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  1. I was putting the episodes on hold until we passed the parts of FX dating LM.... BUT I guess I was expecting worst and when I watched them, it wasn't so bad. I understand where FX felt the pressure of her society and culture and lied to that busy body Mrs. Wang that LM was her boyfriend. After that, she probably felt she needed to give it a try since everyone around her was telling her how good of a catch he was. She is naive and LM is persistent, so I guess it was inevitable they dated. Thinking back to my own youth, I started dating my first boyfriend because he liked me and all my friends had boyfriends at the time and I didn't want to be left out. Of course after two weeks, I felt very bad that I didn't like my boyfriend enough and broke up with him... Maybe that will be how FX comes to break things off with LM, she'll realize her heart is still with Yuan Song! Regarding Yuan Song and Meiyin, I knew she was probably his stepmom or his aunt the moment the drama wouldn't reveal who she was. I'm glad Cai Min Min moved on from YS and HCY must have liked CMM more than just a little bit for him to risk it and started dating her. I thought he would hold out a lot longer.
  2. The relationship between the twins is great. In episode 22, Lu Ming was so annoying. How did he even know where to find her? FX should have kicked him to the curb and stop being friends with him when he kept insisting to pursue her right after her breakup.
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