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  1. https://manganelo.com/chapter/lljw282511569462495/chapter_17 Manga when haru look at danoh for the first time... melt my heart...
  2. SO is not alone.. there is YukJo with him now. She always company and support him.. it is unfair for YukJo if SO back with JJ...
  3. Yea... HY deserve JJ, he priotize JJ happiness. He think to make JJ happy. I would like to see season 2 how HY make JJ happy and lively HY said to JJ "Thanks for being a live" wow... so deep... he feel grateful that she alive for after what happen to her (no parent, no support, all alone by herself)... I was quite impress that in the ep 8.. HY realize that JJ is the artist of Ring the world... and he straight away chase her to the event in order to protect her from the anti lover... Well for SO, my impression is selfish and jealous.. maybe due to lack of love from his parent. I would like to see how HY make her happy. season 2 please please..
  4. I like HY much more than SO. HY respect her, that is why he only look at her secretly it because JJ already had relationship with il sik. HY do not want to destroy their relationship. HY thought that JJ is happy together with il Sik, SO more to the selfish type, he know that his best friend like JJ but he purposely chase JJ. I felt that SO actually scare that he will lost his best friend becuase of JJ so he secretly also observe JJ out of his curiousity why his best friend like JOJO. I was like ... hmm.... shock when I watch 1st ep where SO directly ask her to kiss.. LOL.. so daring.. hahahaha And he keep asking JJ whether he lke him or not.. well to say.. i like his daring part when ask JJ to kiss and ask her mobile number.. hahaha in the other way HY so shy and only think JJ happiness (during school time) and after 4 year also still think same thing.. how to make JJ happiness. HY also delete the love alarm because he think that JJ happy with SO.... awww so sweet.. But...finally after 4 years later that he realize that he missed something that he want like ... "Ring JJ Love Alarm" and do thing together... that so sweet.. his feeling is unchanged, he still waiting secretly for her and he more mature, now more daring to chase her openly He even told SO directly that he went to library early in the morning only to impress someone (which is JJ).. Yea.. that the way you should do boy... you should fight back with SO... you said loudly "Yes.. I like JOJO.... dun take away my JOJO...you just focus with you new GF..." hahahaha aah.. he so sweet... he wake up early only to reserve seat for JJ and told her that he hitting on her using olden method where guy reserve seat and pass her drink... awww.. so sweet... I want to see further how HY make JJ happy rather make JJ small (that what she felt when she together with SO)... I wish JJ to be together with HY. HY just want JJ to be happy and think how to make JJ to be happy.. I think JJ break up with SO due to family background difference, SO come from rich famous family and JJ felt so small with him.. I felt JJ unhappiness and stress when he with SO because many ppl talked behind her... I want season 2.... please please season 2...
  5. The guy wei guang try to save ning zhi from being rape by lang kuan. He pretend that he want her because there is a spy spying on the girl.... in the end wei guang did fall in love with her. I have watch till ep 10 with sub. Not bad. Like it.
  6. Nguyen: oh.. I thought general also turn to white hair cos stress when realized that actually the girl he love was the one mate with wu yao lol.. hahaha
  7. Male lead is alan yu meng long. Yes act as bai zhen. Female lead is ju jingyi also played at legend of yun xi. Previously both played at huan yuan sword as couple. Love their pairing.
  8. Ha ep 4 is the ending? Gee... I am hoping another 10 more ep.. Btw... I found this in d youtube.. https://youtu.be/dBjNZfAsnhw
  9. https://mydramalist.com/31754-ashes-of-love-season-2 Got season 2 ah? Wow...
  10. The green snake xiao qing aka xiao yan .. she also play as qi yan on the legends.. No wonder face look familiar..
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