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  1. I'm also about 99% sure he knew he was dead, or heavily suspected and didn't want to confirm it for sure. It seems he was in the room the whole time that Yeo Wool was talking to that child, and he'd been shadowing her and the case the whole day. So he was pretty sure he was dead but when Yeo Wool actually responded to him maybe he thought that he was overthinking it, or hit his head too hard. And then he could pick up the hearing aid and he thought maybe it's a weird object or maybe...he isn't really dead. But in the back of his head he knew, just didn't want to accept, so he went with her all day doing case stuff but subconsciously made sure to not have to do things by himself. He tells her to get the phone and text. He tells her what they're going to do but never leads, always follows behind her so she has to do everything physical first. He stands far enough away when she's talking to people that it would be realistic and not too weird if people ignored him. I think it was just as much to make sure she didn't know as it was him trying to convince himself it wasn't true. And he convinced himself pretty well and wasn't thinking about it in the chase with skeevy manager so when he hand went through him...it was like a final confirmation. He really has to confront it now. I think he's dead for real, if it's permanent I'm not sure but I think it's true sad but it makes for an interesting dynamic! So. Silver linings.
  2. Okay now that I've had time to calm down let's dive into the episode. I'm very worried for Chan, I hope he doesn't lose his competition because of overwork. This is his future and we don't need a physical hit to his body to be tied to his emotional hit to his heart. We know he's been overworking himself towards a dream that honestly can't happen, and they'll say something about needing to grow up at his own pace but...rowing is something important to him and it is his future. I don't want that to be impacted because of a crush. I'm super happy him and his friends won a medal though! Third place champs! Jennifer is an angel but we knew that. I'm really glad Seo Ri got to be on stage in whatever capacity she could. I don't like this outcome fully, I want her to be able to perform in a smaller concert or something. Like in twenty again, she got to perform on stage in that competition one last time and she got to mourn the loss of her dream in the way she wanted and come to terms with that but still got to do it one last time. Seo Ri never even got to fulfill her dream once and I'm not satisfied with it if this is the end. But just taking it as her finding the joy in music in any capacity, with Woo Jin's help, as a step in her journey...I'm super happy with it. All we can do is wait! Mystery man is her uncle right? I don't know who else it could be. The real question is what happened?? And the aunt just up and left too I want to know more! edit: i saw some of you saying it might be the truck driver who was responsible but in that case why cover his face up? Is that mystery worthy? Curious. It was nice to see more of Doctor friend, since I forgot he existed lol. I'm sure we'll see more of him next week.
  3. There's a lot to talk about but all I can talk about is THEY KISSED. I was thinking the whole time they were leaning towards each other that something would happen and I was genuinely in shock that they actually kissed! I'm so so happy and they're so so adorable! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! More commentary later lol.
  4. I was worried last week about them using her story without her consent to draw an audience after the sketchy comment from that guy in the meeting with Tae Rin, Hee Soo, and Woo Jin and I hoped I was wrong but from the comments you guys are making I was right I just want her to get an honest chance. I'll comment more after the episode is officially released.
  5. I'm pretty worried now then, since they cut the number of episodes pretty late in the game it seems. The story progression lines up with a 20 episode drama very well, I'm wondering when the change happened in production. And I'm also worried about the story now, the writer needs to pick up the pace and quickly. Seo Ri needs to get some closure with her violin playing beyond just practicing, she needs to find her family, get her footing financially, Jennifer has her whole mystery that's unwrapping, poor Chan is only just starting in the midst of his heartbreak, Seo Ri's doctor friend hasn't been around, and of course the BIG one with the case of neither of them knowing the other's identity. That emotional climax (to be done right) needs at least a whole episode to itself for proper resolution in my opinion. It can be done, I don't think it's doomed but I worry that the drama will suddenly lose the quiet moments that made the show special and suddenly rush to complete these stories. Or it'll just drop some and we feel unfulfilled. They need to manage their time very well from here on.
  6. It's 20 as far as I've heard and based on the pace of the story so far we're about at the halfway point soon, not 5/8 of the way done.
  7. My theory I'm pretty confident about is that her husband is the other person who died in the bus accident? Or he died in general. And she either gave the baby up for adoption or she lost the baby in a miscarriage? And she felt shame about it and left? That lady could be her sister in law and the older man in the wheelchair her father in law? And they were worried about her and missed her? The woman seemed tentative about asking her if she'd gotten married, so she might be wondering. My theory works just as well for a father and sister I think. I'm super sure we were supposed to get more clues if not the whole story in episode 10 but....sports ruined it.
  8. I want her to stop calling him it too but at this point it's like a nickname, she doesn't even speak formally to him anymore. So it's not that it creeps me out I just want that first MOMENT when she finally calls him by name and everyone is just giggly and happy because it will definitely go down like that. Or it'll be a really emotional moment and she just uses his name and it's touching or something.
  9. This was the exact thing I said. *shakes fist* you better keep to that promise or you'll be hearing from me Woo Jin!
  10. This episode was obscenely cute and heartfelt, as usual the show makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm glad we got to see even more of Seo Ri spreading her wings, getting to interact with more people from her past and have conversations about how she's feeling with different people. Just more Seo Ri it always makes for good tv! And her present to Woo Jin was the sweetest thing I melted. Her running to get to the bridge and him running alongside her was also very sweet! Bets on what's going to interrupt that kiss I desperately want to happen. Will Chan call? With the matchmaker moth betray us? An earthquake? A sudden storm? What will it be folks? Speaking of Chan, I'm extremely worried. I hope he's okay. If we're luck it's just lack of sleep and nothing worse or potentially long lasting that causes him to pass out. I wish him good fortune in the future, a girl who can whole heartedly love him back, and success at all rowing competitions from here on.
  11. I would absolutely want a (almost) perfect robot that treated me with love and respected my own agency enough to inspire me to better my own self and always strives to help people no matter what lol. As long as they have their own personhood and ability to share in our lived experiences for sure he's a real person. So Bong after her bad life experience found someone who's perfect for her. I'm sure for another woman who wasn't So Bong his social weirdness and frankness or something of that nature wouldn't be for her but those are his own flaws. All most people want in life is companionship and someone who treats them right, loves them, will be true to them, and has good morals. In this drama it's a robot, in another it's Superman. Or another alien. Or a ghost. etc. But in all those dramas/shows we know from day 1 that it's the route they want to go on and you gotta make a decision on whether 'girl loves a ghost' or 'girl loves a robot' is for you and watch/don't watch accordingly because that's the story they want to tell.
  12. I've already spoken at length about me thinking Nam Shin was eating up the show in the last few weeks, so I'm not gonna get into that for the final episode. I'll just say I'm glad NS3 and So Bong get to be happy. I wish Jong Gil had just died but that's not who NS3 is and that's why we love him. Everything he did was out of respect and love for what his mother and So Bong wanted for him, and he was like that up until the end (thankfully he got a second life!) even at the expense of his own life which is all I want. So Bong helping the man she cannot stand because NS3 makes her a better person was also poetic. Having her untie him I mean. All the corporate crap and murder plots is ancillary to the story I cared about and they individually and together got a fitting end so that's what I'll take away from the drama. We had a good run! I'm looking forward to both actors projects in the future. May she get more rough and tumble roles where she gets to be active, and may he get more sweethearts who'd do anything for their ladies.
  13. Human beings only learn with initial input just like NS3. If you leave a baby to fend for itself and give it no social input it won't know how to interact with people. They won't have many characteristics that you'd say all human beings should have. We're social learning creatures, and so is NS3. Your brain rewires itself constantly based on new information. The different people around you, the media you consume, the experiences you have, where you live, the environment (weather) etc etc. Your brain is the 'human heart' that's making decisions for you at all times. We're just electrical signals. Very complicated electrical signals that differ per person, but electrical signals all the same. That's how AI is currently made, using our brains and how they function (particularly young children because they develop neural pathways based on external stimulus more frequently and faster and more efficiently) as a template. And because it's not developed in the exact same manner, with the same particles and atomic structure, and time even, it's not quite human. And NS3 isn't human, that's been his journey. Not pretending to be human but accepting that he's still his own person. A robot person with his own sense of self that's been made by the experiences he's had with so many people. He learned to feel things (or learned that he was feeling things all along) because he was treated like someone who has feelings. That's close to how when we grow we learn to control/articulate how we're feeling and learn what emotional responses/ social cues we should have in different scenarios. It's why kids act so weird lol. To answer the question of who he's learning from? He said it in episode 17, he is who he is because of So Bong. She was the first person to tell him he had personhood. And just like a human being who might've been told they're just something to be used and to not act on their own, just that simple thing sparks something in their brains and starts changing how they think and act and see themselves. He's seeing and learning differently than we are because he's not human but conceptually it's the exact same. The drama is trying to challenge pretty much everything you said lol, so it's a good discussion to have. What is 'human'? Is it goodness? Because in that case Jong Gil isn't human at all. Is it just being born? Because in that case it's nothing special or anything to aspire to, like we've seen in the drama and like So Bong said, there are a lot of awful people. Not being human isn't a crime or lesser than it's just different. And the drama challenged us on what makes a person good or bad. NS3 will never be a human being but him learning to EXIST as his own person is similar and important. Nam Shin would've been much different if he got to be raised by his mom and dad. He'd probably be a lot like NS3. Parallel with NS3 whos a robot but the same rules apply, if he had someone 'raising' him who was bad he could've been hurting people. Like if he'd learned about the potential for personhood from bad people like Grandpa or Jong Gil for example.
  14. If season 2 happens I'm really not in the mood for more future murderer antics personally. Just let it be a cop procedural, no weird trippy shots of ears ringing, no passing out randomly, no links to the present day to what's happening to his body. If he's choosing to stay here then let it stay here. UNLESS he's going to get the ability to transfer between states (which would be cool).
  15. That's what I thought but then the preview has the switch being activated again and the way it was said it was like it's gonna kill him again. But...we'll see. Misdirection happens in promos all the time. For the first one Shin can go eat rocks for all I care, her having to die so he can learn to stop being piece of crap and stop trying to murder people isn't worthwhile or satisfying at all really. It's not like she died trying to save human Shin so he's going to regret that and realizes she really did love him but it's too late. She died saving the robot he loathed so much. And she's robbed of any chance to actually finally reconcile with her son or truly confront Grandpa, the one reason this whole mess started in the first place was with the separation. Same goes for him not getting a chance to do that, for people who still care about him and his feelings he gets robbed too. So I'm hoping it's not that one. About point 2. she had no reason to create other AI robots like NS3. She didn't want any of her work mass produced. Unless you mean she could be kidnapped or something and then forced to make more robots or threatened in some other way? Or do you mean that she won't be able to fix NS3 or make another NS3 if he gets broken? I didn't think of that! You got my speculation wheel spinning now ^^ and that would tie in with the kill switch being activated again, she can't fix it this time so it's up to NS3 to overcome one last obstacle using the love of SB and Laura and also Laura's tech she put in him (with love). If she's not dead but they're pretending she is to shock NS out of it then that would also make me less angry lol. I'd accept point 1.
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