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  1. Mineun shippers are fully loaded with Heck we can even turn all those receipts into a smart casual bulletproof jacket to protect us from weak-minded shippers and non-believers. KOC’s bulletproof vests are defo not a match. Keep the receipts coming and updated ladies. Maybe a list of those receipts should be put on the first page for everyone to see. Ah how many times have I said the word receipts. But I love it and I can’t and won’t stop saying it. Receipts receipts receipts. Receiptsssssss.
  2. I just had a chat with Minomi the doll and can confirm that the Captain is busy baking loaves of breads as we’re speaking now. So many mouths to feed, not enough time. Seriously though, I spent a whole lot less time in Soompi these few days. This dark theme only works for me at night when there’s less lights around me. But in daylight, I feel like my eyes are rolling backwards and daz not good, I still need my vision to search for bread crumbs. Anyway, 900 pages woohooooo! Partayyyyyy!
  3. So, Kim Gon and Lee Gon. KES I see what you did there Where’s that fanfic again where they’re naming their firstborn Lee Gon. Suddenly it makes a lot more sense.
  4. I’ll give you a quick summary. Lmh and Kge are confirmed dating edit: @Heretorant hahahahaha lol i was saying the same thing
  5. hahahahahahah murse!!! Dead. kge: Yo but he’s definitely mocking us. Lmh stop lurking here and reveal yoself!!! You better show yourself, because if you don’t, I will look for you and I will find you and I will make you marry kge.
  6. I think the voice came from girls who were passing by next to him. But there’s no doubt he was there with someone else. That someone, who was standing close behind him, took a photo with the flash on. There’s no way he could record video, took photo, and held on to his bike/scooter all the same time. Or can he?? Hmmmmm.. Now who is that someone?? Did anybody from his inner circle upload photos with the same scenery? If not, it’s Kge. That’s my final verdict and nobody can object to me. Bye.
  7. I’m back. What is sleep? Who needs sleep? Not me lol. Reading about Lmh and his short shorts and going commando awoken me from my sleepiness hahahah. Anyway, check out this ig post. The poster put kge’s and lmh’s latest photos with the white borders together. Looking at them side by side like that makes me go hmmmmm? The borders look the same size and only side borders, no top/bottom borders. And it’s not Lmh’s style to have photos with borders like that pre Tkem. So my questions are who? Why? How? Ottoke? https://www.instagram.com/p/CCJgb41JVT3/?igshid=1l2yq33u5nu
  8. I’m dizzyyyy from all the reading. Also super duper tired from twerking to all of the comments. Can you guys please calm down just a lil bit and let me sleep in peace knowing I won’t have tonnes of pages to backtrack tomorrow? Just kidding, keep the bread coming guys lol. I’m gonna hit the sack now and rest my bootay. Gonna have sweet dreams fo soh.
  9. KGE’s Chanel playlist is playing now while reading this and it just shuffels to Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good. Yaaa, why does it feel like I’m the one who’s in love?? I’m smiling like a lunatic lol. It’s crazy how so many people fell in love with this couple, including moi. At this rate I may never want to have a relationship of my own. I’m so invested in this one bahahahahah
  10. LMH to shippers today. YOU GET A LOAF OF BREAD! YOU GET A LOAF OF BREAD!!! EVERYBODY GETS A LOAF OF BREADDDDDD!!!! Shippers: Anyway people please please please follow Soompi rules!!!!! If it’s hard to keep up, just delete everything other than text when you’re quoting others’ messages!! Let’s keep this thread going on forever cause y’all know this ship’s gonna sail forevaaaaa.
  11. I just realised that one of the people in the set said “gwiyeowo” after the hug rehearsal. Well, the bts only showed her saying gwi. Darn SBS and their editing, cutting before any important scenes. But I’m 100% sure she was saying gwiyeowo (ain’t nobody gonna convince me otherwise). After all it’s indeed a very cute moment Most BGMs that I want are annoyingly not included in the album. But for this one you can listen to it here. Btw I just watched Sunset in My Hometown. Such a light and heartwarming movie. Kge said the whole filming period was a h
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