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    Listening to music ( Kpop and Japanese ) , Loves to text to my friends alot, Love to read.... :)

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About Me

Hey Guys ! Welcome to my profile  ! ! ! 

I love this website site so much ! 

because well.. thats the only website i go  to 

uhm.. i have another website its called 

MSP My character username is "CuteBunnyXoxo" IF You go there please add me. 

just letting you know. oh and im 24 and i love to listen to music, watch Youtube "Study with me's:" they help me motivate 

so much! I don't have a youtube acc, and i don't use it much, i only use it for watching those videos. 

and scary ones. ;)

heehheeh, and i love korean dramas, im a sucker for romance once :) haha. 

and Canadian ones well, that's my WHOLE profile 

introduction. ha. okay SEE YA, BYE. <3 

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