

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