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  1. These few days was covered by the dating news. I posted something different. In the recent interview, Lee Yi Kyung also mentioned about co-actress Ko Won Hee. He said she is a passionate actress. He was blessed. He also said the shaving scene was unforgettable. 






    31144114_1885656871504938_57549404278242in the mean time, Ko won hee was now having a good time in Taiwan. 


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  2. 4 hours ago, Seiran029 said:

    so what I get from those stills and previews, that SJS (SHS's twin) likes SWH (LTH), who friend zoned her and actually loves SJA (SHS) who on the other hand friend zoned him and will end up with CDK (PSH) :rolleyes: LOL

    SWH will probably end up with SJS (or what was that him catching the hearts from her?!) and I'm actually more happy this way.

    Yeah, the plot always will be going this way.  

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  3. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003586042

    Interview from duel PD Lee Jong Jae. He has interviewed eight people. Yang Se Jong was the first one. His overwhelming capablility acting in multiple roles is unforgettable. He is a successful actor. Casting a new actor is like a gamble to us. It was our first time challenge in incredible theme. A group of rookie staff working together. It is nothing change even if we add Yang Se Jong to take the risk. If Yang SeJong was failed, I think we are finished. But Yang Se Jong was did very well.  His performance was good. His acting can be considered as crazy.





    Another interview from duel PD.  He said cloning humanism was originally to have sad ending




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  4. b99b282d96981e843a6a382ddee241ff15f71702

    They really look like sweet couple here. Looks like they were just finished quarreling with each other and the boy bought the food for the girl to comfort her. It would be great if the drama are not just try to promote the advert. But then the reality is cruel. 

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  5. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003122038


    translation from google

    In OCN 'Dual' episode 13, Sung-hoon's anger and conflict comes to the extreme.

    In 'Dual' episode 13, which is broadcasted today (15th), Lee Sung-hoon (Lee Seong-hoon), who reveals the end of anger, is depicted.

    It is confusing that Sung-hoon, who learned about the survival of Han Yoo-la, who took care of Seong-joon (Seongjoon) and Seonghun 25 years ago. Sung-hoon, who visited Sangyoung Pharm president Park Sang-young, was overwhelmed by the shocking fact that Dr. Yoon Yulla led the cloning experiment. Seung-hoon's anger will be another revenge.

    Chang Chun-chun (Chung Jae-young) begins to question the relationship between Choi Cho-hye (Kim Jung-eun) In the trailer that was released in advance, Gyu-cheon asked Joe Hye, "What is the relationship with Woo Byeong-Cheon, the director general, and Yong-yong Pharm?" Joe Hyeon answered, "I am thirsty for my original success, and I am going to be one from now on." It can be confirmed in the broadcast whether Jae-cheon and Jo-hye can cooperate in advance of a full-scale investigation.

    On the other hand, the photo released by the production team attracts the attention of Gwacheon who has a happy expression. It is unstable but enjoys happiness when it creates an atmosphere of consistency and consistency in Su - Yeon (and Yun - min) and the room. In addition, the person who can not guess whether Seungjun or Seonghoon is seen in another one of the photographs that are released together is caught with the image of Lee Yun-rae (Seo Eun-soo) leaving the door of the room.

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  6. 32 minutes ago, bearpaws said:

    Whew...this episode really full with roller coaster of emotion. My heart breaks again for Sung Hoon and everything he has to deal with, warm feelings to see Soo Yeon reunited with her dad, shocked to see Sung Hoon killed director Baek without blinks, giddiness to see Sung Joon and Mi Rae's bickering - so cute, you two :wub:, and seeing the preview for episode 12, seems like we'll have another intense episode tonight . Can't wait :thumbsup:

    I really wish our good guys can team up and bring Sanyoung down. This company is very powerful yet shady. Looks like Dr. HYR is also not aware that her husband's body is kept by Sanyoung. They're really good in keeping secret and manipulate others to work for their favor. Sung Hoon needs to realize who the real bad guys are so he can start planing a proper revenge and stop targeting JDC.

    I'm quite surprised to see SH killed dir. Baek in this episode, but that's a good thing since he knows Sung Hoon too well. Hence can we hope for another switcheroo when Sung Joon pretend to be Sung Hoon again? Maybe to help Sung Hoon with his memory about the real vaccine.

    The SungHoon vs SungJoon scenes prove YSJ capabilities as an actor once again, the difference of emotions shown during that scene is no joke. He's so good in controlling his tears so that the scenes become more dramatic. Hats off for YSJ. He practically win my heart in every episode :tounge_xd:. This boy definitely deserves an award!

    the guy SH killed is called Cha Gil Ho:wink: i also did not expect he will die so quickly. but anyway SH did a good job . 

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