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  1. At first I was really disturbed by the fact that he has so many wives but after several episodes in, I kind of understand that he got married with all of those women out of responsibility. I really like how they show us the scenes when he briefly visited his concubines, make us understand the whole situation with these women. I'm not sure if this counts as spoiler but just to be safe I'll put my thoughts in the box since it relates to specific scenes:
  2. The trailer of this drama appears in my youtube and I'm glad I clicked on it. Definitely investing my time in this. A gentlemanly general and forced/arranged marriage trope is my cup of tea ^^ Abit bothered to learn that ML has 3 concubines here but oh well, I should remember the cultural context of the time. The soundtrack 要一起 is also lovely and beautifully soothing. Putting it on repeat.
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