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  1. Truee..I believe it's a clickbait article, well in ent business I guess this is norms right. really? There was an article like tht? I must hv missed it..everyone was so deprived for a confirmation then since there's not even a dating rumors so they just like to make it up. Ouch, this hurt a bit. It's like realizing at some point we do hv to move on and live in a good memory of them who was once being a perfect partner. But again loving them individually is a blessed too...these 2 are worth it.
  2. Right?? That's why I said it's really out of nowhere..and yes since there is no sources stated it does seems like the news are looking for a clickbait. That's why I said the news are prolly actually stating his usual ways of of denying past dating rumors pre-sp. And the never existed articles of SP's dating rumors are brought up based on the news outlet baseless assumption of orabeonni n hyunii ig's comments n posts. Trueee...why now?? On what basis they said it's a dating rumors?? Based on ig's comments?? Or some knetz comments on sns?? Since when public comments and mere views does matter than an official article covers or direct interview question for a celebrity to officially denies dating rumors... I'm actually quiet mad on why they choose to cover this by the way. Really this news article is so childish and baseless.
  3. And this, funny how all this while I've never encounter any dating rumors article (don't know if i missed it but never saw one in naver or translated by any shipper) and yet just yesterday this article was published..like out of nowhere.. The article title from Top StarNews 수상한 파트너’ 지창욱-남지현, 과거 ‘열애설’의 진실…인스타그램 속 다정한 모습에 생긴 오해 "Suspicious partner jcw njh, the truth of past dating rumors, misunderstanding of seems like fond instagram (post)"(mind you this translation is based on my limited korean vocab understanding and google translate, pls correct me if I'm wrong - and the ig 's post reference they post in the article was jcw's ig pic in the rain scene ) This is the article body And for the translation part that he denied: Jcw said "I just work hard. The dating rumors is baseless. It's just work" There is a translation part in which its hard to translate but it sound like the topic of his past dating rumors are getting attentions as he starred in melts me. (The first paragraph of the article's body) Wonder if his answer are just recent and straightly directed toward sp rumor and if the top star news contact him personally to confirmed this themselve as fyi this is the same news outlet tht contacted hyuni's company before for her current update. OR the news are actually just highliting sp as part of his part rumors but his answer is actually based on what he had answer previously for the past dating rumors pre-sp as the answer seems familiar. The way the article was write up is messy tbh. Like the past rumors they mentions are actually picked up from his ig's or both ig's comment instead of the real news article cover. It's been a long time since I last posted. Haha sorry if I'm only posted if there's "issues". I do look up for all the comrades point here. Andd really grateful for those tht keep this forums alive even throughout the drought. You guys are awesome!
  4. Thank you girlss @babyval22 @Shipper07 and @Changsky for your insight~ As I watched his two latest interviews I'm so agree with you girls that he is indeed has grown matured and looks more calm now...haha I probably reading too much bout his manners right after his discharge from the millitary~ Same girl, I felt the drought too~
  5. Hi girls..or is there any guys here haha idk...well i've been a silent lurker in this jiji's heaven for a looong time..and always want to be a professional lurker like forever..pardon me chingu..i'm really not good with words or writing. But I have to say this...I just love how grounded and logical our friends here but at the same time we always share the same dream and hope for our beloved otp~~ believe me I'm a silent lurker on insta and twitter too and it really give me a headache when people just go over delulu (facepalm) and goes hate on each other...but this thread is for sure a calming port for me~~ just know that I love you girlss Actually what makes me decided to delurk here is bcoz I just want to express my worry over our captain our orabeonni (well since I got no one to talk about this irl as a young being either at home or work haish I got no one arround me who knows about all these k-thingy and I'm all alone) Well, I saw a sneak peek of oppa fm yesterday~ what could I say...behind those eyes I saw a glimpse of resentment and sadness. Not to be dramatic...I'm not a long time fans of oppa but he always come to me as a sensitive guy. I think he is indeed affected by the previous accident, knowing that his mom is his everything he probabbly worried a lot about his mom over his reputation during those days. How can someone just shove a hate on him. I can't understand~ It broke my heart when he said that he convinced his agency to have a small venue for his fm as he expected not so many people will turn up. And what is it with the life-graph that go slump below the line during his enlistment days. Since his discharge day...I saw a determination to prove to the whole world that he is a better men than what they ever think of him, but as a sensitive person he could stills be anxious inside. God knows how much I want to cry and want to pats him while watching him lately. I'm glad that he is a mama boy cause his mom will always be his bigger strength. Hope his close circle including our sweet co-captain hyuniee would always be there and support him in anyway they could. Feels like I want to tell him he does not need to prove his worth, just slowly take step by step, enjoy his life and just be the happy him~ I don't care what their relationship now. (of course I'll be over the moon though if they are an items! Who are you kidding girl..haish this shipper heart) For now I'm just glad that they are stills in contact and a friend for sure. We all know hyuniee is a really one supportive friend. Knowing he got at least this girl and his mom by his side and of course his aluu family and bestfriends I'm just happy for him. Btw I already did reality checked for the above emotional rants. So let me insert half reality and half delulu facts here..I just love how he did that dj wook part on his fm and giving fans handmade bracelet as a friendship sign..as I do know someone who enjoy listening to a radio at night and surely enjoy making and given her friends handmade bracelets before~ Haha okay I'm gonna back to be a lurker~~
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