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  1. yes - me too. I am a cheater and went for the ending first..... ps - Chia is written this way 谢 right?
  2. any idea where I can read this novel online (mandarin ok)? Usually I go to luoxia but am not sure if this is available there. thanks a million.
  3. Since they rewrote the script for the adaptation - I wonder if his son is really dead or will be 'resurrected' later on. Also - sounds like the big 'reveal' (GTY wanting ML's adoration and jealousy) is coming sooner on the TV version compared to the novel. hmmmm.....
  4. For some inexplicable reason, I really like the chemistry between HBQ and LYK. So far, this is the most enjoyable pairing I have seen with Vin Zhang and a female lead (really disliked his pairing with DLRB - did nothing for me).
  5. What I like about this novel is the fact that it is an allegory portrayed in a different timeline. ML's life-story and challenges are not a thing of the past or a fictional situation - it applies in the present day. This is a great lesson and advice for women in general to rely on self and no-one else outside of self.
  6. loving this show so far compared to too many lousy costume dramas out there. male lead is uber hot.....
  7. I was tickled to see how they switched the roles around for the 'fish/shrimp' line which is a well-known Chinese proverb in my regional dialect (the words rhyme as it is probably the primary source of the proverb) and sounds strange in mandarin (don't rhyme and no tonal similarities whatsoever).
  8. that tradition has not changed to this day..... lot of asian men go around sowing oats before and during marriage to this day. scandals abound everywhere especially those with looks, power or money. Comes with the territory unfortunately. Westernization has not done much to change such cultural values unfortunately..... The main difference is that now, affairs are mostly hidden whereas in the old days, it was publicly accepted.
  9. I dunno if we have the same tastes. This may help or not - I usually skip a Chinese drama entirely after previewing 1 episode or skip episodes. I have also skpped Vin Zhang's last few period dramas inc. the one with Dilreba but this one has kept my interest and have yet to skip an episode thus far...
  10. how soon and when does ZBB's character find out that HBQ is not his blood sister? I mean, he appears to be attracted to her already during their initial meetings. OK - that Mo gong zi - is he a guy or a gal? I mean, i seriously cannot tell this person's gender. Looks like a girl but everyone keeps calling him a guy inc. 'his' mom.....
  11. All I can say so far after the first 2 episodes is WWWOOOOWWWW!!! I've watted LONG for another ZLY show. I hope it keeps it's exciting pace and not peter out ltowards the end ike PA did.
  12. To better 'understand' what TQ is writing/implying, one has to understand some Chinese mythology. Foxes and the Fox Spirits/Gods, in Chinese mythology carry the reputation of being immoral and lascivious seducers who are naturally gifted with such stunning good looks that they render members of the opposite gender helpless and hapless to the extent of losing any and all common sense. That is why, to this day, Chinese women who wield such 'abilities'are often labeled as VIXENS/hu li jing - a term usually used to describe mistresses, seducers, and generally women who use their looks to achieve/attain anything in life. We have had many Chinese novels and dramas that have portrayed that mythology but that notion was not dramatically integrated into TQ's TMOPB and the PB. Therefore, BQ's ability to get away with a LOT of things is because she is not only a FOX SPIRIT, she is also THAT beautiful - which then again also reflects what actually happens in real life quite pervasively as we live in a society that rewards if not venerates attractive people regardless of personality flaws. We see these parallels across different countries and cultures such as 'Samson and Delilah', 'Helen of Troy', etc. Correspondingly, YH and DJ are both the proverbial mightiest heroes who like Samson, collapse at the feet of ultimate beauty and lose their lives to gorgeous but flawed, self-centered and somewhat dim-witted women. Even DH admits to that in the Pillow Book but unwittingly realizes he can't help himself. But most of us get so carried away by the romance that we ignore if not 'forget' about the flaws. I bow my head down to TQ for successfully rendering this timeless collective trance our species continuously repeats regardless of how much time has passed.
  13. I am amazed this thread is already 35 pages deep considering the drama won't be airing for more than another year. Based on what I've read so far, it sounds like they are going to follow the original novel for the web drama. So 1) are they going to separate the 2 books into 2 parts to make 50 episodes or cram 2 books together into 25 episodes? 2) They altered the DH/FJ love story in the TMOPB drama. Are they going to bridge that modification in the drama or just ignore the drama alterations from TMOPB and start from where the novel begins> 3) I am confused based on some of the comments on this forum as it sounds like they modified the script based on who is courting whom which is the basic premise of the Pillow Book.. Any idea how much divergence from the original script are we talking about here. There are so many delicious scenes in the Pillow Book novel that I wish would make into the drama such as the suitor scene, the pond bathing scene, maiden festival, storm/consummation, etc. I hope these do not get edited out or replaced by something silly and predictable. 4) Based on some of the stills taken, it shows an awake FJ with DH and BGG. So this has to be a script modification as the actual story ends at BGG meeting his father for the first time. I cannot imagine them detracting too much from the novel So at this juncture, I am a bundle of confusion as to what's what.
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