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  1. YESS, please count me in as well, I would love to be part of this chat! MY thoughts exactly, on one hand I can't wait for them to turn up for public events and their schedule because I couldn't get enough of them in HPL but I also know they need time to recover and recuperate from the hectic schedule from filming this drama. Sometimes i remind myself I gotta be respectful of them because they are humans before their occupation as an actor. Sighh
  2. I'm also suffering from the same symptoms! Aside from going on instagram, youtube and this forum to get my daily dose of Ryan Gold and Deok Mi, i've resorted to bookmarking my fav scenes for easy retrieval hehe it's sad that the depiction of such sweet and mature way of being in a r/s is seldom seen in dramas and that's what keeps me coming back for more! I also love that KJW and PMY gets to improvise so i'm guessing they add their personal exp into the scenes hehe whicb makes it all the more real and swoon worthy I really like how relationships are portrayed in HPL because it tells us the being in a relationship takes more than attraction and shows how it is a journey and how DM is there for the ride and knows her presence and strength will help RG. I like how she observes and tries her best to cheer director gold and not address the issue when he's brooding over Lee Sol's painting. She does not put it on him to confide in her immediately and waits until he is comfortable enough to share. Their love for each other is filled with understanding, consideration and mindfulness and I love how they tackle issues head on insteading of sweeping it under the rug and letting it fester. Sigh... Such a lovely couple I've also been in a great mood lately thanks to this haha my best friend asked if I was bipolar cause im seldom this happy I even asked my colleague at work to watch it so we can discuss irl cause no one I know feels the way I do hahaha it's as if deok mi's fangirling has rubbed off on me and i'm a fangirl of Director Gold and Song Curator and this has become my energiser haha I hope to be able to see them head for a post-drama vacay seeing how many people are watching this drama! Sigh I wish with all my heart they will do more episodes Ps Seeing the chinese subbed videos of their RG and DM and it seems like rhe consensus is that KJW and PMY aren't acting I'm feeling half excited and half emotional bc although we're one more episode ahead but it also means we're one more episode closer to the end... My heart. JUST. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. OF. THIS.
  3. Yess! I totally agree! I feel that as professional actors they are very clear on where to draw the line and wouldn't be so bold or insensitive to initiate this kind of skinship if they weren't sure the other party would be comfortable with it. And I believe they must have feelings for each other if not they wouldn't be so touchy feely hehe, just my opinion... Le sigh their interactions are just too sweet and genuine!
  4. Omg I am def convinced that something is going on. Would you personally do this to someone you don't feel close to, and she even held his hand to take the mike and hold the mike! This ship is sailing strong! And she hasn't posted a pic of KJW which I felt slightly sad abt until I read that she said she wouldn't post his pic! I am praying hard and hoping for good news really really soon hehe their skinship is a bit too natural and much for a close oppa r/s don't cha think? They are too cute togethef, pls pardon me for I am going on a few hrs of sleep
  5. Omo!! I feel you!!!!! I want to stalk them so I can confirm I'm not delululu hahaha but that would be too creepy and disrespectful of me
  6. Hi @Sky8lue, So sorry I wasn't aware but will take note in future! Thank you for bringing me into this thread!
  7. /Typing this while listening to HPL OSTs/ Posting this since I last created and posted in this forum three years ago. Haha i guess you can guess that from my username. Yes I created this account to comment in the forum of my previous ship that sailed! Was a silent lurker and finally decided to comment because I can't stop thinking about this! The chemistry is off the roof and I am a shipper of this couple, I can't get enough of ep 10 and have been rewatching the sweet moments because I can't get over it. This is the drama I've been watching for the chemistry since DOTS and I must admit I skip the other scenes excluding DM and RG. I am a firm believer that the ship will sail, i'm delulu i know but a girl can dream can't she? Haha I can't get enough of the BTS bc the glimpses of them off-screen just further gives me hope that this ship going somewhere. I've watched other BTS of PMY in WWWSK and she isn't as comfortable with PSJ and given what I've read other commenters have said, I believe there is something going on between them!!!! I want to say I want to respect them because they are humans before they are actors and are entitled to their private space but I am really really hopeful. Now all I'm waiting for is for them to make more public appearances.. A post-drama vacay? And for them to couple up and attend the year end award shows.. but that is too long of a wait tbh. Sigh this drama has turned me to a fangirl!! I have not been so into celebs since I stopped following sehun from exo a few years back .. This drama is so real in that it doesn't approach a BGR in the typical way you see most dramas do it. Both the male and female lead don't fall into the typical stereotypes you see in kdrama and are honest with their feelings, which I really like. This drama is so sincere and warm it makes me want to root for the couple irl.. I'm not a big PMY fan but I know her bc she is Jessica from SNSD's friend and jessica is my bias I've had an opportunity to see her upclose though thanks to a media friend who got an invite to her sg trip with viu! haha I even got to ask her a question! She is as pretty irl and her sis stays in Singapore! So she knows a bit of English. This drama has introduced me to KJW and I must say I am a convert! He may look cold and distant but he seems so warm when you get to know him! He intrigues me and I have been watching his interviews I will continue to come back to this forum for updates and follow this drama.
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