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  1. 14 hours ago, lovecarnation said:

    well, but there is one word from Chuqiao that I am not so sure whether she loves yuwenyue. sHe said she did not blame Yanxun for killing YWY but YWY should not die at Yanbei. meaning the point is she just doesn't want YWY to die at yanbei but YX may kill YWY? I am a little confused by that statement ... I have finished this series, but I can only give this series 8/10 points, because of zanilia and shawn dou acting that is so good in this series.


    I think the English sub or translation was a little bit muddled. She was speaking to YX in the context of playing fair. That she wouldn’t blame YX if he killed YWY in an even playing field and Yanbei as being his territory (YX’s) , he already has the advantage. Then there’s not playing fair emotionally as he resorted using both YWY’s and  CQ’s feelings to lure him into a death trap.


    CQ’s/Xing’er’s words to YWY in the end clearly showed who was the man in her heart. The line “I will never leave you again” was very meaningful in the context of her relationship and feelings for YWY. We’ve seen her leaving him out of anger and or running away/denying her own feelings. Their final moments were full of realizations and regrets from CQ as we saw her anguish seeing the injured, bloody YWY.She tried in vain to save him as she was practically ready to die with him when she jumped after him into that frozen lake. 


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  2. On 2/11/2019 at 10:41 PM, lovecarnation said:

    but why on the last episode she kissed yuwenyue forehead and looks like she love him???


    Her heart belonged to Yuwen Yue. It was always his ; but sadly it was towards the end that she realized how much he meant to her. She cared for Yan Xun but it was more as a friend. She did say though in the last episode that she wasn’t sure if what she felt for him was love but she knew that she cared for him. She thought all her dreams and goals to be free would be realized with Yan Xun but he got so consumed with revenge and power. As we saw in the end ,  she told Yan Xun that she will never forgive him if Yuwen Yue dies (in Yanbei) as she turned her back on him and followed her heart and  tried to save Yuwen Yue.

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  3. 13 hours ago, mrsyooknit said:

    PA was presented to China Film and TV Critic board, they are awaiting their feedback. The important part is that Ciwen's CEO was there. 



    He talked about how PA adapted the story from three books and that they could only film half :rolleyes: The the group all wanted to give the audience the best experience and that the story is not complete. He asked the experts to give them advice so the next one could be better. 

    This really implies a season 2, I wonder if they are trying really hard to cast everyone again. But I am 90% sure that they will do a S2 but dont know about the cast. 


    The experts in this case to ask are the fans who watched and gave them top ratings each episode. If their goal is to make PA 2 better, they only need two things. Get LGX and ZLY back and a happily ever after ending. 

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  4. 27 minutes ago, cenching said:


    Trust me I was flabbergasted when I heard that kind of thing can cause a fans war in C and K entertainment......LGX's "scandal" is not as simple as having dinner with an EX...You need to understand the back story and maybe I said maybe you will understand.....

    In C and K Entertainment relationship scandals is the worst scandal a celebrity can get bcoz it's a number 1 career destroyer....in The USA, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton got super famous and open lots of doors bcoz of sex tapes but in C/HK Entertaiment, Edison Chen and some top actresses lost everything bcoz of sex pictures......90's sexy actress Nina Lie, disappeared from the industry forever when she snatched Jet Lie from his wife.....While in USA, Brangelina were striving gloriously....

    So let us enjoy the fruits of works of those drama/film workers....the fans war is happening in China anyway.....


    I understand that  so called "relationship scandal" can cause a C/K celeb his/her career, but it's unfair or it's  way premature to compare this LGX's "scandal" to those mentioned celebs having sex tapes or having cheated on their spouse or GF/BF. LGX is a single guy out with a girl, ex or new girl, it shouldn't matter. If he's caught with a girl in an incriminating situation and he has a steady GF or he's married , then by C/K ( and most ) culture's standards, he deserves to lose whatever celeb status he has.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Robin Robin said:

    What happen guys? What scandal is that ?


    LGX was seen and photographed with a girl , said to be his ex GF, in a restaurant. Oh the humanity! How scandalous to be seen having a meal !:D But wait! Here's the kicker. Girl said or replied to the madding crowd at Weibo that they're just friends eating in a restaurant. Also said something to the effect that she hopes this doesn't affect his celeb status. So there! The "scandal" that fans of  LGX,  ZLY and some LGX/ZLY shippers are in uproar about. Some acted as if LGX cheated on ZLY and some acted like LGX committed a federal crime.:wacko::D

    Meanwhile,  LGX and ZLY were both said to be online while this uproar was going on. They're prolly getting a kick out of it . Then later , a pal of LGX's posted a  photo of them buddies out having a drink. 


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  6. Well, that was an ending we didn't see coming since we've pretty much anticipated something close to the happy ending we all knew  happened in the novel. I'm not really sure what the writers and the director were going for with that ending unless PA2 has already been filmed or a sequel is already in schedule.If nothing was planned ahead for a sequel, why give an incomplete ending to the story? Was it that difficult to follow the novel's ending ?  It's even more than a cliffhanger since there are still unfinished side stories. There's still the ongoing war, YX's fate after losing CQ, the different spy org., Greenhills Court/ Grandpa, YWY's mom, Mo'er/kids, CQ getting her super power back, etc. So many questions left unanswered.

    The only consolation for me watching the scenes leading to the end was the outstanding performances by LGX and ZLY. It was beautifully acted. They were mesmerizing, haunting and in such perfect harmony. Kudos to these two great talents and I really hope we get to see them again in another project together. 



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  7. 1 hour ago, cenching said:

    After the icy lake preview and the preview of YX shooting his first arrow to YWY, every one in Youtube is hunting for YX's head.....:tongue:


    Much deserved hate for YX. As XE told him about killing YWY, which I didn't take as she'll be glad or wouldn't care if he does but rather if he's thinking about it, he has to play fair. But he didn't. It was an ambush. YX knew that catching YWY off guard is the only chance of killing him. He doesn't stand a chance in a duel with YWY. 


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  8. 7 minutes ago, litia said:

    Ladies ladies, why do they have to wait until the last episode to let CQ regain her power. I am convinced it's only for the purpose of saving YWY. I am not worried about a sad ending. What I'm concerned about is whether we get any sweet moments of our OTP in the end :tongue:. Please let them kiss for real, ok?


    It's the perfect time for her to regain her power just like she did when she regain it for a while and saved him from the snakes. YQ is nowhere in sight so she's the only one who can really save him.

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  9. 1 hour ago, milkokoa said:

    basically the drama has deviate a lot from the novel, what if the writer make XE manages to save YWY after he fall in the lake using her inner power (sound like a stretch but hey),

    it's possible that she'll get her memory and power back in the icy lake

    I think there is pic from bts YWY looks bloody injured with blood and XE with him, what if that scene after she saves him

    (even though I still want XE to grieve his death lol)


    I was thinking the same thing after reading about how the cold can restore her power back. She could probably empty that icy lake with her power to save YWY. Since they've deviated a lot from the book, why not this part too? It would be the perfect timing to get her power/ memory back and at the same time saving YWY. I mean what's the point of getting it back in such dire situation if YWY ends up at the bottom of the lake anyway?

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  10. I'm gonna miss this thread forum too when PA is over. I hope we get to see LGX and ZLY in another drama together, modern or another period drama. 

    I might revisit Princess Weiyoung for the nth time. See the endless stupidity of the Chang girls over the men they can't have.To chuckle every time Weiyoung gets framed and acts as her own lawyer to get out of it. To get amused by the Prince of Dong Ping's over the top facial expression to any situation.Wonders at Van Ness Wu's eye brows and other amusing flaws here and there of the series . But best of all , to see the great chemistry between Tang Yan and Luo Jin as Tuoba Jun and Weiyoung. I thought LJ rocked those princely costumes and always looked hot when in action fighting off the enemies or simply telling people off when theyre messing with his girl . The ending wasn't exactly what I wanted but at least they got together in the end and neither doubted their love for each other. 

    I really hope we get a happy ending for PA. I'll take a nanosecond reunion between YWY and XE at this point as long as they end up together. It would be the most horrible ending ever if we're left with the thought of YWY at the bottom of that lake freezing his gorgeous as* off  for eternity:blink::D

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  11. 55 minutes ago, yueyyo said:

    I don't know about others but I am represavtive of those who never heard of him until PA.  I must qualify that this is just my third Cdrama in recent years.  I got into this because I liked ZLY in Rookie Agent, which I watched on a Netflix right before PA started to review/hopefully find an inspiration to improve my limited Mandarin.  I used to watch some Hong Kong series in the eighties because my sister was nuts over those series and we only had one TV, she was older so the choices were either watch it with her or nothing.  Anyway, I can definitely say I form part of LGX 's legion of new fans.   Some say his screen time is rather limited for a male lead and he seems like a cameo sometimes but regardless, it has gotten him a lot more facial and name recognition.   


    PA is only my second C drama, being The Princess Weiyoung as first. It's really nice to see actors like LGX not only having a pretty face but also acting skills to match. I'm a fan now of his because of PA just like after watching Luo Jin  in PW. Both have depths in their acting and actors like them often save crappy storyline and dialogues.

    I hope to see LGX in a modern day romance drama hopefully with ZLY again.Though I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him again in another period/ historical drama.There are plenty of good looking actors in those costumes but none of them , IMO, can look as handsome and as convincing as LGX. He was born to wear those wigs and robes and owning them every single time:D







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  12. 9 minutes ago, yueyyo said:

    Since he posted the bts pic already, can we assume YWY will be in the icy lake by the next to last episode?  HE is still very much possible.  Although in that pic QC doesn't look like she suffering very much.  Hopefully that's one where they were just rehearsing their lines. I want to see QC knocked down a peg or two for being so blind and arrogant.


    Are they in a battlefield again? Looks like there are soldiers on the ground behind them. In the underwater scene short clip, she's wearing a blue outfit. She's in her battle gear/outfit from the photo so maybe it's not from the icy lake scene yet.

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  13. 1 hour ago, tashalynn said:

    As much as anyone on here, would love to have that type of ending, it might not happen, hopefully something close (ywy n cq do end up togther) or something near it (maybe a pa 2) and thy conitue. Or what everyone has been saying a rushed ending. The ff to the furture. It depends if ywy dies in the icy lake. 


     It would  be a miracle if we'll get treated to a lengthy reunion, happily ever after moments with 3-4 episodes left. But as long as they end up together, I'm good. With the survival rate of a  C drama couple getting a happily ever after is as rare as YWY cracking a smile , suckers for these dramas like us can't be choosers.:D

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  14. 1 hour ago, yueyyo said:

    It ended there and she went to a cliff and shouted YX's name in frustration.  I don't think they showed YWY's reaction afterwards.  That would take too much time away from more important issues like Chun Er trying to kiill herself.  If I didn't know better I'd say they are using this last part of PA to promote her and some future drama she has coming out soon.  Nothing against the actress but a little balance in airtime would be less of a drain on viewers.

    Thanks! And yeah, showing YWY saying another word while she's crying would take too much airtime.They need to cut their scenes/dialogues for more important issues as you stated like Chun Er's or the Bad Princess lamenting over her stupid pen pal side story. While they're at it, why not show Concubine Lan as well plotting her revenge on CQ? 

    They've started a promising, complex love story with XE/YWY but when YX's tragedy spilling into his revenge galore took over, it went downhill from there. I was surprised the writers even remembered that there's a love story when they had YWY kissed and confessed his love for XE. Surely, we all saw the signs of amore from YWY but not until the kiss and confession ( 210 episodes later :D) that we finally got a confirmation that yeah, young master Yue was a goner for Xing'er. As for CQ/XE/Qiao Qiao, I think they gave her too many names that she's probably as confused as the audience as for what she really wants.:D

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