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  1. Hey immortal one, I want to left here that I love being submerged in your calculations dear. I'm a variable in your false formula. I do regret myself being the factor why you think that way in your formula, but thanks for making it become a beautiful mess. For letting me in here, know you more here. I'm the mess one, you are the beautiful one. No complaints, just accept that fact. Thank you, you immortaly beautiful heart. It's been a long day without you bestie. Missing you so bad, everyday:heart:


    If we have a chance to watch him sings this song, it's so clear we will sing out loud, wave our hands through the melody. But not without you by my side.


    And I can sure you will reply me by your logically thinking, smartie. But no, not because it just two weeks passed already. So little time, you won't believe it easily. I know.


    Listen, what he sang is true. 'You're gonna live forever in me. It's your destiny. You're just meant to be. Just wait and see.'


    -the end-

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