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  1. I have problem clicking the notif, And i read somewhere that the heroine in manga was more frustrating and this version followed the manga most? If that's true i wouldn't ever read it lmao. I think they are both still immature by the way they treat each other. Irl it's like they're never meant to be or they need time to grow up, whether being separated or not. Yes and finally she opened up her feeling. It's like it's going to be deeper and painful by the time DMS leaves her. Knowing how hard and long the process of SC confirmed her feeling, aaw. I hope they cut the amnesia arc, in this century. I still have this positive minds, as i haven't watched ep 25-26 and previews. Anw I miss the brother of Makino/jandi esp when Domyouji treat her brother so well. Plot twist
  2. Hello guys. Sorry i just want to share my random thought here, because idk where else i can i was too young when MG 2001 came out and i only watched HYD and BOF. I can't not compare things so forgive me if it sounds annoying to the fans. Essay alert, not really accurate since i don't really remember the other versions plot so well.
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