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  1. It may take at least a year, knowing how private YJ is and with HB being a man of few words. The couple that I shipped before took them a little over a year to announce they’re getting married.
  2. I second the motion. Just posting out here about the assumption is way too much.
  3. I had one with DOTS. It was worth it to be honest. Had to share the vids secretly cause production was policing social media hahaha Will definitely buy the Director’s Cut for CLOY if it’ll push through.
  4. Read your post. To be honest was kind of scared you had that thought. It was way too much, in my honest opinion. Sorry.
  5. If I remember correctly Dispatch didn’t want to disclose anything until they were sure it was heading for marriage.
  6. This is only the 2nd time Im supporting a couple. Never easy. Maybe one day you’ll find yourself waking up to good news. The anticipation that comes with it is exciting and at the same time heartbreaking. One can only hope for the best. Posting it here is actually a great reminder for me too.
  7. Easy to guess the other couple I did ship with just my username. Had to fight a lot of doubts just to prove that they were together. It did eventually sail but sadly everyone knows what happened. I’ve been hearing HB’s name ever since but never really paid attention to him. YJ, I know her cause of her previous drama. And I believe I heard about the rumour that they were seen in LA doing groceries. But again it never really mattered to me. To make my story brief, I watched Crash Landing On You out of boredom. Never did I imagine that I’ll get the same feeling that I got when I watched DOTS. Here I am again, thought to myself. I’ve always trusted my guts and right now it’s telling me that there’s something between them. Be it friendship or something stronger. I’ve calmed myself down though, enough to keep me grounded. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from my previous shipping is to let nature take its course. Hyping is okay but please don’t get to the extent that it’ll blind you. Life is full of deceptions and we can only take each with a grain of salt. Not everything that’s written out there is true. After all, how long has this friendship been going? Almost 3 years? Isn’t the best foundation of a strong relationship is friendship? If they are meant to be, love will find its way. They’ll find their way. If not then we wish them all the best. Shipping is not easy and it won’t be easy. You’ll get frustrated and feel all kinds of emotions. But if you do believe that this will sail, wait and pray fervently. No one should pressure them to make statements, to come out or to publicly share what they have. If they wanna protect what they have, let them be cause love is sacred. Theirs is sacred. At the end of the day, they are two people who have feelings too and only them can make the choice to fight for whatever they have. Keep sailing but hold on to reality.
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