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  1. Hey Ya'll <3 :) Have a nice day, Much Love ! <3 :) x

  2. OverwatchFanx is currently playing ACNL on her 3DS...

  3. Good afternoon ya'll !

    Have a great Lunch !

    <3 xoxo.

  4. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! <3 #Muchlove from ME ! <3 :)

  5. Just woke up from my nap... I feel like an old person now...xD. >.< ( because i take naps...XD )
  6. Welp, Fake nails are off, did them myself... >.< " I like short nails better, cuz i could type. haha.

  7. True Next person : Loves Fall.
  8. Youtube = Gone to the snow dogs T_T RIP Shelby !!
  9. Yay i got fake nails now :) can't really type that good tho... O_O

  10. Good morning everyone, Im addicted to slime.. XD. :) It calms me down.. <3 :)  x

  11. Moma how do you fix a broken heart?


  13. ugh ! i have the most horrible day ever ! I left my volunteering in the hospital early, because of my "girl problems" If some girls know what im talkin about... ( guys may not be.. xD. but anyways... ) I felt bad after wards and im scared that the volunteer staff members will kind of kick me out of the volunteering... T_T Its not my fault that i have "Girl problems" ... I know i should ignore it.. but i just can't, ive been moody sooo long... and i have been waiting it to come for so long, and i didn't want it to come on Wednesdays... Which it will suck even more because you know... Moody.. and everything !!! I still feel bad now. im afraid.
  14. watching... obviously, overwatch Mini short Videos on Youtube. I just can't get enough of the game ! Its SO much fun ! ! ! * Maybe too much addicted... *
  15. False Next person... Loves to be a gamer? O_O ( if that makes any sense at all... )
  16. Go to volunteering in the Hospital.. Seriously, the hospital is so much better than staying home. You could see everyone, and what they are doing and such on. And just like.... Ugh, You know. Freedom.
  17. does anyone plays Overwatch? :) O_O ^_^ Comment if you do ! <3

  18. I really want to sleep more right now. I have slept around 2 pm and now its 5:30pm here in Canada. T_T
  19. Trying to Post back On youtube again. Hopefully i won't be bullied. O_O Im not weird. But maybe my thoughts on those videos sounds weird doesn't it? T_T

  20. Have a good night everyone ! <3 :) x

  21. Morning everyone !!

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