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  1. OverwatchFanx is currently playing ACNL on her 3DS...

  2. Good afternoon ya'll !

    Have a great Lunch !

    <3 xoxo.

  3. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! <3 #Muchlove from ME ! <3 :)

  4. Just woke up from my nap... I feel like an old person now...xD. >.< ( because i take naps...XD )
  5. Welp, Fake nails are off, did them myself... >.< " I like short nails better, cuz i could type. haha.

  6. True Next person : Loves Fall.
  7. Youtube = Gone to the snow dogs T_T RIP Shelby !!
  8. Yay i got fake nails now :) can't really type that good tho... O_O

  9. Good morning everyone, Im addicted to slime.. XD. :) It calms me down.. <3 :)  x

  10. Moma how do you fix a broken heart?


  12. ugh ! i have the most horrible day ever ! I left my volunteering in the hospital early, because of my "girl problems" If some girls know what im talkin about... ( guys may not be.. xD. but anyways... ) I felt bad after wards and im scared that the volunteer staff members will kind of kick me out of the volunteering... T_T Its not my fault that i have "Girl problems" ... I know i should ignore it.. but i just can't, ive been moody sooo long... and i have been waiting it to come for so long, and i didn't want it to come on Wednesdays... Which it will suck even more because you know... Moody.. and everything !!! I still feel bad now. im afraid.
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