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  1. Beautiful MV Virtual ending Oh Sunny (JangNaRa)× Lee Hyuk (ShinSungRok )
  2. Sorry, I might be wrong But there is a happy ending for viewers. Very sweet! Watch here https://m.weibo.cn/2730628320/4343322028036684
  3. I think ED lost her power bcs LH's letter which showed in the preview.I believe they changed everything bcs of CJH's departure.
  4. I remenber ED said in the drama LH would still be emperor after being released from prison?So, if LH was alive, everything was possible.
  5. This should be the original ending,happy one https://m.weibo.cn/1757324193/4343272203546234
  6. Is this by any chance the original ending?Did they chang it bcs of CJH's leaving?
  7. The ending is cruel...really disappointing! "Thank you for loving a jerk like me and let me love you. I love you" Thank you ShinSungRok for playing Lee Hyuk,hope to see him in another film or drama with JangNaRa, as a happy couple.
  8. Lonely and lonely...poor Pyeha... To be honest,I started to watch this drama because of JangNaRa and ChoiJinHyuk ,but end up as ShinSungRok's fan.I really want Lee Hyuk to get a happy ending.
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