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  1. On 5/4/2020 at 2:30 PM, rose_loves_ice said:

    this drama a happy ending or no? Hmm. 

    That would depend on one's definition of happy ending.  I have low standard of happy ending for dramas of this type of setting, namely war.  I wouldn't even hope for any happily ever after. I would be happy if the lead does not die in the end.  If he does, I hope it is well done and for a good reason in the overall plot resolution.  



    I saw the first episode and Han Dong's character survived less than 10 minutes of screen time.   They must have cut a few of his minutes in the process of editing to fit 60 episodes originally into the scheduled 49 episodes.


    I watched the first episode raw and some part with Vietnamese sub and I like it so far. It moved so fast if you take a restroom break without pausing you will miss somebody meeting their fates:D.  It's kind of funny in that the things that the bad guys used to be able to get away with is now enjoyed by the spy which is the bad guy for one side and the good guy for the other side.  I am referring to the dynamics of Ye Chong(?) the character played by RJL, and the one played by the actor who play Gai Shu in UTP (I am sorry I am terrible with names).  It should be interesting watching their cat and mouse game.


    btw, the rating for 5/5 remained third, with the same order as 5/4 but the number went up from around 65 to around 76 in whatever unit is used in that rating graph @angelangie posted yesterday.  

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  2. 12 hours ago, angelangie said:

    at least 2 episode a day and 1 episode only on Saturday

    For the whole month of May! Maybe instead of Autumn Cicada, it should be called Spring Spider or May Moth:D.  I normally watch shows through YouTube, Netflix or Amazon  Prime and this is not on any of those yet  so I have to wait a few days before somebody gets to it I think.  I don't mind waiting a few more days for more episodes to come out anyway.  


    Btw, that ultimate supporter gets my vote for most devoted fan.  That is way out of my realm of thinking.  I wonder if that person is under lockdown due to Covid.   I can totally see a person going that extreme under lockdown with all the time on their hands and nothing to do:D.

  3. 2 hours ago, leslie02 said:

    I'll just be glad to see a new series with Allen Ren so that I can stop rewatching episodes of Under the Power...

    So true for me too.  I am just glad that it's a spy drama which I prefer over tradgedies like the other two dramas that he has starred in the recent past prior to UTP.  Looking forward to seeing Han Dong, the villain in UTP.  However brief his appearance may be.  It will also be interesting to see Lu Yi's uncle (Gai Shu?) as his archenemy in this drama.

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  4. I just read, from a site that normally doesn't post rumors, that this show will be shown at the end of April or beginning of May.  It was based on the comment by Li Yitong, the one that play the sister of the female lead, in a livestream she had on the 14th of April. She said, "based on what I heard,  it will be around the end of April or beginning of May."  That sounds reasonable, leaving them enough time to promote it and not air it cold turkey (even if many wouldn't mind:rolleyes:).




    She went on to comment on how she fears viewers might think her character is out to harm the female lead as it may appear to be so at the beginning but later on, it will be clearer how she really cares about her sister.   Also, no messy love triangles to complicate matters.


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  5. 22 minutes ago, rose_loves_ice said:

    People are speculating it’ll air in 2021 tho. 

    Really?   I thought I read somewhere that either the poster with Iqiyi or Youku said soon.  I think most people's definition of soon does not come anywhere near half a year not to mention close to a year.  With all the rumors lately about RJLs works being aired proving false,  I am inclined to wait for official announcements.  Although, it makes more sense for YouKu and IQIYi to show his work now to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.  Since the content of this drama is not controversial so permit to show should not be a problem like it might be with Republic themed drama, etc.


    It will be interesting to see how he is in this role.  It seems quite different from his previous roles characteristically speaking.   More light-hearted of a character it seems from the trailer.

  6. 2 hours ago, Nina Bina said:

    Why are fans so worked up from this recent scandal? If anything, fans fell in love with YWY and XE before LGX and ZLY so stop bringing their personal life into PA. There is a difference between a fictional character and real life. 

    I won't pass up or deny the chemistry they have on screen so I would like them to star in something in the future. I really hope this doesn't change the relationship as costars they have before and will continue to have. 

    I still want a PA 2 movie, drama, whatever....but with this recent scandal it definitely has died down and many are forgetting about YWY and XE. Disappointed again.

    Apparently you have to live in that culture to understand it.  I am originally from that culture and I still think it's irrational.  It's really unfortunate how the warring fan factions can determine the entertainment possibilities or lack there of.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, cenching said:

    Like it or not LGX so called "scandal" was like cold water being pour down to the PA2 "fire"......since then no more rumor about PA2.....but who knows....

    I don't see how the producer and tv station would pass up the chance of benefitting from the success of PA.  It's just a matter of when and who will be be in it.  Let's face it, even without the original cast, there's still a significant number that will still tune in to see how things are tied up.  If anything, the recent scandal make the replacements of the original cast less distaseful to the viewers so they will be more inclined to tune in even if there are replacements.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Florina Culincu said:

    So the thread shipping LGX & ZLY is slowly dying?Because of a bimbo head that self proclaims herself as a goddess ? LOL, that one choses her time to manifest herself when LGX got all the attention of the public in PA :angry:

    To be fair, nobody made LGX go out with her in public so can't blame her for that, maybe the part of her handling the aftermath of them being seen together that was not the most graceful and dignified manner to deal with the attention she got.  In any case, can we now discard the possibility of PA 2 with the same cast since I can't see both ZLY and LGX signing on to do it even if ZLY schedule can accommodate it.

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  9. 1 hour ago, sdmango said:

    I can't remember the specific of the pep talk. If she did encourage him to seek revenge, it's possible that she meant it  in the heat of the moment or it's possible she meant it only as only as encouragement to be strong and live on. Either way, pep talk was like an hour long. Not like she nurtured revenge over the years.  The initiating event was the murder of his whole family. I also don't see how CQ should be held responsible for keeping XY's ambitions in check. He's an adult, not a kid 


    @monchoo no confirmation of PA2? but that eye-opening cliff hanger at the end though ....no pun intended :D

    I am not saying that she is responsible but if I was in her shoe I would feel kind of guilty for contributing in any way to his becoming who he became.  Ultimately he is the one who made the decisions for good or for bad.   Nobody forced him to do anything.  The evil emperor did not force him to betray his troop and forsake his people, that's on him.  By the way, did the emperor die yet?  I skipped throughout all the palace stuff since I didn't want to waste more time on this series than I already did once I saw that it was dragging and going down a different path than I expected.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, sdmango said:

    That's kinda pushing it...regardless she never thinks of him either. 

    She created YX to the way he is? I think losing his family did. 

    But her pep talk in prison about revenge and her turning a blind eye to his budding thirst for vengeance regardless of how to go about it, including betraying his loyal support nurtured that side of him. We can debate this back and forth because it was open ended enough for different interpretations but at the end of the day, who did she not want to live without? Who did she willing to give up all her ideals, which she arguably put above all else, for? Unfortunately the series ends just at the point in the book where their relationship really begins to take off and solidify to leave no doubt in the readers mind.

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  11. 21 minutes ago, sdmango said:

    When YX lost everything, she followed him.

    Now YWY loses everything, she's gonna follow him now. He also freed all this slaves some episodes ago, so now CQ can work for a slaveless Wei. Who's to say YWY is not a relative to her too? Basically I'm just bloody pi$sed there weren't more YWY-CQ scenes. At least some where YWY can feel the love! 

    I certainly don't look at my relative the way XE looks at YWY, especially when she was still at Qing Shan Yuan and before and after the real kiss.  YWY didn't lose everything since he never had anything of his own.  It was just a matter of life and death.

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  12. 7 minutes ago, cenching said:

    I feel a migraine coming....this is the first and the last for me to watch on going Cdrama.....I pity the main casts that worked so hard for this drama and now they were left to fend for themselves from angry fans.....

    I am pretty sure the fans will reserve their anger for the tv station and the producers and writers.  It's probably still hard for them to defend those folks and how they have butchered what could have been.

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  13. 4 minutes ago, hermionne said:

    Is that it? We followed 58 episodes and ended up with nothing? Is there even a season 2?

    It's my first time to watch a CDrama and I must say that this leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. The show-runners and the network don't value their viewers. 

    Me too my first time watching  CDrama while being aired and will be my last.  Next time I'll see how it ends before deciding to invest my time to watch or not.  If there's PA2 with the same cast, I'll make sure to stay away until it has finished airing and the end is not another big disappointment.

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  14. Whatever happens to YWY in the end, the this part of the lyric to a Tina Turner song sums him up for me in PA:

    In your heart I see the stars of every night and every day
    In your eyes I get lost, I get washed away
    Just as long as I am here in your arms
    I could be in no better place

    You're simply the best, better than all the rest
    Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met
    I'm stuck on your heart, and hang on every word you say
    Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead (This line is for QC in the finale trailer)

    That being said, let's hope they save the best for last and give us a HE for the ones who is most deserving of it, us viewers who stuck through this show until the end.

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  15. It's a good thing the weather is cold in Yanbei.  QC is on her second clothes change since the last time they met and YWY is in the same cloth.  Let's hope his next cloth change will be the one he wears when injured at icy lake.  Btw in the goodbye video, glimpse of icy lake battle is shown 0:32. Very short glimpse, blink and you will miss it.  I took a screenshot but don't know how to post the picture.


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  16. 006OMal2ly1fhy7r1b4dij339s26o1l3.jpg&keyThis pic of YWY makes me think of a male version of Snow White and if we are going to have an open ending where we don't know if YWY survives icy lake or not, I suggest a spin off with LGX/YWY and his sidekick Yue Qi and call it Snow White and the Giant Seven.  We'll get to see how he survives and rebuilds his life after that incident.  Once ZLY's schedule is open, maybe she can film a cameo for the ending where they meet up again?  I am gonna miss this guy the most once PA is done.

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  17. 46 minutes ago, mrsyooknit said:

    kind of out of topic but since we are talking about future dramas, I think I will enjoy this one since the main guy is similar to YWY. Also, I have a feeling it will be subbed like PA in youtube since the trailer was also released with eng subs. I have only seen this for PA and this drama. This one will air later this year. 

    Plus this one will have the secret spies and all of that so it is giving me PA's vibes. 


      Reveal hidden contents





    He may be similar in character to YWY but the actor does not seem as commanding in the cold detached manner the way YWY/LGX.  The actors in PA have set a high bar and it will be hard to match.  

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  18. 1 hour ago, mrsyooknit said:

    LGX has gotten so popular, I see him trending in the top 10 every day. Now bc of that variety show he participated on. 

    I don't know about others but I am represavtive of those who never heard of him until PA.  I must qualify that this is just my third Cdrama in recent years.  I got into this because I liked ZLY in Rookie Agent, which I watched on a Netflix right before PA started to review/hopefully find an inspiration to improve my limited Mandarin.  I used to watch some Hong Kong series in the eighties because my sister was nuts over those series and we only had one TV, she was older so the choices were either watch it with her or nothing.  Anyway, I can definitely say I form part of LGX 's legion of new fans.   Some say his screen time is rather limited for a male lead and he seems like a cameo sometimes but regardless, it has gotten him a lot more facial and name recognition.   

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  19. 4 minutes ago, milkokoa said:

    btw just thing I noticed after finished watching till ep 55 about the numerous time XE tried to kill YWY but at the same time being in love with him I think I understand now.

    The proof is she tried to kill him but the moment YWY is in danger (like with Feng meng, etc) she protect him, she worried about him even though she knows damn well YWY can handle himself just fine. It just shows that XE is just angry with him

    I think she was angry after she overheard grandpa but by the time the misunderstandings have been cleared up, she has committed herself to Yanbei/YX so she tries to antagonize him as a defense mechanism so both he and she won't get more deeply hurt when she can't return his sincerity.

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