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  1. Hi chingus I’m just wondering if Wook referred himself as Oppa to his fans? Suddenly I thought about something regarding Wook last Vlive where he wrote ‘Oppa will be back soon’ , hahaha. So that’s why I’m asking for your another comfirmation since I’m not familiar with Wook.
  2. Hi chingus I just wanna make sure is it Wookie said ‘oppa sarangahanda’ in the bts of their last scene like someone here mentioned because it’s not so clear for me. I’m sorry if I’ve to ask this kind of confirmation since I keep forgetting. Btw, we’ve almost a year for Wookie to finish his military plus waiting for their relationship confirmation, lol.
  3. Morning chingus Don’t forget to vote for our JiJi couple www.kpoparazzi.com/awards Fighting ! Let’s make our NamJi win this time !
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