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  1. congrats! i'm glad they didn't hide it and i think they didn't care to hide their marriage... they wanted to wait for that special date and her birthday to announce it unlike some celebrities that hide their marriage and pregnancy. I'm glad... happy events should be shared with the world.
  2. sounds like a match from heaven! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and hoping they won't stop acting as long as they want to continue!
  3. Thank you, actually I was for Kenny Lin Gengxin and Li ying or William Chan and Li Ying but if she choose differently than I am rooting for her choice. I haven't watched Monkey King 3 yet but I'll definitely The Story of Ming Lan.
  4. thanks for all the information gather... whether she makes more money than him or whether she's more successful or not, it does not matter at the end. I guess he was the most qualified person for her. Can we really find another male actor that is more qualifying than Feng Shaofeng? In terms of age, all Li Ying's former male leads are too young to consider setting down or they are already married. Feng Shaofeng, is at the age that is considering getting married and taking a break from work. I think timing and opportunity plays a big factor in this couple. I'm just surprised that Li Ying is willing to get married so young... most actress wait till they are older till their career slows down.
  5. By the way Icy, how popular is Feng Shaofeng?? I have watched like one drama of his but is he even popular in china? Just doing a little research on Li Ying's hubby.
  6. How about william chan or Kris Wu? Any news or congrats from him? He's like the only guy I thought Li Ying would be until Feng Shao Feng but I guess those other younger actors that were interested in Li Ying weren't willing to settle down because of their career. Their choice on missing out on lifetime of happiness. Congrats to the happily married couple!
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