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  1. Hi everybody ! I am happy to join your group but I didn't all read your posts yet, as I follow Love By Chance Series on facebook and Instagram (a little twitter ans weibo). After only 2 episodes I am in love with the series and Ae/Pete. I watch them again and again everyday. Is anybody knows if I can find the novels in english ? PS : Sorry for my bad english
  2. I really like your analysis. And I fully agree with you. I can easily imagine this ordinary day : ZZ with his guitar, singing this song love to JY, sitting under a tree by a sunny day. JY crying before such force of love. Feeling free to love each other. Feeling free to be themselves. Mmh...
  3. Thank you for all @tuzicr, @nyota et @crystalclear18. Without you, I could never have done it. Nyota helped me for translating my two long letters and for chooing my dress. I wanted to be as pretty as possible. I even put my glasses in order to recognize ZZ. At the airport, when I saw some camera flashes, I knew that ZZ was here and was going to appear anytime soon. I was so excited and my heart was pounding. I nearly cried many times. I cried when I missed JY. Thank you for giving me strength. Maybe it will be the only time that you will hear about me because I am a silent (quiet) french CPF. But I support all of you and thank you everyday for your posts.
  4. I am beginning to fell anxious and to be afraid of not be able to see them. Just thinking about it, I get tears off my eyes. So I restore full of strength (bravery). I am ready soon. I have to buy my single rose and write a letter for each of them. Moreover, @crystalclear18, do you believe it is possible to give it to them if I don’t see them through a close CPF or anyone else ? I need a plan B. I hope that is true and that this CPF will be able to know where JY will be exactly so that I could go there . In Paris, The fashion week’s places are kept secret then I don’t know where to go to see Dior (JY) and Dunhill (ZZ). Someone can tell me how I can delete my previous post in french ?
  5. Je commence à stresser et à avoir peur de les rater. Rien que d'y penser, j'ai les larmes qui arrivent. Alors je me redonne plein de force et je suis bientôt prête. Il me reste à acheter ma rose et écrire ma lettre pour chacun d'eux. D'ailleurs, @crystalclear18, croyez-vous qu'il serait possible de la leur donner si je ne les vois pas, par l’intermédiaire d'un CPF proche ou autre ? J'ai besoin d'un plan B. J'espère que c'est vrai et que cette CPF pourra savoir à quel endroit JY sera exactement pour que je puisse m'y rendre. À Paris, les lieux de la fashion week sont tenus secrets alors je ne sais pas où aller pour voir Dior (JY) et Dunhill (ZZ).
  6. Yes, I have different names but it is too difficult to explain and my life is not interesting. I wondered why it was such (so) difficult to find people living in France. I only found a ZZ fan. I'm thinking they must exist but they are not active, like me before. Basically I am a woman who is not brave and a little shy. And now... an in-between (?)
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