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  1. 4 hours ago, tuzicr said:

    Now, what are we thinking this all means? Here I would say I rather present my own thoughts, so anybody has issue or questions, pls contact me, not nyota or artemis73.

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    I tried to purposely link both the posts together. The Love Song lyrics seem to be pretty straightforward, I dont think there is any point to summarize them,  our study group think it pretty much fits JY. The key words for me are "...the love song you've written for me".

    The lyrics to Ordinary day are way more complicated, as we are dealing with Chinese language. In my opinion, the google translate is not very correct, especially the two lines from 5ML post. I (with my very limited Chinese knowledge) would understand them more like "the scent of the clothes dried by sun is very calming. Everything is very soft and tranquil". The song itself was released on 30th May 2018, so pretty new, I havent found any English translations.

    Again, from my limited knowledge of Chinese, this is how I interpret the Ordinary day song (I have to say I am really bad at lyrics interpretation no matter which language :lol:): the guy  gets up at 7:30 in the morning, weather seems nice, there is light breeze, only light clouds in the sky, then the two lines about clothes and all being tranquil. basically he is walking and everything is peachy, there is some small store playing a love song, it doesnt take long to reach the destination, there are kind people everywhere (very loose translation now :rolleyes:). this is the most ordinary day. do you miss/long for it too? he is not worried, doesnt worry about anything, no hurry to go back home (again loose translation, i also skipped some parts that made no sense to me). a friend called, saying he is waiting right now, they have dinner together, no worry about tomorrow. this is the most ordinary day. END :sweatingbullets:

    Please dont focus much on the exact words, its just to give a feel what the song is about, what kinda atmosphere.

    Trying to use all the above to fit JY/ZZ, the short hypothesis is that ZZ wrote a song, a love song, for JY and when they spent a "lazy" day together (~ the most ordinary day), ZZ sang it to JY and obviously JY was touched :wub:

    now the question is (1) when ZZ wrote the song, (2) what is the song and (3) when was the ordinary day together.

    ad 1 &  2 - there was a recent interview ZZ did for InStyle (link in spoiler below, thank you @artemis73 for providing all the data), where ZZ says that he composed a song during filming. We assume this was during the Girlfriend drama.

    Now ad 3 - we have not reached any definite conclusion and the discussion on this continues within our study group. Maybe somebody here knows something?

    Thats all I got right now :lol:



    I really like your analysis. And I fully agree with you. I can easily imagine  this ordinary day : ZZ with his guitar, singing this song love to JY, sitting under a tree by a sunny day. JY crying before such force of love. Feeling free to love each other. Feeling free to be themselves. Mmh... :wub:

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  2. Thank you for all @tuzicr@nyota et @crystalclear18.  Without you, I could never have done it.

    Nyota helped me for translating my two long letters and for chooing my dress. I wanted to be as pretty as possible. :wub:
    I even put my glasses in order to recognize ZZ. :P
    At the airport, when I saw some camera flashes, I knew that ZZ was here and was going to appear anytime soon.
    I was so excited and my heart was pounding. :D
    I nearly cried many times. I cried when I missed JY.
    Thank you for giving me strength.
    Maybe it will be the only time that you will hear about me because I am a silent (quiet) french CPF.
    But I support all of you and thank you everyday for your posts. :kiss_wink:

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  3. 2 hours ago, tuzicr said:

    @ artemis73 @nyota Je regardais les vols, voir capture d'écran de google ci-dessous.

    Si ZZ s'envole de Shanghai (comme il l'a fait à Suzhou, qui est très proche de Shanghai, supposons que son aéroport de départ soit Shanghai.

    Sur la base des informations, tous les vols arrivent à Charles de Gaulle.

    Mais je n'ai aucune idée du choix du vol ZZ! S'il veut "divertir" les fans de Pudong, il ne choisira probablement pas les vols de minuit. D'un autre côté, prendre les vols suivants lui permettra d'arriver assez tard en France et si JY arrive, ZZ voudra probablement être là tôt:rouler des yeux:



    ceci est prinstcreen de la page Web officielle de l'aéroport de CDG, arrivées 23-Juin. On dirait que tous les vols partagés entre les compagnies aériennes.


    Quelqu'un a-t-il plus d'infos?

    12 hours of flight. This give me a safety margin. I have the time to go to the airport


    Have you an idea when JY will be here ?

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  4. 4 minutes ago, nyota said:


    Omg Je viens de le voir aussi! C'est confirmé!! JY arrive vraiment à Paris! Je suis tellement tellement tellement excité! Je lisais la poste dans le métro et les gens ont commencé à me regarder parce que je souriais comme un fou : lol: Nos rêves sont devenus réalité : wub:: wub:

    @ artemis73  Je suis tellement heureux pour vous! Vous arrivez à voir nos deux garçons :):)

    I don't want to miss him. :wub:

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  5. 6 hours ago, tuzicr said:

    i am so cheering up for you and ZZ and JY to make it happen!

    I hope it wont be too stressful for you, i hope you can enjoy it as well :wub:


    I am beginning to fell anxious and to be afraid of not be able to see them. Just thinking about it, I get tears off my eyes.
     So I restore full of strength (bravery). I am ready soon. I have to buy my single rose and write a letter for each of them.


    Moreover, @crystalclear18do you believe it is possible to give it to them if I don’t see them through a close CPF or anyone else ? I need a plan B.


    7 hours ago, crystalclear18 said:

    Yeah i really hope JY goes to paris too.. This is not anything even close to a legit news source, could be all false for all i know, but a CPF claimed that she found out her brother was going to interview JY for something and apparently the interview will be in paris. Don't know if this is just a not so benign CPF making up rumours though. Nothing has been said yet, but sometimes the lack of information is kind of a good thing for them.  

    I hope that is true and that this CPF will be able to know where JY will be exactly so that I could go there .
    In Paris, The fashion week’s places are kept secret then I don’t know where to go to see Dior (JY) and Dunhill (ZZ). 


    Someone can tell me how I can delete my previous post in french ?

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  6. 6 hours ago, tuzicr said:

    Je suis tellement réconfortant pour vous et ZZ et JY pour y arriver!

    J'espère que ce ne sera pas trop stressant pour vous, j'espère que vous pourrez en profiter aussi :wub:

    Je commence à stresser et à avoir peur de les rater. Rien que d'y penser, j'ai les larmes qui arrivent. :bawling: Alors je me redonne plein de force et je suis bientôt prête. Il me reste à acheter ma rose et écrire ma lettre pour chacun d'eux. :)


    D'ailleurs, @crystalclear18croyez-vous qu'il serait possible de la leur donner si je ne les vois pas, par l’intermédiaire d'un CPF proche ou autre ? :wub: J'ai besoin d'un plan B.


    6 hours ago, crystalclear18 said:

    Ouais j'espère vraiment que JY ira à Paris aussi .. Ce n'est pas quelque chose qui ressemble à une source d'information légitime, qui pourrait être faux pour tout ce que je sais, mais un CPF prétend qu'elle a découvert que son frère allait interviewer JY pour quelque chose et apparemment l'interview sera à Paris. Je ne sais pas si c'est juste un CPF pas si bénin qui fait des rumeurs. Rien n'a encore été dit, mais parfois le manque d'information est une bonne chose pour eux.  

    J'espère que c'est vrai et que cette CPF pourra savoir à quel endroit JY sera exactement pour que je puisse m'y rendre. :ph34r:
    À Paris, les lieux de la fashion week sont tenus secrets alors je ne sais pas où aller pour voir Dior (JY) et Dunhill (ZZ). 

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  7. 14 minutes ago, tuzicr said:


      Révéler le contenu caché



    @nyota vous êtes les bienvenus, heureux d'aider.


    merci de m'avoir inclus  :wub:je peux le mettre sur mon "faux" compte instagram "Team Europe YZ depuis 2018":lol::lol:

    we are like the three musketeers from Europe :tongue:


    17 minutes ago, tuzicr said:


    (désolé de citer des photos) pour moi qui ressemble à JY a blessé son pied / cheville et Jackson l'aide à marcher chez le médecin :phew::D


    I thought the same thing. 
    Even with a splint , JY, come to France this week end !!! :):wub:

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  8. 3 hours ago, Nurizz said:


      Révéler le contenu caché

     ... ou si @ elea-kayne est votre nom d'utilisateur dans tumblr?:o


    Yes, I have different names but it is too difficult to explain and my life is not interesting.
    I wondered why it was such (so) difficult to find people living in France. I only found a ZZ fan. I'm thinking they must exist but they are not active, like me before. Basically I am a woman who is not brave and a little shy. And now... an in-between (?)

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  9. 1 hour ago, crystalclear18 said:

    No problem, thanks for being willing to put the time and energy into going. 


    If you have weibo definitely tell me what your account name is, so if i find someone going to paris on weibo i can just give them your account. Ig and twitter accounts might be nice to know, but for CPF its not as important as weibo. I'm going to try to maintain your privacy to the max at the moment, so if they ask me for your pic then i'll get it from you. Right now i don't think i need it really. 


    On weibo, JY and ZZ will occasionally read fans' messages. Fans can see if they do because when they private message their personal weibo accounts it will say "read" when the chat is opened. JY and ZZ do not read posts on facebook i think. 

    Am I allowed (Do I have the right) to send them a private message on their weibo only for introducing myself and saying that I love them, support them no matter what... or is it only for something important ?

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  10. @ crystalclear18  Thank you for all. I will follow your tips.Even if I am shy, I can become a warrior when I am determinated. I would like to write my letter in french and in english. I am ready to go to the airport.
    Should I give you my Weibo, Instagram et Twitter accounts ? You can forward them to CPF.

    Should I give you a picture of me ? The matter is I am a french vietnamese.
    I am happy that you can help me.

    On facebook and Weibo, do JY and ZZ read the post themselves ?

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  11. Hello everybody,

    it's the first time that I write on this forum and I am sorry for my very bad english. I am a french fan.

    I just want to thank you for all your posts and your analysis, even if I don't understand all what you say. 

    I am a silent fan but who loves our two boys. The post of arisushiuri made me feel so... sad and perhaps a little guilty.

    I promise I will follow them and support each of them in their projects, and protect them the best as I can.

    I can't do anything more than love them.

    I managed to register on weibo to follow them  thanks to the pictures of their profil image but not yet on tencent because it'written in chinese. Someone can tell me teir WeChat or QQ IDs, please ? 

    Thank you guys once again.

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