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  1. @starlitelet I kinda know what you mean but SO is different from the ones I've seen at least because they never did anything like that to their best friend and actually had some character development. Girls, women. I don't care if this is television. Don't let a guy treat you that way. Don't even date someone who would treat their friend that way. HY is an example of how a girl/woman should be treated. He's not relying on an app to get the girl. He treats her with respect, he looks out for her and for the first time by being with HY, you see the less drama she gets from it. SO, it was just filled with drama. She already didn't get along with her cousin but it got to the point where it got physical. She lost her friends. She even got bullied at times. For those who have called HY a coward, stop. He knew his boundaries because he knew she had a boyfriend and had she been single, he would have gotten a chance. These three are not kids anymore, Jojo and HY have grown up but cannot say the same for SO (he's a man-child). HY deserves his chance, so what's wrong with him getting the girl?
  2. @baby.hae I never disrespected that, like I said ship who you want. This isn't about Jojo, this about a two boys who have had this friendship for years and one of them is willing to risk it over a girl. A friend who can so easily betray the other. It's hard to trust people and anybody would be lucky to have HY as a friend. In SO's case being the rich one, what other friends does he have? And I'm talking about real friends not ones who use him for their own benefit. Like I said "Bros before you-know-what". SO never had a right to like her when he never knew before. It isn't like he knew her first and liked her as long as HY did. Now IS being Jojo's boyfriend, I still can't believe that were really in a relationship. He was more like the friend who liked her a lot and always following her around like a little puppy dog. SO knew HY liked her, he knew she had a "boyfriend" and did what he wanted regardless without thinking about the consequences. Because that's how he is being the rich one and can get whatever he wants. The difference between HY and SO's approach towards her: SO was kinda manipulative towards her which is why she fell for him so easily. But HY was more genuine which is why I think she was willing to give him a chance. If this was me and my best friend, I just rather the guy choose me. I wouldn't want to compete with my best friend for a guy but I also don't want to lose my best friend because of it.
  3. I'm sorry but I just don't understand how people can support SO. Ship who you want but there's no way I can support someone like him. Here is why! Who kisses someone to find out his/her's best friend crush like them? Who does that? SO already knew HY liked her, he said it himself "It's so obvious." As a real friend SO would get always try to get HY to admit it, encourage HY to make a move or secretly plot to get HY and Jojo together. But he didn't do any of that! He is like the most selfish human being I have ever seen. He steals his best friend's crush, he risks his friendship over a girl and says that HY used them their whole lives...This boy is something else. Who was going to look out for SO if HY didn't? That time when SO's mother gave him some alcohol and put something in it, if it hadn't been for HY there was a chance he could've died. He should be grateful to have such a loyal friend instead of a fake one, especially in his case since he's the rich one! How many times has he come across people trying to use him? HY was the only one who didn't! This love triangle also started because of SO. When SO returned home and HY is not responding at all, this was the first time that SO was not getting HY's attention. So what happens? He finds out his best friend has a crush! Instead of showing support, what does he do? Oh so HY likes this girl? Okay, so what I'll do is take her for myself so that way my best friend will stop paying attention to her and go back to paying attention to me. Also takes advantage of the situation every time. SO tells HY that we'll let Jojo pick. However, it was never a fair competition because Jojo didn't even know about HY's feelings at first and the moment SO gets Jojo alone, he used the Love Alarm. So what about that was fair? WORST FRIEND EVER. Or should I say FAKE? SO gets mad for HY making a move on Jojo because "You know what she did to me!" What about what he did to his best friend whose like a brother when he made a move on a girl he knew his best friend liked, he didn't know about her existence! He's the one who broke bro code not HY! He started all of this! HY never risked their friendship, SO did all that on his own! What happened to bros before you-know-what? Huh?! Team HY, because he deserves Jojo more than SO. But people should be more concerned about this friendship. Because I don't know how HY put up with SO but I just wouldn't do it, I would cut ties with him. SO doesn't deserve either HY or Jojo.
  4. @lightbringer06 No. The show is going to be multiple seasons, right? Part 1 = Season 1 Part 2 = Season 2 Part 3 = Season 3 No, that's not what this is. Season 1 is being split into 3 parts. Season 1 is 18 episodes. This is not 3 seasons. Season 2 won't be until 2020/2021. Why I said "At this point, I honestly believe that Season 2 will be the same cast. There's no way things will be wrapped up with this cast this season with the way things have been going" is because I thought the story would be wrapped up with this cast in this season while a new cast would be introduced next season. Because usually when K-Dramas have second seasons, a majority of them it's always a new cast while the original cast doesn't return. Do you believe that things are going to be wrapped with these characters with the few amount of episodes we have left? We have barely gotten anywhere with ES and TY's stories including Saya was just introduced. The twins don't even know about each other yet or their past. Tagon and TH have gotten more done than the main leads. There's no way 6 episodes will be enough time for conclusion.
  5. @lightbringer06 No I mean Season 2. All of this is Season 1. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are all Season 1.
  6. After the next 2 episodes, we'll have 6 episodes left. Can we get to the TY's curse already? At this point, I honestly believe that Season 2 will be the same cast. There's no way things will be wrapped up with this cast this season with the way things have been going.
  7. @paperboat04 I think he would be considering how strong Igutus are, we've seen what ES and Tagon can do. Maybe Saya has no interest in fighting because he doesn't believe he needs to learn. He hasn't been in dangerous situations like ES and Tagon have but he will need to learn eventually.
  8. Even though I'm having mixed feelings about Saya right now but I do believe he has good in him considering he cares about TY. He helped her to see her father and was worried she would kill herself because he's been in that predicament before. But what pissed me off was the way he talked to her about ES. He knows what it is like to lose someone that you love, be more considerate of how she's feeling. Like why would you do that? (But we know ES' not dead, they don't though.) She had every right to beat him up, I'm glad she did! I also like that fact that TY plans to rise in power...This is getting exciting! @Moonlightsunline why should Saya care? He doesn't even know ES is his brother, let alone twin. He doesn't know anything about his real family, he doesn't even know he's adopted. You have to remember the type of environment that he's in and who he has been raised by including TH killed the woman that he loved.
  9. I'm sorry...but I am wrong to be liking Saya? That giggle just sent a chill down my spine but you can see that he's a mastermind! I was not expecting that! So it's clear you shouldn't mess with Saya or he'll get right back at you! (But does he seem like he's a little bit of a psychopath?)
  10. Really? ES and TY love each other Tagon and TA love each other Tagon will fall for TY (not sure if that is still happening?) And now Saya is included and he falls for TY Writers, you really had to? I have had enough of love triangles but to make this a love quadruple? Really?
  11. I haven't even finished the episode and this is what I am feeling Like I don't even care what happens to those people. If these kids come back for revenge, that's fine. All these people will get their karma, because whatever happens to them, they deserve it!
  12. Why is this being made into 3 seasons when they're airing back to back instead it just being the usual one season?
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