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  1. @lambreta you got a point there. I agree that the major issue in YJ and WH's relationship are communication.. but they're lacking in trust as well (lol sounds like marriage counselling) I didnt pay attention to this detail either maybe this has something to do with korean age vs the normal way we count age?
  2. If KHJ did say so, YJ will be such a fool if she buys it. Come on YJ you can do better..
  3. I want to thank everyone who did recaps and posted clips to instagram. Thank you, thank you! You save me from all the mope-fest. Haven't watched recent episodes, think I'll just wait until everything gets better then binge-watch them. and I need YJ and WH together in one screen. pronto.
  4. Yay kiss!! Oh dear I’m seriously going to work with panda eyes tomorrow.. err.. I mean in several hours. thanks for the recap! @angelangie @ktcjdrama Now there better be no time jump nor amnesia. I’m anxious thinking about where the plot will go from here
  5. @packmule3 I have become a frequent reader of your blog! How do you manage to write such insightful analysis of those dramas? In my case I'll just turn on kdrama logic mode then sit back and enjoy all the sweet scenes of WH and YJ
  6. Can someone with an understanding of Korean culture please tell me, is it common/socially acceptable to call someone younger than you 'dongsaeng' even though you just met him/her? I am referring to the relationship between WH and YJ's brother here. I'd like to know if WH calling him 'dongsaeng' is just a common thing to say or if it actually signifies some sort of closer/more familiar relationship
  7. Thing I hate the most from watching an ongoing drama is waiting for the next episode. Aaargh it's torture!!
  8. I'm so glad I read the recap first. Thanks @angelangie and @xxPeepsxx! This way I can manage my expectation. Last week I was practically counting the days and kept wishing wednesday would come sooner.
  9. Unlurking for this drama.. This is my first time seeing CJM in a drama and I fall in love it’s also great to see YEH again. Watched ep 5 raw (and I never watch in raw!) because I can’t wait for subs but keep coming back to replay my favorite scenes and check the progress of the subs. Haha. Hoping for more “fluttering moments” for our OTP.
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