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  1. While watching the re run of Hyori’s bed n breakfast it’s kinda easy to imagine KGE and LMH be in this kind of show in their 40s. But they’re super private but who knows Have i crossed the delulu ‘s line? At the bottomless pit? Ok back to the re run edited: wth Netflix just prompted me error: cannot playback. They don't appreciate my sudden mineun daydreaming
  2. that escalated quickly! Is that how you distract yourself from mineun? Hahaha Thanks @koreaboooo for ALL the scans they’re lovely you’re lovely
  3. Finally soompi back to its senses with lighter background. Stick to it pls. I hope we’re not poking the sleeping bear (MYM/BH ent) about denial statement. Right now i’ll say no news is good news. Unless it’s to confirm i’m ok to hear nothing from Mym or bh. But KGE and LMH you may spoil us with crumbs from time to time or not... up to you no pressure
  4. SK driver is at the left side of the car. But they’re driving on the right side of the road. I just finished watching sky castle and there are lots of driving scenes out of topic mianhe
  5. Your eyes hurt? look at this. Instant remedy? Credit to owner on twitter Ok, That’s it. See ya... Until ggone or actorleeminho drop a loaf or crumbs or... shadow... i’ll be off until soompi do something about the bg
  6. Gosh what happened to the theme?? My eyes are hurting. soompi is forcing me to spend less time here isn’t it? Maybe i should Again Gosh who approved this Dark theme??!?!?!?
  7. Short fanfic ggone looking at WDH’s post on ig. Prior to that she realised LMH posted the same pics too. Auwww these two. Then she went back and quickly double tap on the post. To her horror she’d liked LMH post instead. Oh no oh no. Ok double tap again to undo, NO!! The heart still red! That mere second when this happened, the sound of screenshots can be heard across the world and the rest is history.
  8. Yo i couldn’t find that comment. How to bump it up. We need someone with bluetick to help us. Ggone? Help us!
  9. Just realised...that today is our last chance to get WDH spill the beans about this cute couple.... (am i adhering to this forum’s rule? 3 pics max the rest under spoiler right?)
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